So if the Vulcan was OP whats the Aphelion??

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  1. Villanuk

    Well as a secondary MBT weapon the VS whined a lot about the Vulcan, so now the Aphelion is performing way above the Vulcan and any other secondary against vehicles, do they still think the Vulcan is OP?

    As for the Aphelion, is it designed to be so powerful against vehicles and how do we bring in line with other secondary's weapons?
  2. LtBomber1

    I think you are a TR player. Like every VS or NC player you now need to learn that thanks can have closerange AV, and how to deal with it: Stay out of range!

    PS: Bring numbers if you complain about anything, and dont forget that there is the "new weapon hype" still going atm.
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  3. Zombo

    oh boy MBTs and Harrassers with high dps sustained weaponry isn't fun to deal with? who would've thought

    the Aphelion still has a higher TTK than the Vulcan, on a Tank that is slower and has less main gun DPS, if you find that hard to deal with play against TR for a while

    tl:dr suck it up
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  4. Villanuk

    How did you guess i was TR player? , nothing gets past you buddy i must admit, you got me.

    Stats for you. Aphelion VEX-4 3.25
    G30 Vulcan 1.94.

    Thank you that good advice, i think i will use a long range secondary ;)
  5. Jubikus

    Eh The Aphelion is an odd little feller and people are dumb if they think its just a bad Vulcan. My personal testing on the side armor of a vanguard in VR training i got the Vulcan TTK at about ~13.5 seconds the Aphelion at ~14.5 seconds but the aphelion has the ability to lay off the trigger every 6 shots or so for the burst wave this artificially extends its magazine and doing this gave it a TTK of about 12 seconds. So a skilled player would probibly do better with the Aphelions do to this higher skillcap mechanic.
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  6. Zombo

    okay, so the TTK might be 1.5 seconds shorter then, that's still not OP, since the mag has inherently less dps on the main gun

    the thing that was OP about the vulcan was that it was used for AI purposes and had an insane range for a high dps and sustained dps gun
    it also had a higher raise angle than both enforcer and saron, which made it decent at AA as well, not to mention it could shred an ESF in under a second
    it was nerfed from being in that state to being a good cqc AV weapon, while still being better at AI than halberd or saron, and i think it's not in a bad place

    also the burst is a high risl/reward thing, if you miss the burst shot you essentially just lost a LOT of dps because of the aphelion neding to ramp up again, it's kind of like the halberd
  7. Jubikus

    Oh yeah i wasnt arguing that it was op the Vulcan was never OP but they are on the same level.
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  8. KirthGersen

    Works same as Vulcan on Harasser and maybe slightly worse on Mag due to FPC's relatively low damage and longer reload.
    I will never use it on serious tank hunt.
  9. Ballto21

    its also op but people think faction balance=game balance
  10. Liewec123

    as its pretty much a vulcan clone we can say that its finally happened,
    a nerf vulcan thread by TR muahahahahaha!
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  11. Mongychops

    Here we go again, the same guy twisting and distorting facts:

    • Saying "if the Vulcan was OP" is bollocks, because everyone knows that it was only the Vulcan-H that was complained about. Most sensible players knew that a dedicated CQC AV weapon on an MBT is limited by the platform. The problem was always that those balancing limitations of closing the distance, and escaping unfavourable fights are not present for the Harasser, which is why the Vulcan Harasser has been called OP, especially when it was the same as the MBT version.
    • You are comparing two different sets of data the Vulcan is the entire preceeding 30 days, while the Aphelion has been part of a weapon release & double XP (with far more vehicles used), you can see that the average MBT playtime, especially over the first double XP weekend for all players in a long time, has been far higher than normal. This is like comparing the average daily amount of roast chicken and roast turkey eaten by people, but using the data for the whole month of December for chicken, and only the last week for turkey.
    • The average BR for an Aphelion user is 69.7, the average BR of a Vulcan user is only 54.7. We can't filter VKPU by Q4 and BR100 like other stats, but we can only assume that high BR players perform better on average than low BR players on this stat as with every single other one, this is a huge experience gap.
    • The Prowler main gun has far higher damage output (especially at close range) than the Magriders, so Magrider AV secondaries are far more likely to get the last hit on a vehicle than the Prowlers, because the Magrider AV secondary is a bigger proportion of its damage output. Look at vehicle deaths, Prowler AP kills 3.92% of all Sunderers, Magrider FPC 2.57%. Prowler AP kills 4.60% of Lightnings, Magrider FPC 3.58%. Prowler AP kills 4.48% of MBTs, Magrider FPC 3.77%. Now sure, the Prowler is used more than the Magrider, but not THAT much more.
    Is the Aphelion on the Magrider OP? Maybe, but we don't know yet. My opinion is that the TTK of a FPC+VEX Magrider against a AP Prowler or Vanguard isn't out of balance, since the CQC damage output isn't vastly higher than the Saron, requires more exposure than the Saron, and lacks alpha compared to the Saron in CQC. I could be wrong, but the stats you are using show no such thing.
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  12. TheFlamingLemon

    So basically we complain about the Vulcan and TR tells us to suck it up, then we get a vulcan equivalent and then the TR whines that our aphelion is OP?

    Yes, it is. It used to just be TR harassers that were supercharged, but all harassers are way too powerful now. Welcome to our world.
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  13. Kazrak

    Ahhh finally no more "Vulcan-H is OP!!!11!!11" Threads

    Now they will be called: "Poor poor NC has no CQC AV"

    After they fixed the issue with the hit sound of the Aphelion this weapon has become just nasty and not devastating anymore for tankers

    The only thing that i think is a bit off is the range of that weapon
    It seems like you can start shooting when you're 50-100m away and still do the same damage as in <50m range

    Maybe this is just my point of view but can anyone who has experience with both (Vulcan and Aphelion) comment on this?

    Is the Aphelion just a more flashy Vulcan with doubled effective range?

    And for all those players who are crying for a nerf: "Just suck it up and adapt to the new weapons on the field"
  14. Raysen

    As NC player I would like to complain a bit about you other guys... :c
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  15. Ragnarox

    Yea TR says: Vulcan is not OP suck it up.
    DBG releases slightly worse copy of Vulcan: TR players say its totally OP.

    Thats why noone (even DBG) listens to TR. They whine all the times about something.
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  16. Kazrak

    Just like anyone on Forumside

    The ratio of complaints to suggestions is about 10.000:1
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  17. Ragnarox

    I see only TR threads about nerfing this, buff us. Haven't seen VS or NC thread about nerfing stuff in years.
  18. Rolfski

    The Aphelion is more of a skill weapon, only great if you can time those charges.
  19. Isokon

    Nah, apparently the Mjolnir is also OP, because it's currently performing on par with the Aphelion. ;)
  20. FateJH

    You got me there. It should have been obvious that the TR would have wanted to rein in their own Vulcan-H.