Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. yongyut

    -.- Thailand
  2. Ostblockpole


    The Amerish Revamp is really brilliant. What you did to the Ascent left me speechless, easily my new favourite base in the game. I've never had as much fun in the game as with the new outposts.
    I applaud you for such a great update, please keep it up this way!
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  3. jettblakk

    by team play you mean zerg player.
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  4. Ostblockpole

    So you prefer ghostcapping
  5. jettblakk

    due to lattice reducing PL2 to essentially a lobby based fps with unbalanced team, I am actively looking for a good lobby based fps to play instead. leaning toward Battlefield and Blacklight. any other suggestions of what i can play now that PS2 has gone full lattice?
  6. jettblakk

    ghost capping is a red herring. small engagements of solo players or small teams fighting for otherwise deserted out of the way outpost was a suspenseful cat and mouse stealth play that changed the pace of the game occasionally. if you do not have the skill set for low intensity engagement. follow the zerg.
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  7. CazadorDeLaBruja

    just leave already and quit whining.
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  8. CazadorDeLaBruja

    The only issue i have with the new Amerish map... the respawn mechanics are all broken. If you die at many of the bases you cant respawn at the exact base even if you die within one of the buildings at said base. Also you cant spawn a almost any base that leads in reverse of the lattice battle lines... such as if you die at a tech planet and an enemy vehicle zerg is preventing your forces ability to bring in armor of their own you cant spawn at ANY nearby rear line base that leads back toward your gate. tested and proven.

    Things i do love about the map above all else...

    The Ascent! Its Epic! Nuke The Crown! The Ascent is where the fight is at. *on the note the crown needs a massive remake by the people that made the new Ascent.

    I love how freaked out i was the first time i encountered a Power Bridge. the mechanics of that add a whole new dynamic to base battles. i had to test it out to see what color was good and what colors were bad... while testing an infiltrator capped the terminal and i fell... that was a surprise. The art for it is pretty lame though... only reason its an energy bridge is because a mechanical draw bridge would require talent to install. The energy bridge looks too fictitious. Should have introduced faction colored destructible draw bridges instead of those weird things... its too Asguardian Thor fantasy for a meat grinder like planetside.

    The new Road system makes way more sense then the old version as well. There is also a lot more cover for vehicles and more ambush locations for low flying and talented pilots. There are still issues with Soap on the terrain and the issue with the flash being unable to clime many of the main roads that are steep when moving forward from a dead stop while on the slopes, but that hopefully will be fixed when SOE gets around to the physics update.

    I love the new underground zones and that infantry can duck into so many detailed topography features of this new map... Amerish is an infiltrator's paradise... though the Vanu have the clearest easy time of it with that wack coloring. Why is it the TR and the Vanu have black as their primary color while the NC has eye ball bleeding blue and bright tan? not to say that i don't mind a challenge but clearly the NC military commanders need more experience with picking colors. Amerish would be just the most amazing place to battle if beta nights was ever brought back. but that Black coloring would have to be addressed xD.

    This update did something to the flash making it less squishy by infantry weapons and being run over by larger vehicles. Thank you so much for this. Also the buff to the crossbow makes it actually useful and fun... but requires a bit of skill as to when to pull it out. Also sense the new infiltrator update ive noticed fewer allies shooting me on my Radar Flash... maybe people are actually gratefulfor my addition to a fight for once.

    The new lattice does create more large fights in predictible locations... and that is great. that coupled with the new topography of the map aid in offence and defence of allies and enemies and makes fights more fun.

    Dont let the whining loosers that complain that they cant earn exp with no effort applied *Ghost Cappers* get you down... the majority praise the new update and Amerish has a large population for once xD.

    Next introduce the Physics Update and get rid of the soap on the maps and increase the engine power of the flash by a lot... and the game will be perfect till Hossen comes around or any of the new vehicle revamps come out.
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  9. Yosarian

    "fixed client crash issue"

    I haven't seen a stable client since launch, actually not even in beta, this game is incapable of putting out a stable client, it's feb 22 2014 like a year and a half later and still client crashing. Balance is a joke where the punchline is whatever faction cries and quits the most players gets overbuffed (see: NC / DVS) and frankly I don't see you ever getting it together. This game is a joke that isn't even funny anymore. Here's to high hopes and low expectations

  10. ElTovar

  11. ScrapyardBob

    That's just a display issue. The map marker (which shows up on the redeploy screen) isn't at the right location relating to where the spawn tube actually ended up. Hopefully they fix those this week.

    When you see one like that, you should have filed a /bug report on it with the details that the map marker isn't where the spawn tubes are located.
  12. Styrkr

    I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up, but maybe now the hit detection will be back to it's pre-O:MFG state? Where it's actually playable for me?? So I can once again join the fight??? Fingers crossed...
  13. shadowtails

    but what if you reserved that name via alpha squad? is it still yours and you just have to recreate the charcter? will you lose the weapons you bought w/ station cash and certs ?o_O
  14. kickasspipes

    I love the new Amerish (esp subterranean nanite analysis). Keep up the good work!
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  15. CazadorDeLaBruja

    i filed the bug report... but i also posted the issue on forums so i get the satisfaction of seeing if other people are having the same issue. It isnt a display issue... you cant spawn at the base even if you click where the spawn room is supposed to be.
  16. SilverAura

    Some nights are better than others. The zergs really seem to fire up during the last 40 or so minutes of a continent wide alert. Other nights though, it's an absolute blast with two empires up against each other with near equal forces on each side.

    The emphasis on defense has really done wonders to encourage people to defend bases rather than zerg around each other.
  17. Ephreal

    I doubt any Michelin star restaurant started with the big salary chefs, staff and ingredients they have now. All restaurants starts small and focuses on this and then they grow. the same was for World of Warcraft.

    However Planetside or SOE for that matter have always had poor service for Europeans and they are still making money on them so why would they consider anything else.

    its a simple question of return of investment, how much more money can they make by spending x more money of better service.