To every light assault upset about the upcoming C4 changes.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ballto21, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Ballto21

    This[IMG]Is a tank. An M24 Chaffee used by the US armed forces in wwii, to be specific.

    And THIS
    [IMG]Is a small squad of four US marines.

    Now This,

    [IMG]Is a shipment of C4 bricks, each package contains either one brick or two smaller sticks that you can attach to each other to make a larger charge.

    Now, lets say that tank saw three of the marines and the one he didnt see had two bricks of C4, and for arguments sake could get to the tank and arm it. The tank would have shot the three it saw, killing or heavily wounding, probably reloaded a new shell, and probably has some form of infantry support nearby or guy helping him gun. But sneaky fourth guy got behind and armed a charge. Congratulations, you slightly damaged its several inches of armor plating designed to withstand small arms fire and short range missile attacks. Maybe damaged its lights, who knows.

    I understand the need to separate game from real life and im glad this isnt war simulator 2015, but there also has to be some realism. in reality, a tank would be able to easily handle infantry, withstand C4 attacks, an IED or two, and RPGs.

    In game, a tank should be able to easily with minimal effort bowl over 4-7 people and absorb a few rockets, c4, and other things, and be a team effort to take down so those same 4-7 people with coordination blow it to hell . Or that one clever HA or MAX. There should be no OHKs against vehicles at all, exceptions being of course AP tanks vs ESFs. No one guy should be able to blow up a 2/2 tank from full health regardless of how 'hard' (easyjetpackmode) it was to get to it.There was never meant to be any super soldier rambo stuff in planetside 2, it was originally designed as a team game needing organization and a concentrated effort by several squads of people in larger battles, or a couple squads in smaller. Being able to instagib a tank with minimal effort breaks this, among the many other super soldier things.
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  2. gigastar

    Thats an awful lot of words for essentially telling people to 'deal with it'.
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  3. Ballto21

    pretty much
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  4. xMaxdamage

    I didn't know ps2 was real life, thanks OP
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  5. Alchemist44

    "I understand the need to separate game from real life and im glad this isnt war simulator 2015, but there also has to be some realism."

    So, ppl revived from 7 meter's distance after being blown to pieces for the 3rd consecutive time is okay, destroyed vehicles "repaired" by the same mechanic is okay, a sundy being able to "deploy" infinite amount of people through repeloying to it is okay, mines not OHK-ing tanks is okay, recharging "overshields" is okay etc, but 2 units of explosives destroying a tank is NOT okay.

    Its NEVER a good idea to bring up RL examples unless the game specifically tries to be realistic.
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  6. Zeppelin123

    A tank does not need a team to operate so why should it need a team to bring him down ? Its a gameplay issue. Especially with a resource system like this. It is also not that easy to C-4 a tank like some people make up.
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  7. TheAcidpiss

    what a load of crap, this is a game for starters.

    I tell you what, you play as a LA with two bricks of C4 and ill jump in a Lightning and actively attack each other and see who wins.

    If you get hit by a c4 while in a tank your in the wrong place, in the first place.

    Tanks/not magriders are first and foremost designed in this game ( *and in real life* lol, just to make your thought patterns satisfied?
    Are for long range encounters.

    If your 5 feet away from a spawn room/building shooting fish in a barrel, your in the wrong place and a C4 lets stupid people with no situational awareness learn a lesson from it.

    I have no problem when I play in Armour and get C4'd, because I know I shouldn't have gotten so close to whatever in the first place.

    But some people will just cry *NERF*. So just keep crying, and if the parents are bad enough they will just give in and turn you into the spoilt little fiend you know in your dark little heart you wanted to always be.

    Enjoy your wowee pop ^^
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  8. Ballto21

    It kind of does if you want to survive, a 1/2 tank even with these changes would be a death sentence and even then not having other friendlies nearby shooting what you and the gunner cant is preferred.
  9. HadesR

    If anything C4 needs a nerf versus infantry not vehicles :)
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  10. Ballto21

    Cant tell from response, but if you think im a tanker youre wrong. I maybe pull a sundy/skyguard. And yes if a tank is doing stupid **** it should get blown up, but prowlers especially doing things 'right', being at range looking around etcetc wont save it from maximum sneaky LA. And it seems that in a game, designed around a war with three empires fighting for a planet, not only would their tanks not be made out of Styrofoam, but you would need help from other people in your empire to do things well. And it seems that since you can just solo everything in existence if you do **** right, that goes against how this game was originally designed
  11. Zeppelin123

    And exactly that gunner provides aditional protection from C-4. Most tanks that got C-4ed it was the fault of the driver.
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  12. BlueSkies

    Ooooo, REALISM!

    So.... from now on we will have a limited number of tanks available at any given time and once your tank gets blown up its going to take a long time to get it replaced!

    Sounds awesome!
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  13. Ballto21

    Ill answer all your points in order of being stated
    >Creative justice (Because video game)
    >Getting slapped for 5 minutes with a wrench like warhawk or several other games, while makes more sense, also doesnt.
    >Because nanits
    >Real life science is making very slow advancements on energy shielding for vehicles and buildings using magnets
    >Mines do OHK (by one hit i mean one instance of the game registering damage, not necessarily one mine) tanks without mine guard, which you have to buy, for the purpose of not getting blown up by mines as easily.
    >"But .50 caliber sniper rifle rounds to the heart not OHKing is NOT ok"

    And it is okay to make a RL example in this case as planetside, inconsistent at best though it may be, does follow some real world laws, and many real world laws of physics. Bullet drop, muzzle velocity, projectile travel time, not taking as much damage to ones leg,how the aircrafts work for the most part, damage dropoff due to lowering velocity of projectiles over distance,. and several more.
  14. Ballto21

    that system used to be in place with a cert tree to lower the timer. MBTs were 30 minutes going down to 15 i think.
  15. Ballto21

    Any smart LA can avoid a gunner if he uses cover/ jetpack right, and while stitutional can pretty much hover over a tank, drop c4 on its top, and even if he dies click in the spawn room boom. Ive been on both sides of this.
  16. BlueSkies

    No, I mean a long time. Tank gets blown up? Thats gonna take a week to get replaced.
  17. Zeppelin123

    Obviously not since C-4 dissapears if you die and respawn.
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  18. ColonelChingles

    Faster to replace a vehicle than crew or infantry. ;)
  19. Ballto21

    only if you spawn more than vehicle render distance out, the item that is the deployed c4 brick stays until detonated, brought out of render range, or more is deployed
  20. TheAcidpiss

    All classes bar the LA have great advantages in their kit.

    Infiltrators have motion equipment and the ability to hak terminals.

    Engineers have the repair tool and turrets.

    Medics have revive grenades, med tool, shield beacons, and AOE/self heal ability

    HA have shield and rocket launchers.

    LA have a Jet pack.

    While I agree that tossing a C4 over a ledge into a group with hardly any worry of retaliation is a bit dirty I have been on both ends of the stick and there is two ways to deal with it. #1 keep away from the wall #2 Do the same thing back.

    until there is some other ability/tool for LA I believe C4 is the best/only thing going for the LA at this point.

    And when/if something good enough comes along for the LA I will be happy to lose this only piece of kit that makes the LA a contender with all other classes.
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