Scheduled Maintenance March 5th, 2014

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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    Notable edit:
    • Reduced verts on various scopes to increase performance. (We swear this is not us telling you that you need scopes because your aim is poor).
    We did not reduce the cert cost on scopes. Art did a pass to reduce Verts (for performance reasons); the results should not even be noticeable in the end product, as they were superfluous.


    All PlanetSide 2 servers will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM (3:00 PM CET) for a brief update.

    The notes in parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

    Camo Grant

    In an effort to make amends to those affected by an incomplete fix to the missing camo patterns, we are granting the players who went one week without their camos a specific free camo item. This grant will occur later on Wednesday, March 5th. This camo is exclusive to those players for the time being and eventually be purchasable by everyone in the Depot. In the meantime, please enjoy your exclusive camo and thank you from the whole team for your patience while we sorted this complex operation out.

    Player Studio Items

    • Blast Shield Cockpit Glass
    • Flying Menace Cockpit Glass
    • Scheduled items for the month – you’ll see them in Coming Soon!
    Depot Items

    • Galaxy intakes are back in the Depot... for real this time! (No intakes back).
    Nano-Armor Cloak Balance

    • The Infiltrator Nano-Armor cloak cert line has been adjusted so that it isn't as penalizing at the lower ranks when compared to the Hunter and Stalker cloaks.
      • Cloak duration for ranks 1-4 have has been increased by 0.5 seconds each
      • Rank 1 cloak regeneration from empty is now 13 seconds, down from the previous value of 15 seconds. All cert ranks now increase the regen rate by 0.5 seconds
      • The final rank of the Nano-Armor cert line remains the same as before
    • The Nano-Armor cloak now resists direct hits from the below in addition to infantry small arms. (This does not prevent any mocking you may receive from taking direct hits).
      • Aircraft machine guns (ESF nose guns)
      • Armor Piercing Chain Guns (Tank Buster, Shedder)
      • Anti-aircraft machine guns
      • Flak direct hits
      • Vehicle secondary machine guns
    • Nano-Armor Cloak no longer stacks with Nanoweave armor (Seriously that stuff is heavy. How did you even walk with it?)
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed certain attachments on the NS-30 Vandal having incorrect cert costs. They are now consistent with the other weapons.
      • 1x and 2x reflex sight lowered to 30 certs
      • Forward grip and and flashlight increased to 100 certs
    • Heavy Assault Resist Shield and Nanoweave now properly resist Aircraft Machine Gun resist type. (We don't encourage you attempting to draw aircraft machine gun fire).
    • Spotting your own engineer turret will no longer offer it ammo. (You really wanted a prize for pointing out your own turret?)
    • Galaxy intakes will now tint appropriately for your empire when a camo is applied.
    • Your dead body will now always be a skull and crossbones icon on the map. (You are still not a pirate ok? Stop yelling Avast! at the rest of your squad).
    • You can once again preview weapons in the Depot as just weapon without your pesky character model being in the way.
    • The icon for the zebra camo is now a better representation of the camo’s pattern. (In case you didn't know what a Zebra looked like).
    • Reduced verts on various scopes to increase performance.
    • Minimap compass heading is now accurate
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  2. BigWreck

    I find the humor in this refreshing. Thanks for the updates!
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  3. Torkz

    The legendary humor filled patch notes return :)
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  4. skifton

    Any word on the nVidia driver bug?

    I know it can be "fixed" by downloading previous drivers....but I never knew if it was an SOE/Planetside 2 issue or a nVidia issue.

    nVidia rarely gets things wrong with their updates so it's relatively safe to assume it's an SOE/Planetside 2 issue....thoughts?

    EDIT: The nVidia driver bug meaning, when you alt-tab out (or sometimes when you open your map) the video drivers crash and/or it crashes the game.
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  5. Craftyman

    fanks for da notes
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  6. ZephyrBurst

    Yeah but, what if I want to offer it ammo? It needs love too!
  7. RadarX Community Relations

    Please stop talking to your turret like that. I'm fairly certain it's not only against regulations but some forms of criminal law.
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  8. Bobaflay

  9. vincent-

    I like the humor.
  10. vincent-

    You and that crazy lady with the cube I'll love any object I like!
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  11. Koopak

    I have mostly negative reaction to this, if it weren't for adrenalin pump recently being added to the infil arsenal id be up in arms.
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  12. AlloK

    I was sad to lose Luperza, but I think you'll work out just fine.
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  13. Tommyp2006

    Update on Wednesday and not Thursday? Awesome!
  14. SinfulSavior

    Anyone else getting unusually high ping on connery lately?
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  15. Amundsenkalmah

    I get a high ping but on Matterson and Watterson :(
  16. Gadamlu

    please revert this change, or make it so the heavy shields do not stack with nano-weave as well. it makes no Sence whatsoever to nerf already the worst cloak we have. i mean c'mon...that stuff on the HA is freaking heavy man, how can you expect them to even move, let alone walk?
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  17. SinfulSavior

    my average ping on connery is 100, but its jumping to over 6k+, but i recently made a character on waterson and my ping is 80 lol
  18. LayZ

    Most likely it is against TR regulations but no telling what those Vanu freaks do with their turrets when nobody's looking.
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  19. D3amonEngineer

    I think the update is on Wednesday because they thinking of doing hotfix on Thursday :)
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  20. Plunutsud pls

    Didn't they initially promise a full cert line for adrenaline pump?

    Right now it's just a single 30 cert upgrade that boosts top speed by 10% at best = pretty useless.
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