Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. davoll

    Still no word on the other Cloak fix's? Common SOE you should of addressed this because if it was HA that had a bug it would of been patched the next day.
  2. BigBooty

    VS have the best weapons for longer ranges, so engaging ScatMAXes shouldn't be that hard for you guys anyways ^p~
  3. BigBooty

    What it's like post-lattice? Already know.
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  4. Amarsir

    Looking forward to Amerish, but I was really hoping you'd fix the lock-on missile pathing that got screwed up last week.
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  5. SilverAura

    Better this than base dancing to avoid combat and milk experience.
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  6. OldMaster80

    You'll be off forever: thanks god the hex map is not going to come back.

    Btw where the hell is the rest of the infiltrator patch? Where are the new rifles the attachments and the fixes?!?!
  7. Dargadon

    Same, where MAX Flamethrowers are, i suppose... :(
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  8. MaCritz

    How does the hex system help factions with lower population? I'm not a huge fan of lettuce but I still don't understand why some people love the hex system..

    In short, I'm not a fan of both systems..
  9. Daf

    Let the tunnel spam begin :eek:
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  10. Camycamera

    yep, amerish lattice :D
    ah, i knew this buff was going to happen ;). it is right now a bit distressing waiting for the "deep cloak" effect to occur while crouching and/or standing still and waiting for people to pass by..... but with this, it wont be a problem :D
  11. Serafine

    Thank you for removing the BEST feature Amerish had. Be prepared for even more ****** ghostcapping, zerging and basesitting. Because progress isn't slow enough yet.
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  12. JesusVoxel

    Finally can play in my favourite continet again as it was meant to be played (huge battles). No more armchair generals splitting platoons to "tactically" capture empty bases to get the continent lock with a 80% pop.

    Won't be missing the few "strategic geniuses" who thought capturing empty bases was more fun than actuall fights and could'd figure out how to play with lattice.
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  13. JesusVoxel

    Like the old Amerish wasn't only about "tactical zerging" (splitting platoon to capture empty bases) also called ghostcapping and basesitting.
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  14. HadesR

    What about rarely used Test Characters on an active account ?
  15. VonStalin

    I hope they flattened the land to be more friendly for vehicles, because before you were forced to use roads. And I don't like to drive on roads, I like to go straight to my way-point, like on Indar..
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  16. AdmiralArcher

    there is also the huge thread for revamping the TR that is now 45 pages long which the devs have yet to look into
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  17. AdmiralArcher

    considering the commie and underboss are still outright better than the hunter, few will have a problem with this, and most wont notice it, i might, but i dont think itll make a big difference
  18. TommyXXL

    WOW ! just visited amerish on test server, amazing, some really great bases, i hope more people will play on it now.
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  19. Heyitsrobbie1984

    i really like how SOE showed how underpowered those Crossbows really are
  20. Wayfar

    Sad the rifle updates didn't make it BUT glad you guys are fine tuning them for.. next week? :)
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