Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

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  1. Angelofdark74

    how many time connery and the other will be down ? it s possible to have an estimate for the maintenance please ?
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  2. Wantrepreneur

    Had an hour an a half to play yesterday - FAIL
    Had an hour and half to play today - FAIL
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  3. DukesHarrison

    Yeah i get what you mean i haven't played long enough to know about the bugs and such and I've done the same in regards to convincing friends to install and them leaving because of issues, to be 100% honest these past two days have been the only time that i haven't been able to play, but it's still annoying especially when you work 14hr days so you have limited time to play a game you really enjoy even when i do just get my **** kicked aha
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  4. shootoff

    if it was not for the friends I have made on connery on the vs then I probably have stoped playing for a while but I have fun playing with the friends I have made and wish I could be on an playing with them now but o well time to get back to breeding my pokemon
  5. Nathan Swenson

    I hear that, X and Y is awesome. That reminds me, I got A Link Between Worlds and haven't played it yet. Maybe I should now that I'm free of Planetside 2's grasp.
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  6. Fightmaster

    I just started playing this game yesterday... so far its been down longer than i have been playing it in total.
  7. Darkbiaze

    Can we have a word on should we wait and keep checking or wait til tomorrow?

    would be nice to clarify that.
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  8. Sublimeqt

    Always knew sony was slow :(
  9. Cobalt (CBLT)

    Connery is up! Go Go Go!
  10. Thorstone

    I pay money to play this game. Remind me why I pay to play again?
  11. Luperza Community Manager

    Originally posted:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.