To every light assault upset about the upcoming C4 changes.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ballto21, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Ballto21

    If youre too stupid to exploit terrain to your advantage as a light assault im sorry ou just need to learn to play. Im getting tired of this argument and all these bad light assault complaining they cant catch a tank or get to a tank, and while i am stubborn in arguing i try to not resort to insults.

    Its a problem because the light assault is not supposed to be an anti vehicle class. At all. The fact it has c4 is bad enough as is, the fact that one light assault can instagib tanks with ease meanwhile a heavy assault for example has laughable AV, where at best it works like most of the AA in the game and causes a tank to piss off, is ridiculous.

    I have said before and will say again. One light assault should never be able to solo take down a tank. Two or three working together however should, and should be rewarded for teamwork.

    People who make the argument that a tank in an armor line or with infantry nearby is untouchable and make it sound as if taking one step means everyone will look at you, when the real case is everyone, including the tank and gunner, will be more focused on whats in front of them, being the bulk of enemy infantry/armor. The gunner would want that other tank/harasser/esf down before anything else, the driver will be focused more on infantry/other armor, movement would be limited because he could probably run over a ******** of allies, other vehicles blocking his movement to an extent, etc. Yeah someone will probably see you but if youre fast enough and use cover enough flanking and dropping c4 on a no doubt distracted tank is too easy with minimal margin for error as far as almost all other AV goes.
  2. asdfPanda

    What argument? I said nothing about the difficulty of C4 LA. Isn't it also a little ironic that you try not to resort to insults, yet case in point...

    Also, I do have 128 hours clocked in for the LA class, unlike you, who admitted that you lack experience tanking. Who are you, then, to address this issue?

    Why is the LA not supposed to be an anti-vehicle class? I'm genuinely curious. What they have is mobility. What they don't have is any straightforward teamplay elements. Why, then, should LA not have a little extra utility?

    Why not? Shouldn't the tanker be punished for having terrible situational awareness, absence of basic counterplay knowledge to equip Proximity Radar, and lack of a secondary gunner?

    Like I said before, who are you to address what a tanker or gunner will and will not do, when you yourself state that you don't have substantial experience in a tank? Furthermore, should an LA not be rewarded for using cover and flanking against an enemy MBT? And finally, you just contradicted yourself. If an HA puts a rocket into a tank, that's a distraction for an LA to take advantage of the situation and defeat the tank. Is that not teamwork?
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  3. Ballto21

    Ive gotten fed up with the argument its hard to c4 a tank when its not. When i said i try not to insult people and just be stubborn i was trying to say this was an exception.

    Just because someone isnt playing both sides doesnt mean they cant have a say in an issue in a case where anyone regardless of faction or whatever can do it pretty much universally. Its similar to saying that someone who drives a skyguard cant have a say in the G2A arguments because he doesnt fly much.

    The light assault in its basic design and description is a close-medium range skirmisher meant for mobility, capturing objectives and causing havoc for the enemy. While yes blowing up tanks falls under that havoc the light assaults domain goes way to heavily into the heavy assaults on the topic of AV. A light assault with c4 will destroy a tank safer and faster than a heavy assault because heavy rockets fire as of you were air propelling a rock through a straw. It was not originally intended for LA to be heavy in the AV field, anti max/anti infantry yes, and to a minor extent somewhat effective against armor but not to the point it is now. As i said it should require teamwork thats heavily rewarded (i should disclaim now like i have every other time i brought this up that this is opinion based on this games intended goals for battle) instead of being able to solo cert grind an armor line for as long as you have nanites and the redeploy option.

    "The light assault should be punished for not using his jetpack and terrain to his advantage, having awful situatioanal awareness if killed by infantry thats alreay distracted with a bigger battle, and not knowing how to go from behind."

    Im saying exactly what happens 95% of the time there is an armor line in a medium-large battle. Without fail it will be some random infantry spawning in a sundy behind you that kills you.
  4. LT_Latency

    You are faster then a LA So you can drive away from them.
    You have 3rd person view so with 2 people in the tank you can see in 360 degrees around the tank at all times
    You can one shot a LA from any range.
    Tanks have to tools to stay alive against LAs.

    The LA has to fly through the sky where any weapon on the battle field can blow him away and need to get right above you for 3 to 4 seconds.

    It much much easier for a tank to kill a LA then it for a LA to kill a tank
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  5. Ballto21

    Honestly im done with this argument. Not being able to kill a tank with a light assault is like not being able to kill a stationary target with a sniper. Learn to aim.
  6. LT_Latency

    Ok lets go play, You be LA and come kill my tank. I will where a camo so you know which one is me.

    You have 10 mins to kill me.....Spolier alert. You won't kill me.
  7. Ballto21

    Mostly because youll be looking for me instead of paying attention to the bigger battle. If you chagre tank in a large battle as an LA youre going to die, but thats your fault. Youll kill it when its shooting other armor or more infantry, then its not the tank or gunners problem thats you know oh hes shooting. time for an insta gib.
  8. asdfPanda

    I'll repeat myself, I've never commented on the difficulty of C4'ing a tank in this thread. I have commented on the risk reward factors, as well as strategies involved in tactics and counterplay on both sides. Your concerns are unwarranted.

    Yes, but your opinion will not be valid nor legitimate. Although you don't have to own a restaurant to comment on the quality of food, when it comes to recipes, prepare to have your opinion ignored.

