Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    soo since my computer is broken till may do my character gonna get erased by then,if u do another char purge, and SOE can i ask how "old" a character can be to be erased.
  2. Nailhimself

    I´m happy to see that lattice for amerish is coming. I only played amerish on alerts and I didn´t like it with the hex-system. I didn´t see any really exciting fights. I hope this will change now.

    But downtime on EU primetime again? Don´t get me wrong, I don´t know exactly how the server system works in Planetside. But in my job we have different server for every timezone/continent, so we don´t have downtimes on working time when we do maintenance. Why isn´t SOE able to do that?
  3. Winfield

    Can I have your stuff?

    The new Amp Stations can be really fun infantry fights. I just think that the cap time is too fast.
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  4. Akashar

    What does that mean, please?:eek:
  5. ncDieseL


    I just unlocked the damn thing for 1000 certs and I hate it. I would have trialled it if I could! AARRRRRGGG!

    What are the chances of granting a cert refund for people that would have trialled it (like me) and not bought it?
  6. Ballistix

    Lattice System
    Why not keep Amerish as the non-lattice continent? I don't dislike the lattice system but I don't love it either, same as the hex system. I was hoping that we could have the best of both worlds and have 2 conts with lattice and 2 without. Different tactics are needed for gaining/holding bases on a lattice cont compared with a hex cont and I liked that - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't do this - give us a choice . . . . . .
    Can the lattice system be added/removed with relative ease? If so, what about rotating which cont has the hex system every, say, month or quarter - surely I can't be the only 1 who feels this way ? !? ?! !
    (just to clarify: I do like lattice system but I also like hex system)

    New Amp Stations
    I just downright don't like them - I have tried to like them but computer says no . . . . .
    I can't even put my finger on what breaks them for me - there are things I like about them but those are lost in amongst the things I hate about them. Sorry I am not more help on this - they just don't sit well with me :(

    1 of the things I liked about Amerish was the difficultly of moving vehicles across land - it nearly forced you to use galaxies as primary transport and any tanks that were pulled couldn't just crosscounrty it to their waypoint, they had to use the map and plan the route which also meant ambushes could be and were set up. I hope this update just means the roads have had the big rocks removed . . . .

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  7. ncDieseL

    Bye o_O
  8. ncDieseL

    Does this mean the server crashes on Miller & Cobalt have been fixed? Please can this be confirmed specifically. This issue has been ignored all week, it's incredibly frustrating nobody has acknowledged it directly, and instead making broad sweeping statements about EU server optimisation.
  9. Netsurfer733

    Thumbs up. Can't wait for people to actually get online and play again, thanks to Amerish.
  10. Scientiarum

    Yup. Amerish will be a straight up buff to TR lockdown MAXes, that was long overdue but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  11. kaolla

    so no more infiltrator "update"? not even a bug correction on the decoy grenade? ; ;, and i guess that will be during afternoon in europe right?
  12. CEGrif

    no fix for Engagement radar being broken for 3 weeks?
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  13. ncDieseL

    WAIT. Didn't WDS points get accidentally reset last patch!? S**T I'm like 75 points away from Tier 3. They better not get reset! I already lost a bundle of them in one of the server crashes earlier this week, better not lose anymore!
  14. PastalavistaBB

    You don't play with Lattice, Lattice plays with you. :rolleyes:
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  15. liamsmithuk

    Not to mention the high pings, I hope so too
  16. cruczi

    So having to wait 10 seconds for the cloak to acquire the low visibility state was a feature, not a bug?
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  17. Takoita

    Question: will it be possible to not show bridge terminal ownership on the map/hud? Just reprogram the thing to not show team allegiance? For all the 'switch off the bridge under your wheels' hijinks?
  18. Reavx

    I want my Railgun ;(
  19. soultrax

    Yeah so I've seen, just seems alittle funny how quite they have gone. Just an acknowledgment of the problems would be a start.
  20. TMGMaster

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