Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Alizona

    So since I can't play on Connery for two days, I made a new toon on Mattherson. And I just got disconnected abruptly from that server. sigh
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  2. VaIhall

    T2 striker is not useless and it fires 6 rockets I believe it is without having to reload, T2 Striker is still super good against air.
  3. Nvrmor

    Thanks Luperza.
  4. thehumanslayer12

    SO WE CANT PLAY PLANET SIDE 2 FOR 2 DAYS!?!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?! WOW GREAT!
  5. iRhuel

    Because I have disposable income as a working adult, and because said virtual goods a) enhances my enjoyment of this game and b) fulfills my desire to support a project that I believe in.
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  6. FBVanu

    so, then, I don't get it.. Connery is UP does not mean that we can play on connery.. ??
    Is this going to be a double XP weekend and we can't get in the game?
    Any ETA on when we might be able to get on?
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  7. DragonWarp2510

    Jesus Crist
  8. VaIhall

    Didn't you get everything in the game for 1000$? I bought station cash for about 300$ and I could buy everything I wanted in this game. But you must have bought.. Everything?
  9. Sizemac

    Wow double experience on a server that don't work , can't wait wahoo!
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  10. Hajj Podge

    It sounds like you need to learn how to properly use the striker. One striker by itself is still good but like the Phoenix or the Lancer, it's strength lies in being deployed in numbers and focus firing instead of wildly shooting one or two rockets at different targets and expecting those rockets to get the job done. Two to three strikers on one target are catastrophic and one of the few things I worry about in my Vanguard.
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  11. Nathan Swenson

    I agree, I'd love to hear an ETA or at least get a better explanation of the problem and what's being done right now to fix it.

    I'm all for being patient, and a lot of times I feel like those who complain are those with an entitlement mentality who have nothing better to do with their lives than playing games online. That being said, I'm addicted to PS2 and having to go two days without it is torture. :D
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  12. Theghostwad

    You guys need to learn how to patch. This is getting ridiculous. EVER DAMN PATCH - its buggy for a whole weekend.

    Also: The Striker is garbage. The dedicated air or ground ML are far, far superior to the striker.
  13. Funkytea-NCpilot

    Lawlercopters 2 that.
  14. Jettamp95

    So we cant play connery at all ? Im confused
  15. Garrett Black


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  16. ncDieseL

    Anyone else just get disconnected from miller?
  17. kororie

    I don't normally spend money on free games, especially games like this where you can just earn 90% of things. So I can't help but laugh that I chose to drop some money and time into my Connery account and I feel like it's the one down most frequently. Thanks karma!
  18. TKBoom

    Wouldn't be such a big deal but my main is on Connery and I already lost the last day of my membership benefits with yesterday's fiasco. Now, 1/3 of the double xp is going to go by and I won't be able to partake of that either.
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  19. janeTEXAS

    Connery and Miller crashed! :DDDDDDDD

    This servers cant handle so much people
  20. theducks

    yeah ikr
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