Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Downtime Start: 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Downtime ETA: 1 hour (staggered server unlocks to minimize load issues)

    All servers will come down for 1 hour on January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET) for the following:
    • Connery gateway server issue fix
    • Server shutdown loop bug
    Players will note the EU Network Maintenance has been completed and the ESF Updateis playable on all servers once the downtime is completed.

    Originally posted here:
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  2. shoguncawwill

    get some food Maggie
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  3. Undivide

  4. DocteurVK

    Well, now you should take a rest, thanks for your efforts SOE !
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  5. Seededshadow

    wow well you guys wasted no time cleaning that thread lol the post about the pr is true x) love it
  6. TeeHeeNZ

    Thanks for keeping us informed
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  7. Beerpounder

    Only been waiting all day :p finally nice thanks for good news :)
  8. Fishbread

    Your fix is too late... I already did productive things :/
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  9. GalXEEEEE

    OMG!!!! See you all in 15 minutes on Connery!!!!!! maybe... lol
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  10. darkstarzx2

    Alright, sounds good! Now let the others take care of that stuff, go home and get some sleep! :)
  11. Zapon

    Looks like the FIRST time waterson was down "the false alert" - - when i hopped on after that, it looked like the platoon map issue was fixed- at least from my end.

    Anyway, in that little bit of time b4 the server went down again, noticed a bug in two instances where people couldnt undeploy a Sundy- might want to look into that,

    Most importantly- thanks for the work and updates and fixes,
  12. RyanGUK

    Great stuff! And sorry to sound a little ungrateful, but will this patch platoon UI as well?
  13. SgtBarn

    Thanks for the update.....Bet you all had a ruff night....get some rest.....:)
  14. Zapon

    I think the first round of server stuff fixed that, as when waterson was taken down for a second earlier, when i came back it was fixed

    the platoon issue, that is

    So now all thats left are the sundies sometimes not undeploying
  15. HydroBIG BANG

    Get some sleep,because I sure as hell wont.
  16. GalXEEEEE

    Agreed, have a good weekend!!! Hopefully we don't talk next week!!!!
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  17. TalenTaylor

    Am I the only one who when starting up the game as of now, showing that I have no characters on any server?
  18. innersphere1

    What?... it was 15 min now its 1 hour.... no come on, today i feel like someone is kidding me.
    And can i please ask something to you.. how this can be a gateway problem arent the server located in different places ??? I mean, how can they share a gateway problem?
  19. IamAFilipino

    i am a filipino SIR and I JusT wanna know what time in the philippines will the ps2 come back?? i mean what time here i can play it and the server done maintenance?
  20. amazlgh

    know what? im calling BS on a ONE HOUR FIX itll probably take 12 hrs ............
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