Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. PS2xProphecy

    I can't get passed 96% load time. Will there be a fix soon? :/
  2. salembeats

    So since SOE won't let us know the specifics of the problem so that we can be "constructive", let's discuss an idea:

    Placing Station Cash bets on which team will win an alert/territory/etc.

    Good idea, yeah?! :)
  3. salembeats

    ^ Or cert bets.

    And you can't participate in the fight until you buy in!
  4. VaIhall

    How can a simple server restart result in several hours downtime?
  5. PS2xProphecy

    Stuck at 96% on Waterson.
  6. salembeats

    And let's make territory captures worth an absolute minimum of 10 certs for the most lowly, easy-to-cap base, in addition to the certs you get for buying into the battle :D
  7. Wolfen2424

    Hope Connery comes back up before the double experience goes away. That would not be cool.
  8. slifenoa268

    Planetside 2 is a magical game that is able to do the impossible. Even if it's a bad thing.
  9. SenorChang21

    Wow, Connery was down last night too. I only really get to play on the weekends anymore this kinda blows. Can't play bf4 either cuz it's broken still.
  10. Nvrmor

    SOE if you could please update the site to show that Connery is down, im trying to go off that to see if its up or not. Please and thank you. Keep up the good work.
  11. Yoinkzorz

    I wish I would have started my character on another server! *sadface*
  12. Nathan Swenson

    Maybe those of us on Connery could get an extra double xp day? :D :D
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  13. Freddi_Willios

    Would be great if we can get updates on the problems at hand.
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  14. ikillyou1990

    Or just give us quadruple xp until monday..
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  15. Luperza Community Manager

    This issue will be fixed shortly. I contacted the team that updates that.
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  16. Nathan Swenson

    Woo! Thanks Luperza! You rock.
    EDIT: Didn't read what that was in response to, thought you meant the issue of the server being down. Oh well, you still rock. :D Hope it'll get fixed soon though.
  17. Bhudda V1

    im just curious could a system be put in place that the second a server goes down for whatever reason people will always get their passive cert's already added to their char so *less* people complain?
  18. TheRunDown

    Not to be the Negative Nancy.. But do the Devs feel that TR weapons need no balance, changes or redesigns?
    Striker is absolutely useless, the Annihilator is 10 times better, It's Shoot and forget and does half the damage of the Striker in one Rocket..
    The other is the G30 that has no right being on the Prowler, considering what our Empire MBT ability is.. The G30 needs an redesign or give Anchor mode the ability to effect Secondary weapons characteristics..
    The current G30 characteristics reflects that of a close range Sneak attack weapon, which the Prowler is not.. Just Saiyan...

  19. Nvrmor

    @ZZYZX- When you make a new toon. Restart the game and it will be there.
  20. Crator

    The server is up (online and running inside the SOE network). It's just not accessible by people on the Internet. It was said yesterday they are having an issue with the gateway (the network switch/router that the server uses to talk to the Internet).

    Would be nice if they could somehow detect if the server had Internet access and then reflect if it were online, not just up. Or just flag the status on the website as 'Offline' instead of having it try to automatically detect if it is.
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