To every light assault upset about the upcoming C4 changes.

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  1. Movoza

    Dude isn't that the point? You're saying that a LA should never solo it. Now you simply agree A LA can't. A tank needs to be distracted. A big battle will do. That is in a way a team effort. You need a ******** of people presenting possible targets before there is enough distraction. Even so someone needs to get free of the big battle, circumvent radar, other tanks and reinforcements to get to your tank, that might have an alert gunner or pilot nonetheless. Then you often initiate flight, a point where the the LA is the most vulnerable target in the game. Then 3-4 seconds of setting the C4 and then activating it.
    You've also mentioned that you can simply abuse the terrain. If you can abuse the terrain, the tank simply was wrongly positioned, taking too much risk. Wrongful placement or movements are not a good excuse to say you shouldn't be blown up in one go. Having played a LA I know where they can come from. You move into position, and while doing that you should have assessed threats and benefits, one of them is pathing of infantry with C4, most notably the LA.
    I only see the arguments that people leave large security oversights shouldn't be punished too badly. That is a sad statement, as everything but the liberator gets a hard punishment. If you don't look around with a sniper and someone sneaks upon you, you are dead. If you rush into a room without knowing the strength of the enemy you are likely to die. etc. Etc. No point for tanks to be any different.
  2. Corezer

    and if, while focused on enemy infantry, enemy tanks, the target tank, aiming c4 throws, and while not being able to defend yourself while deploying both bricks, you get domed by a sniper 250m away who doesn't have to worry about the battle since they are out of range of everyone but fellow sniper's weapons, should sniper rifles be nerfed? I mean it isn't the LA's fault, and the sniper rifle doesn't cost any resources at all!

    are you getting how whiney you sound yet?
  3. Corezer

    C4 is definitely OP. I mean sure they drop podded in to attack from above, and they used cover, and the tank was in way too close without infantry support, and their gunner only had a basilisk and not an AI weapon, and the tank was damaged so as to only need one brick to destroy, so the odds were stacked in the C4 user's favor, but it still isn't fair that light assaults can do this.....

  4. Ballto21

    If a sniper hits a flying LA 250 meters out then it is a skill thing.

    if an LA c4s a tank, its not at all skill and is really easy. Since i dont drive tanks unless i need to pull a skyguard i dont see how im whining, and if i am its not to the effect of every other light assault on the forums complaining endlessly about a much needed change to c4
  5. Ballto21

    Here is every mistake he made
    >Rushed in with less than 50% jetpack
    >Didnt go above the tank onto the arm support beam thing
    >Bumrushed around the corner when the gunner was attacking infantry the same general direction
  6. Corezer

    To reply to this message, I had to first right click the reply button, then move my mouse up to "open in new tab" and click that, I didn't miss and accidentally click "save target as" or anything like that.... what about sniping is hard?

    of course you think it's easy to C4 a tank, you don't drive them, you are probably one of those dummies that parks their lightning in the bottom of a tower right under the stairs, or you crash into a million little boxes driving around an amp station. this doesn't make C4 OP, it just mean's that you're green behind the wheel...
  7. Ballto21

    its not hard to snipe a stationary target but moving targets are kind of a pain in the *** and needs more practice to do reliably. Usually my lightnings not the one thats c4d, since the chance that my lightning out of 15 other lightnings and a dozen or so mbts is 1/27 chance, so the odds of me getting singled out are slim. But overall c4ing a tank is the easiest thing to possibly do in situations like that and one of the best ways to grind certs, since you only need to stay alive for 3 minutes and be smart enough to use terrain to your advantage.

    I will repeat
    Easiest thing to do in planetside: Blow up friendly tanks
    Second easiest: Blow up enemy tanks
    Third easiest: Blow up a tank in an armor line.
  8. Corezer

    I play drums, you need timing, similarly to leading shots... what about sniping is hard?

    I have seen your problems.

