Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Server Status: UP!!! =D

    Patch Notes:
    Amerish Revamp
    • Implemented the Lattice system
    • Performance pass
    • Separated the Facility Satellites into independent outposts
    • Added 9 brand new outposts!
    • Updated, polished and/or reconstructed every outpost on the continent
    • Added the multi-cap point Amp Station at Sungrey
    • Improved roads throughout the map for easier travel
    • Updated resource rewards to maintain resource clusters on the updated Amerish continent
    • Increased major facility resource rewards on Amerish from 30 to 50
    Bug Fixes
    • The Hunter QCX crossbow can now be trialed
    • Fixed audio not playing when reloading an empty Hunter QCX crossbow
    • Corrected the look of the Stargazer when camo is applied
    • Fixed an issue where the damage from flying over an enemy's spawn room would sometimes persist
    • Camos should now apply to all vehicle cosmetic attachments
    • All bolt action sniper rifles will now play the reload animation when they are empty
    • Client crash fix
    • Server optimization
    • All Infiltrator cloaks now become less visible at a faster rate after sprinting. This is especially noticeable when transitioning from sprinting to crouching.
    • Hunter QCX normal bolt damage adjustments
      • Minimum damage range increased from 30 to 35 meters
      • Maximum damage range increased from 50 to 60 meters
      • This makes the bolt a consistent 2 shot kill against full nanoweave targets for up to 40 meters
    • Hunter QCX explosive bolt damage adjustments
      • Min damage range increased from 20 to 30 meters
      • Max damage range increased from 40 to 50 meters
      • This makes the bolt a consistent 8 shots to kill against stock MAX units for up to 40 meters
    • Purging old characters
    Known Issue
    • The lattice isn't appearing on the map. We have a fix for that on the client coming within a couple of hours. No downtime for that. **Client Update Completed
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  2. D3amonEngineer

  3. Killuminati C

    I'm really looking forward to having more consistent pop on Amerish. Here's to hoping it stays that way, cheers :)!
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  4. Tommyp2006

    FINALLY, all those old names will be freed up!
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  5. Element17

    Purging of old character's... Hmmm
  6. S7rudL

    Purging old characters? :eek:

    Even the ones that bought something once and have not logged on for how long?
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  7. hawken is better

    Sooo... where are the new rifles?
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  8. Rohnlex

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  9. Tentakewls

    Can't wait for underground bases, and then for NC to ruin them with ScatMAX spam.
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  10. Lairosen

    Why still no Straight Pull Bolt???
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  11. Dr.Destro229

    it's a good thing and you know it
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  12. faykid

    Yay for new Amerish! Will miss the old Sungrey though, it was such a treat to defend...
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  13. Rohnlex

    No it's not. I never liked that system.. it creates choke points and the empire with the most pop always wins.
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  14. dirtYbird

    Client Crash Fix....could this be the one?

    And I enjoy a good purge as well. :D
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  15. KFZZ

    Does this apply to the Heartstring and Blackheart? Are there any changes to the sensor dart figures?
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  16. f0d

    how old?
    my nephew hasnt played for about 6 months - will his character get deleted?

    and lattice on amerish......
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  17. MasonSTL

    • Camos should now apply to all vehicle cosmetic attachments
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  18. Pondera

    Then I'll ruin THEM with C4 and Decimator spam. There's a way to overcome everything in this game. Notice I said "in game" not "whining about it in forums"

    Vanu character, by the way. I routinely slaughter NC MAXs. If they can't press their scatter cannon barrels firmly to your chest, they are by far the most useless things on the battlefield.
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  19. AgentRed

    I wish they would just put in the pull bolt already.
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  20. jettblakk

    no lattice free continent? looks like i will be stepping away from this game for a while.
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