Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. ncDieseL

    It also makes shield breach pointless.
  2. Winfield

    There's definately room for improvement, but I'll take these new infantry fights over the old "RUSH THE AMP STATION YARD WITH TANKS" -fights any day of the week.
  3. eatcow0

    I prefer the old one over the two new iterations of amp stations
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  4. Ravenorth

    Still no fix for semi-automatic sniper rifles? Phantom and KSR-35 ads times are still slower when compared to Impetus, which is a huge difference when using these weapons. Either give Impetus ads speed for Phantom and KSR-35 or bring Impetus to same level with them.

    This bug has been a way too long in the game and is heavily affecting the effectiveness of these weapons, the fact that they are not used that much arent an excuse for not to fix them.
  5. OldMaster80

    Bye bye hex map: i'm not going to miss you.
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  6. Gheeta

    So you are messing with the cloak but don't fix the low graphics quality cloak which people have been begging for a long time? This makes no sense.
  7. ncDieseL

    That's because there is no fix as such. I shouldn't need explain why turning off advanced graphics settings doesn't allow light refraction effects.
  8. DeadlyPeanutt

    btw, thanks for the time zone converter link... nice....
  9. Xyltin

    I don't know the extact rules for the old character wipe, but normally these are low rank chars that didn't get played for a very, very long time (6+ months).
  10. ZeroErrorz

    low rank char ? so does high lvl (br 40+) wont get deleted ?
  11. DeathsWelcome

    Fiz client crashes and server optimization...Hmmmmm. We shall see (believe it when I see it).
  12. Adeon

    40m distance.
    Crossbow: 2 bolts 2kill.
    Underboss/Comissioner: 5(!) bullets 2kill.
    35m distance.
    Underboss: 5 bullets 2kill.
    Comissioner: 4 bullets 2kill.
    Of course, underboss better on closer range than Crossbow, I just want to say, that crossbows too powerfull for sidearms. Especially for infiltrators with stalker cloak.
  13. ncDieseL

    Have you tried to use it? It's really not that great.
  14. Rohxer

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  15. DoMA55

    SOE :mad:

    it's time to give me some Boost back Always offline i pump to much money in this game
  16. Mr.hoody

    Infiltrator are Op as f**k and very easy to play and now u are buffing them even more? Awesome, just awesome.:mad:
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  17. Seuchensaal

    I don´t think you really play infiltrator.

    They are neither OP nor easy to play. Just high risk, high reward.
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  18. Trollakhiin

    The amount of server maintenances, is too damn high.
  19. Adeon

    Ability to be almost invisible can not be "not great".
  20. Adeon

    It is not true. NC have best long range automatic weapons. VS have "no bullet drop" which only matters for eidolon and semi-automatic sniper rifles.