Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. ncDieseL

    You're crossing the streams dude, I was talking about the crossbow.
  2. Mak0

    amerish was always my favorite continent, for many reasons. i hate indar, because its all zergs, i hate esamir, because of the snow backdrop/cliffs/walls. amerish had everything that was good and nithing that was bad. now, its all redesigned? do you guys look at what people say/recommend, and do the exact opposite just because u can? ruin it for pc, make it amazing for ps4...
  3. Mr.hoody

    I played it, but i get bored after 6th level of playing it. One shot to the head or two shots too body and your ''victim'' is dead. Easy play.
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  4. Cromell

    Damn, not even NS sniper gets released. :( I am waiting so impatiently for it, my certs literally itch me. I have to be strong now to not spend all of my certs on maxing out my tank's reload speed :< YET ANOTHER WEEK OF SUFFERING.
  5. Vanon

    Can we get some clairfication on "Old Character's" being "Purged" ? Is this account purges, or just the character, and if so, what is the cut off. Also, could you give us a warning? I have some IRL friends in the military that got to 30 BR before being deployed. It would be messed up if these guy's got deleted.
  6. Dead soldier

    So, Y U HATE AIR? with underground bases, what's the role of air?
  7. Seuchensaal

    Same for e.g. rocket-launchers, shotguns, grenade-launchers, MAX-Weapons, tank-shells, av-turrets... even knives kill you that fast.

    There are a lot things that kill you fastly in this game.
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  8. Spyrius

    We need a definition of an "old character" indeed.
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  9. Bortasz

    I want thanks SOE for Patching in the European Prime Time.
    SOE, you can be certain that I will never forget that 100% of you maintenance, patch and hot-fix are in my prime time. Especially I will remember this every time I will be consider to buy anything from you.

    With regards.
    European Player.
  10. salembeats

    It's almost like you looked at his profile on the players site:


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  11. ncDieseL

    You do realise you can get out of your Scythe and join the fight on the ground right? Seriously, experience the full game, not just the 10% of it that involves flying around in a Scythe.
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  12. Jasman300

    Oh just went onto Planetside 2 to play after this patch. Both characters I was playing on yesterday have been deleted.
    There's your "how old" character deletion. Apparently 1 day.
  13. salembeats

    Y U LOLPOD?!

    #1 - If there's less air flying around because of the underground bases, there will be less AA perched around looking for you.
    #2 - There will be Galaxies to shoot at.
    #3 - There will be Sunderers to shoot at.
    #4 - There will be ground and air targets protecting these Galaxies and Sunderers.

    Long story short -- there's more to flying an ESF than farming infantry. Not a single infantryman wants you to be directly involved in their battle.
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  14. Adeon

    If we didn't had stalker cloak, crossbow wouldn't been too powerful. But we have it.
  15. sparr

    When people learn, that when maintenance is ongoing, there you don't see your characters in selection screen...
    Anyway, why runing a game in maintenance time....?
  16. GlueHead

    *Forgetting to breathe*
  17. Jasman300

    And now my game crashes on startup with Game Error G99. Good patch. Deleted all my recently used characters and now the game no longer works.
  18. Jasman300

    Though, I wish they would post the patch time in GMT as well. you know, just for conveinience.
    It's a pain having to convert time every time there's a maintenance.

    Your characters was not deleted. The patch has not even been applied yet. Your characters seems to have been deleted because you logged in when the servers are on maintenance. It happened to me before, too.

    The servers are on maintenance, your characters has not been deleted.
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  20. Jasman300

    Nvm, patch started about 30 mins ago according to the converter. Such a pain tbh.