    1, you play infiltrator:
    Because of this, you are used to a very 1v1(who is in the middle of a fight you aren't) centric game. The only things you really ever have to worry about are enemy snipers, and if you kill the same guy 5-6 times in a row maybe a wraith flash or esf. In your mind an LA sees a tank and just glides over while 90% of the enemies just sit and watch helplessly. That's what happens when you use a sniper class (or ppa scythe) in a game where every other class is pigeon holed into CQC guns and 1x sights due to class and base design.

    2, you are a troll:
    Even with 100% success and infinite resources, the time it takes to redeploy every time you use your bricks makes tank destruction ineffective for cert grinding, period.
  9. Ballto21

    i lost the screenshot of my playtime in my signature because apparently it was too big, but i have close to 700 hours in this game.
    285+ of which are in light assault
    100 something in engineer
    the rest in infiltrator. So yes i play more infiltrator than other classes, and maybe its because i have the "I shouldnt go into that area that way and go around and hide to get to my goal" mindset that helps, is my screenshot. I actually snipe very rarely unless i need certs or im the only inf in my squad and we need a counter sniper, but i am decent enough to hit slow moving targets (people just walking or crouch walking, not sprinting or jumpjetting) and yes you need timing and its all down to that, but its really hard to learn to hit moving targets, especially if theyre moving erratically or at an angle to your position. When you do learn how to lead properly its very easy, but thats something you need skill to do.

    im playing my TR right now, and i really only play LA on tr because i like tr carbines better, not saying theyre the best thats just opinion, and i just got 12 tank kills in 45 minutes. Not counting lightnings, of which i got about three. 8 of those tanks were 2/2, and all of them were in the middle of infantry. If youre playing on emerald, im at lithcorp on Amerish. Come fly with me, lets fly lets fly away and blow up these magriders all day.

    As for trolling, this thread was meant to stir enough **** to stop all the bad LAs from making 12 forum posts a day about c4 and have them *****fest in here.
  10. Pat22

    You mean the tiny angle of about 5-10 degrees where anti-infantry tank secondaries can't aim but is easily rectified by having the tank move forwards or backwards by about one meter or two?

    No, obviously you mean the much larger opening left by MBT AV secondaries because holy hell, a tank geared out to do AV should never be vulnerable to infantry, right? It's not like you're supposed to choose what targets you're engaging or something.
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  11. Pat22

    Out of experience, for every 50 horrible tankers that don't pay attention to their surroundings, there'll be one who's got a proxy radar / AI secondary / or just flat out pays attention and demonstrates just how easy it is to avoid being C4'd
  12. Thunderstrucks

    Are you really that ret...ed claiming is easy to blow up enemy tank and writting you not playing either LA or Tank at the same time?
    You are just a TROLL with capital letters.

    And btw sniping moving targets is not that hard unless they not moving "Zig-zag" becouse then over 250m you need to be wizard to predict enemy move.
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  13. Ballto21

    i do play light assault. learn to read
  14. MarvinGardens

    Of course those marines wouldn't try to C4 a tank. C4 blowing up tanks is purely a game mechanic made up to simplify anti-tank warfare. (Not that they couldn't do critical damage depending on where they are placed. On the tanks headlights probably isn't the most ideal location though.) However, if they needed to they do have several options for engaging a tank. For reference, I refer to the Wikipedia entry for Anti Tank Warfare:

    "The tank is still vulnerable to infantry, especially in close country or built-up areas. Rough terrain may expose the floor armor, and high ground such as multi-story buildings may expose the top armor. Their large size and loud noise can allow enemy infantry to spot, track and evade tanks until an opportunity presents itself for counter-attack.

    Because tank crews have limited visibility from inside the tank, infantry can get close to a tank given enough concealment and if the hatches are closed. If tank crewmen unbutton for better visibility they become vulnerable to small arms fire. An infantryman cannot be targeted by a tank's main gun when close as it cannot depress sufficiently. Close defense weapons such as pistol ports, hull-, coaxial- and pintle-mounted machine guns gave them some protection however.

