To every light assault upset about the upcoming C4 changes.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ballto21, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. LibertyOne

    Some like tanks to be strong, others like them to be easy to kill. We will NEVER agree on this. The reality is that jumpers taking out tanks with C4 are in the minority while the rest of us think tanks should be stronger than that (even in a world where medics heal, engis repair and busses spawn.) If this game weren't intended for us to root some of our expectations based on real world dynamics, a Vanguard wouldn't look like an M-1 Abrams. (And a Prowler wouldn't look like a T-80). Sliders are the only real departure from reality when it comes to tanks. Thus, most people think a tank should be well, a tank.

    It's a matter of choosing who gets to be unhappy. In this case, jumpers.

    But, I am going to miss shooting down an ESF right over my head, backing up, lighting up my thermal and hosing the ******* jumper who thinks he's smarter than me. He's not. He's dead. *******.
  2. Ballto21

  3. Ballto21

    i will agree lightnings should be instagibbed. but ill never agree on mbts
  4. Iridar51

    1. "Most people think" - you don't get to use that argument since you're not global consciousness, and can't read minds of all players.
    2. Basing balance on expectations is a bad idea, and "I expect to be a tank hence it should be tanky" is a bull **** argument. I expect my C4 to be an OHK self-guiding shaped charge then. Booya.
    3. Prowler doesn't look like T-80 in the slightest =\ They are both tanks, similarities end on that.
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  5. Nasher

    There should be big risk for going in to close quarters in tanks. Rockets are already very weak and now C4 will be too. There will be no risk of driving right up to the doorway any more. It's easy enough already to infantry farm in tanks.

    If they are going ahead with this change, then decimators need to get back the damage they had in beta (which was over 2000) and we need EMP grenades to use against vehicles, like we had in PS1.
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  6. GaveYouHermes

    I mostly play an engineer, but I'm adamantly for having LAs capable of instagibbing bad tank drivers. Just because you're in a tank, does not mean you should be immune to the harsh punishments this game dishes out. Essentially, the only people in support of this are the people who like the idea of "I'm doing bad on foot? Better grab a tank and be unstoppable!" And honestly, to the OP saying he can get crazy amounts of C4 kills in 45 minutes, I'm gonna have to say either you are incredibly lucky with just complete idiots of enemy tank drivers, or you really don't pay attention to what your whole team is doing while you're jumping into position to take out the MBT.
  7. Spankay

    If the tanks are going to be buffed so much and their counters are getting nerfed. Then MBTs should cost at least 700 nanites per spawn, if not the whole 750 pool.

    If you are going to be in a vehicle that good, you shouldn't be able to spam it 3 minutes after the last spawn.
    (750 nanites - 450 = 300. 150 nanites needed (3 minutes of 50-nanite tick) for next spawn.

    If you get blown up, it's REALLY your fault then because the MBTs would be so good by then and you shouldn't be given a second chance to spawn another so soon right after. It should be more like a 15-minute wait.
  8. SupaFlea

    sooo let me get this straight. 1 guy with C4 which 100 a brick cannot destroy 1 tank no matter if the tank is afk, but 1 guy with a tank that cost 5 bricks of C4 can destroy 10x the kill ability of C4 and still exit his vehicle and use his explosives rearm repair and carry on killing without cost?

    Also as bad as tank driver i am, I challenge you to run at me for 100 yards with LA and place C4 on the back of my tank.
    The complaint you make is because im guessing your a solo tank driver lacking in proper tank awareness or secondary gunner. a Tank is not supposed to be a **** mobile, its supposed to have weakness and infantry that get close is supposed to be one of them. fine no C4, give the ability to jump on it and drop a nade in the hatch, Tank survives player dies :)

    C4 is the only reason LA is a viable class, there is NOTHING that a good Infil or any other class for that matter can not do better than a LA except combat armour with a punch. Don't bother saying get behind enemy lines because like you said team work and stick together, get 1 soldier which might I add is very hard to be accepted in any Squad as LA behind enemy lines just means on thing, you die and you get no revive.

    My advice is if I as a TERRIBLE vehicle driver and gunner can combat LA because I am actively searching for threats instead of tunnel vision then any vehicle driver should be able to, Don't **** something because your having trouble combating it, engage, die, adapt, counter attack. its what's called learning from your mistakes which takes time, deaths and effort which sadly time, effort and patience isn't something you can buy with station cash so ppl want another short cut.
  9. Klondor

  10. CrimsonEclipse5

    This would be great. One tank taking down dozens of infantry and requiring a well coordinated squad to take out.

    The problem arises when there are DOZENS of tanks taking out HUNDREDS of infantry, at which point the majority of people will just redeploy. See, in Planetside there are ****LOADS of infantry. But you have to keep in mind that at any point, they could all back up a few hexes, grab 20 MBTs and just go through annihilating everything.

    Hence, we have C4 in order to thin out the ****** and careless drivers, and discourage level-headed people from spamming tanks in every conceivable situation.
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  11. Dj Gus

    Well i heard that c4 will be replaced with remote-controlled kittens we can guide (just like in COD!!!) under tanks.
    Really a dev posted it somewhere on the internet... :p
  12. 00000000000000000000

    Tanks are also vulnerable to damage, such as getting their tracks blown out, their turret stuck, their ammunition igniting, their crew killed etc.

    If you want to add all of these and improve your armor then sure, why not, go for it.

    Otherwise just let tanks have the c4 weakness. They shouldn't be that close to infantry anyways.
  13. EarlofSunderer

    The tanks are assembled from Nanites, and the focus is on speed of production over quality of the final 3d build.
    If they were able to withstand multiple bricks of c4, the Nanite cost would be several times what it is today and the build times would be about five minutes for a single prowler.

    Given the close proximity of bases, everyone realized a sturdier tank that took 5 minutes to build wouldn't be practical.
  14. Iridar51

    Calm down, the "C4 changes" are not coming. Thread is no longer relevant.
    Radar_X1 point1 day ago
    The armor buff isn't happening. I can confirm this definitively.
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