Aug 6, 2012
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    How to reduce cheats:

    1. Require token based authentication.
    2. Charge for tokens. At least 20 bucks. (This requires admitting F2P is a security failure)
    3. When you ban a player, revoke their token and the credit card associated with it. Permanently. Put their mailing address on a "no-ship" list for additional tokens. Live with a cheater? That's your problem.
    4. Sue cheaters and/or their guardians. Serving a summons and complaint is sufficient. Fear is a powerful deterrent.
    5. Call Blizzard, EA, Valve and other industry heavy hitters and form a legal consortium to sue cheat distribution sites and the clouds, bunkers and ISPs that host them.


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    Highly successful independently published author of fantasy and science fiction. The foregoing will, hopefully, soon be true.