    That is exactly the case. Someone who doesn't fly much does not know what flak can do. Why, then, should their opinion be considered at all? One has to be well-versed in both sides of the discussion, no matter what side you take.

    Safer, and faster? Iridar51 had a really good quote about this, but I can't find it. I'll try to sum it up as best as I can though. First of all, it isn't safe to approach a competent tank. The closer you get, the more accurate the tank shots will be, and Proximity Radar will be proc'd. Secondly, if HA can take out enemy armor effectively at range, why can't LA effectively take out enemy armor at close range?

    You cannot legitimately argue this point if you scarcely drive tanks.
  9. LT_Latency

    There is your first and biggest mistake. You should ALWAYS assume someone is trying to C4 you because someone is.

    Everything in the game get killed by stuff as LA you get blown up by planes and tanks all the time when you are doing something else. Why should tanks be any different??

    You can defiantly get instant gibed by C4 sometimes but if you not going on massive killing sprees before someone gets you. You are doing something wrong
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  10. Ballto21

    the only time id agree with you that its the tankers fault is prowlers HE sniping a base. Other than that if the LA ***** up its his fault because while youre expecting to get c4d, theres not much you can do in a larger battle when you have to deal with a giant mass of infantry, enemy armor, and air coming at you just as hard as youre pushing in. Or out or however you push. if a light assault is too thick or doesnt know how to use terrain/cover/the tank shooting at other things its on him.
  11. LT_Latency

    Everyone has to deal with that.

    While you are moving to fly and jump on a tank. There is even more stuff that can kill a LA. You not walking around with immune to enemy fire. One person looks up and you dead. One plane flies over and your dead. The tank driver see you and drives away. You land in the middle of the battle and your dead.

    Why are you LAs not talking the high ground to protect you??

    Everything you said applies to tank drives as well. If you too dumb to not check or think about cover spots a LA can jump from that is your fault.
  12. Ballto21

    because LAs by and large dont know tree foliage is hardish to see through and not looked at as much as it should, they shouldnt empty everything into everyone, and that mountains/hills are friends.
  13. LT_Latency

    Then you should know that those are good spots that a LA could come from and check regularly.

    this is the problem with these arguments, You are ONLY thinking of it from one side of things. It so hard there are some many things that I have to worry about. That happens to EVERYONE.

    You can see a perfect tank to blow up. But if one thing in the whole battle is looking in your direction you will die.
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  14. GaveYouHermes

    Dude. Are you kidding me? There's only one case where I've felt using C4 was OP, and that was on Hossin where I had tons of tree coverage and a zerg rush of vehicles that were not watching the ledges above them, and infantry too far away. Even then I'd only kill one tank per life, and maybe kill a few infantry nearby, but I was stuck in the open at that point. Even then it boiled down to them feeling safe because of their numbers and distance from the base and underestimated our determination. Oftentimes situational awareness is far more important than just about anything else when it comes to protecting yourself from C4.

    C4 is already incredibly high-risk, and it generally is a tactic that requires tons of teamwork, mostly because you need something shiny to distract the MBT from blowing the fairies of doom sky high. Even then you'll need several LAs just in case they have infantry or other tanks or anything that will help swat the flies.

    To say that C4 is just always going to be overpowered and only take one guy is just absurd. It has to be the right distance, the right lay of the land, the right distraction, and the wrong driver and gunner. I've also been C4'd multiple times in a tank because I'm a noob and terrible. I've never felt robbed, and I certainly don't want to rob others of the sheer joy you feel when you beat the odds and solo a tank, with nothing but a few pounds of explosives and a jet pack.

    Without C4 being effective against tanks, I don't see Light Assault contributing to the team effort, and ultimately, that is what PS2 is all about.
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  15. Ballto21

    ive said it before, ill say it again.

    if there is any scenario you find youself unable to c4 a tank, YOU did something wrong.
  16. GaveYouHermes

    Any scenario? Okay, I'm in the middle of nowhere with the only high ground three hundred yards on the other side of the line of MBTs that are bombarding my spawn zone, with minimal coverage. Did I do something wrong, other than deciding to kill them with C4? No. That is a situation where you will literally never kill those tanks with C4. That's more than okay in my book. I'll hop on an AV turret and blast away. What is not okay is making it so that whenever C4 is the best option to kill a tank, you can't kill it unless you get multiple LAs to stick it, and for there to not be enough time for the driver and gunner to just drive behind cover after being hit by some rockets and repair their death machine.

    You don't always have foliage and tree coverage, or ledges or bridges to jump off of. In those special situations, C4 needs to stay powerful. For balance and for flat out fun. I'm pretty sure you're just a troll or something if you're going to claim C4 is one of the easiest AV options. AV turrets and tankbuster Libs are the easiest if you ask me. And way safer.

    Edited to add a "with" that needed to be put in.
  17. Iridar51

    Panda, Latency - nice to see LA in good hands if I suddenly die or something.

    You got me curious. Maybe I can find it if you give me some pointers?
  18. Donaldson Jones

    C-4 is the biggest crutch in the game. It needed an adjustment for a long time. I don't mind it against MAX's, but against Heavy Armour Vehicles like MBTs, Lightings and Sundy's has been ridiculous for a very very very very long time.
  19. Iridar51

    You've got it backwards, tanks are crutches, and C4 is the solution.
  20. MahouFairy

    The range of Dumbfire Rockets against tanks have been a bigger crutch for a longer time.

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