Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Funkytea-NCpilot

    I think we should all get a free 3 day EXP boost
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  2. Funkytea-NCpilot

  3. theducks

    umm if connery is up, why does my screen say server unavailible?
  4. Shoe

    This is the second time I've equipped an XP boost only to have the server go down. Bah. It's really not right that we just lose boost time when this happens.
  5. mattywhales732

    I'm new to this game and these forums and have already pumped alot of time into connery server. Does this happen often with this game or was this just an unlucky time to start playing?
  6. thehumanslayer12

    Im on Connery, I dont know wtf you all are complaining about...
  7. Psychopoweranger

    This is a bit ridiculous. I'd expect a large company like Sony to have more stable servers than this. I've been waiting to play for nearly two days now.
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  8. Narcoossee

    Yanno, last night me and a buddy of mine speculated that someone spilled his beer on the server.

    Twenty-four hours later, I see the note about ordering new hardware, and now I know some moron spilled a drink on the server. XD

    Good ol' SOE, y'all never, ever change, do ya?
  9. theducks

    well it says server unavailible for me
  10. kororie

    Yes. Connery seems to be the twitchy little brother server. I've also loaded my time and even a little money into Connery. Kinda sucks.
  11. thehumanslayer12

    Theres only like 80+ people here with me too.
  12. FBVanu

    As long as you don't spend any money, yet... it's free to play. So if it's down you won't lose anything.
    Hope you stick with the game.
    it gets better and better over time
  13. chaseaowen

    Can we get an update on Connery? Luperza updated us about the status page of connery being fixed but no connery update? What is wrong? Are we looking at a weekend ordeal here? Tonight? What?
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  14. mattywhales732

    Wow that's awful news. Of course the one I choose and throw a little money into is the "twitchy little brother server." It just seems like such a step backwards changing server and I've only been playing for a week. I can't imagine how some of the long term Connery players feel.
  15. Princess Celestia

    Been over a year and still normal; so its part of their business plan.
  16. dekergoman

    is connery gunna get extended double xp or what? and what if i have an activated boost on my character am i gunna lose time on that because of this? :( :(
  17. mattywhales732

    I mean I love the game so far. And I unfortunately already put a little money in cause I was enjoying myself so much. I thought the game has been out for long enough where things wouldn't be so unstable. I plan to stick with it, i just hope to take advantage of some of this double XP cause a rookie like me could total use it.
  18. blueangleofdeath

    Miller server seems to be down now >( What are you people doing over there lol?
  19. kororie

    It's not usually an more than one day thing. Connery has just gone down more than a couple times in the few months I've been playing. This is a particularly bad case it seems. But don't let me make it sound like it's down 'most' of the time or anything. I'm just annoyed with it after waiting two days. Maybe down.. 4 times a month at most? Guess I've never really kept track.
  20. Shoe

    Yes. It sucks, and they apparently have no intention of fixing this, which is more than a little unfair.
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