No C-4 for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. lawn gnome

    as far as i am concerned MAX suits are specialized vehicles and should be treated as such with regards to balance. I treat the MAX suit the same as a lightning with respect to balance issues. people just get confused because it LOOKS somewhat like standard infantry and is activated from infantry terminals even though there are no side arms, utility items, and you can't drop pod.
  2. lawn gnome

    i survive just fine in my skyguard and regularly mow down infantry, and people keep telling me that the skyguard is the worst vehicle at dealing with infantry. unless i am horribly outnumbered i rarely consider infantry a threat when i am in most flavors of vehicle (flashes are a little rough).
  3. Reclaimer77

    Anyone who thinks tanks are "weak" in this game is just a bad player.

    Thinking that because you have a tank means you "should" win against infantry no matter what, is probably why you DON'T...
  4. tamashiiken

    So... been playing for about a week now... just bought my first stick of c4, and the next brick is gonna take me 2.5x as long to earn. So after 3-4weeks total theoretically i should be able to destroy 1 vehicle each life, unless i go to a terminal/engineer to resupply. So i dont need to spend any certs to jump in a tank, or a heavy assault and start blowing ships out of the sky/tanks/sunderers etc, from range... and i can do this whenever... why take c4 away? engineers have explosives that can destroy vehicles, infiltrators have claymores, etc... if you remove c4 from LA then wheres the balance?
  5. lawn gnome

    engineers don't resupply things that have a resource cost like C4. that always has to be done through a weapons terminal.
  6. tamashiiken

    Hahahaha so its even harder then lol
  7. vanu123

    This sums it up:
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  8. lawn gnome

    C4 has never been easy to use. i have a mild resentment for LA because they have a jet pack that makes it easier for them to use than any other class which has been aggravated by the fact that i can no longer trigger my C4 with a single rocket like i used to (the RL splash nerf that happened a few weeks back damaged my ability to kill vehicles efficiently), BUT having said all of that i don't think removing their ability to use explosives entirely is the answer.
  9. tamashiiken

    If they were going to remove c4 for LA then they would have to have amore powerful primrary weapon instead of carbines, and maybe a non droppable equivalent to c4, something "plantable" or they will be under powered, i mean the power of flight is awesome but its not enough... i am still new to this game, still learning, but i have been looking forward to trying out the c4 so i can get some certs lol, medics and engineers can heal/repair for extra certs, infiltrators can hack/ overload, heavies just rack kills with the i win shield, and max is a walking tank. It is easy to earn certs with those classes, but, with the exception of a few niche fights a LA needs c4 to get them extra certs!

    disclosure:i am still learning the game, let me know if i have omitted/ completely overlooked something...
  10. OldMaster80

    Tip of the day: you can have radar in the defensive slot and blast away all the c4 fairies :)

    Btw it makes more sense in LAs armory than in Medics hands.
  11. iRhuel

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  12. Dieter Perras

    yep it is easy, so long as the tank is distracted and his gunners distracted and he has no infantry support to blast you out of the sky.
  13. Anchor IV

    I am not a "vehicleside" player. I'm mainly an infantry guy. I do agree, however, that vehicles should require multiple crew, etc

    I'm not saying C4 is wildly OP. I'm saying the combination of LAs and C4 is unbalanced. It's something that needs addressing in some form or another.

    These kind of threads always draw people with higher WPM than IQ. So i'll say it again. I'm not "crying because i'm bad at the game" or whatever your sloppy excuse to write something negative is. I made an observation based on my own and others' experiences. This is, in my opinion, an issue that could use addressing.
  14. lawn gnome

    no that is how medics get revives!
  15. Kulso


    But anyways. You're complaining about the entire point of the class. If you take away their C-4 then all they'll have access to is med/resto kits. Not a very intersting or meaningful choice.
  16. Anchor IV

    The entire point of LA is for high mobility and the ability to access otherwise inaccessible areas. Not to specifically drop C4 on groups of people or vehicles.
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  17. gibstorm

    Sure it is, That is how they take out bigger targets when all they have is wimpy carbine.

    They don't have a 100 round mag LMG and an RPG
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  18. Anchor IV

    LA is a pretty useless class overall, since they have no utility like other classes do. That's the dev's problem. C4 is available to other classes too. Saying the light's sole purpose is to C4 stuff is wrong. It's good at it, yes, but that's because it's not good at much else.

    On another note I think this game is too much like Battlefield, or people just treat it too similarly. People think they're a one man army destined for huge kill streaks and that they should be able to destroy everything in their path no matter what. The devs should make a real successor to PlanetSide 1, not this upscaled Battlefield ****.

    In fact, what's even the point of the Class Discussion forums? Or the forums in general? The devs don't pay attention to what we have to say unless the majority of the players cry out to nerf this or buff that. To be honest this thread is probably waste of time, just like every single thread before it and every single thread after. The devs are too busy implementing dumb **** that nobody wants and the game doesn't need.

    I paid £40 for Alpha Squad and have sank a fair amount of cash in to cosmetics and other things and the more PS2 develops the more I regret it. This game is doomed.
  19. task_master

    check yourself before you wreck yourself
    also explain why flash drivers can die instantly to snipers/shotguns/crossbow/commissioner/spiker/magscatter and knife combos
  20. LT_Latency

    It does have a purpose. To use attack routes that the other classes can't use. IE. Coming in from above with the jetpack.

    It is stacked with short range weapons so all the trees and towers are not stacked with LA snipers and RPGs but it has great close range weapons so if they can sneak up and get close they can do alot of damage.

    In you last 100 deaths you got killed by C4 5 times and I have been killed 4 times. That is hardly much to get upset about we both died more to Team kills then enemy C4
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