    Whilst many hand-held infantry anti-tank weapons will not penetrate the front armor of a tank, they may penetrate the less heavily armored top, rear, and sides. Damage to the tracks or running gear can inflict a mobility kill. Early WWII tanks had open vision slits which could be fired through to kill the crew. Later tanks' slits had thick glass, as well as sights and periscopes which could still be damaged with powerful small arms such as anti-tank rifles and heavy machine guns, hampering the crew. If all else fails, the hatch could also be forced open and grenades thrown inside, although later tank designs often have hatches designed to be difficult to open from the outside.

    Tanks were also vulnerable to hand-placed anti-tank mines. Infantry have even immobilized tanks using a set of plates covered with leaves and dirt as dummy mines – the ruse being augmented by the crew's obscured vision – infantry can then attack the stopped tank. This tactic was taught to the British Home Guard during World War II since they were not often provided with long-range anti-tank weapons.[5]

    In some cases in World War II, a tactic of some infantry was to run directly up to a tank, avoiding their main and machine guns, and pour petroleum over and into the tank and light it, sometimes blocking the exit, burning the crew alive.[citation needed]

    In the Japanese army, the use of satchel charges and pole charges was widespread. Although the charges could knock out any allied tank, the tactic was extremely close-range and the sappers were vulnerable to allied weapons."

    Since we don't have mobility kills in Planetside and any damage can be easily repaired, the only effective alternative is to have instgibs. If they take out instagibs and don't include mobility kills, the option to kill the tank crew directly, the option to pinpoint attack specific weak points, or take out the tanks ability to heal all damage in seconds out in the field by itself, then infantry's anti-tank abilities will be crippled to near pointlessness. The best you can hope for is to sacrifice your life to force the tank to stop shooting for mere seconds while the driver teleports outside of his tank to repair the non-critical damage that you gave your life to inflict.

    For the record, I don't mind increasing tank armor. I don't even mind nerfing C4 VS armor. But I maintain that infantry must have a means to instagib a tank if they can get within spitting range and are properly equipped with anti tank weaponry. If not C4, then it should be something else more specialised like a magnetic plasma tank melting supercharger or something appropriately high tech for Planetside's setting.
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  15. MarvinGardens

    Also in RL, air units would absolutely wreck all tanks in the game. Like instagib at range with a single missile hit, or perforate with depleted uranium rounds in a single strafing run. I'd be fine with that too if you want. Make infantry and anti-air units critical because if an ESF got within range of a tank that tank would die instantly. At least that would have a nice rock paper scissors balance. Infantry beats air, air beats armor, and armor beats infantry?
  16. Leivve

    Armor = Infantry < Air

    At the moment.
  17. Iridar51

    Rock-paper-scissors is not what you want, believe me. Direct counters are not fun to use, and not fun to play against, since they invalidate counter-play.

    Every infantry players knows the feeling when you turn around the corner and suddenly meet an AI MAX, and you know that you're gonna die horribly in a second, and you can't do anything to prevent that. That feeling sucks. Well in rock paper scissors that feeling expands to everyone being countered.
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  18. MarvinGardens

    It's 450 nanites, not hitpoints. You can't compare the cost of the tank with the cost of the resources required to kill it. You get a buttload of benefits for your 450 nanites. Speed, ranged explosive shots, the ability to OHK infantry and ESF's, the ability to pack a second player to double your firepower, the ability to heal your own tank (which I take issue against), and the ability to survive damage that would OHK any other unit in the game. It's just that it doesn't provide the ability to survive against two of the most powerful infantry held explosives in the game, which is a fair trade off in my opinion.
  19. Thunderstrucks

    Share with us your 600h char, then we can talk, for now i see guy with 30xC4 kill and 19h LA play.
  20. Iridar51

    He said he deleted his old characters, but he did show a screenshot from steam which had 600+ hours logged in PS2.