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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Anchor IV

    I know this is going to send a lot of people into a furious keyboard frenzy but this **** is pretty ridiculous.

    I don't agree with the fact that Lights are allowed access to, ultimately, the most powerful infantry tool in the game. For other classes positioning and maneuvering to the enemy location is somewhat of an issue but for a Light it's no problem. For that Light to then quickly and easily dispatch a sunderer or MBT is ludicrous, how has this not been addressed?

    In what world is it fair for one infantryman, unassisted, to instantly and easily remove a vehicle. 1v1, a vehicle should always win against infantry. That's sort of the point of getting vehicles, you spend resources to have an advantage. Why would you spend those resources if one guy can instakill you with a comparably cheaper counter?

    C-4 needs to be limited to a select few classes, made much more expensive or (preferably) removed from the game entirely.
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  2. Iridar51

    Sunderer deployment shield protects Sunderers against C4, and even before that just the 2x C4 wasn't enough to solo a Sunderer.
    As for the tanks - they only get C4'd if they stay too long in one place or push in without infantry support
    Like ALWAYS always? Even if the driver makes horrible, newbish mistakes?
    And you get an advantage. You get speed, armor and a cannon that does damage to vehicles and OHKs infantry. Or do you expect to pay nanites, faceroll on a keyboard and get free kills? Current vehicle gameplay is not too far from that already, by the way.
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  3. Anchor IV

    Vehicles aren't enough of an advantage. In terms of xp/min and especially in terms of survivability. Vehicles are high priority targets, not because they're dangerous but because they give more XP, and don't have the survivability to be as useful as they should be.

    Removing the ability for someone with a jetpack to quickly and easily dispatch your vehicle would make a significant difference.

    As infantry you should have to use numbers and teamwork, aswell as the appropriate tools, to dispatch a vehicle. Power in PS2 comes from numbers and teamwork, so why does C-4 not require any?
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  4. Celenor

    Try C4ing magriders; the bad ones who sit still you might get, but the ones who follow procedure and strafe constantly, and have a secondary gunner at all times, good luck. Your best bet on a magrider is to try to put ONE c4 on it, then wait for some other tank to get a hit on the magrider then detonate. If you try to get 2 C4 on magriders that follow strafing procedure, you're gonna have a bad time.

    As a TR player your viewpoint may be skewed by anchor, which makes you easier to C4. A bit unfair to be sure; I mean, Vanguards have their shields which (if they know they need to turn it on) will save them, and Magrider has their agility to save them. Maybe something could be done for prowlers in this regard, but it's not removing C4.
  5. Iridar51

    Apply what you're saying to yourself. Strength comes from teamwork and numbers. Use those. One vehicle with scout/proximity radar, or a couple of motion spotters, is all that it takes to prevent 99% of C4 attempts.
    It's impossible to C4 a tank that doesn't want to get C4'd.
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  6. Anchor IV

    PS2 is a game of many, many people. If you're an MBT (or any other vehicle for that matter) you can't be expected to maintain a 360 degree field of awareness at all times. With the sheer number of Lights who pack C4 (most, if not all, of them) even if you outmaneuver, kill or otherwise survive the Light, another will come. Why? Because it's easy. Too easy.
    Even with support the maneuverability of the LA makes it too hard to spot and kill them before the doombrick is placed.

    If you've ever been in a MAX or pretty much any land vehicle you will have seen that flying silhouette holding a detonator. It's all too common because people know it's all too easy.
  7. Selrahc4040

    I will address this in the three points you listed.

    Numbers) This is what Light Assaults are supposed to negate. We make up for a lack in numbers through superior positioning and overall mobility.

    Teamwork) I don't know how many other LA's do this, but when I attempt to take out vehicles, part of my squad distracts the vehicle and its accompanying infantry support, while my fellow LA's and I move in to get it.

    Appropriate Tools) What better tools are there than a jetpack and a shaped explosive charge?
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  8. Anchor IV

    I agree that having a jetpack gives LAs an advantage in infantry combat, as a jetpack should. Positioning and mobility are huge factors in a firefight. Using a squad to distract and choreograph an attack on a vehicle would be a very acceptable use of the LA-C4-Combo.

    However, my issue comes down to the said appropriate tools. It should be risk vs reward and with a jetpack and C4 there is low risk and high reward. It certainly doesn't require a well organised team to take down a tank and it should.
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  9. Teshrrar

    I mainly play LA and I agree. C-4 should be a hard choice, not an easy mode/kamikaze weapon.
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  10. Sam Mean Man

    I agree with Teshrrar, it's too easy.
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  11. LT_Latency

    Not going to happen.

    LA job is to ambush the enemy with powerful short range weapons for above. You are complain about the whole purpose of the class.
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  12. Anchor IV

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  13. Celenor

    Unwillingness to stay on the move, use a secondary gunner, and/or pay attention is what I'm sensing here. Once C4 is removed, tanks can sit on hilltops, and know that instant death isn't possible.
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  14. Iridar51

    And you're not expected to. Teamwork, many people? Require help of the squad? Sound familiar?

    It's certainly is harder than aiming your crosshair at infantry targets and clicking for free points.

    And using a vehicle is high risk and low reward? Don't make me laugh. You don't risk anything by pulling a vehicle.
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  15. Anchor IV

    Except losing that vehicle to the plague that is the light assault.
    They're kind of like locusts, except with plastic explosive.

    But seriously, vehicles tend to be higher priority targets than swarms of infantry. If you can quickly and easily blow something up for twice the points, why wouldn't you? Pulling a vehicle makes you a big target if you're solo and you'd be lucky to see a fight at all if there's a vehicle zerg.
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  16. Iridar51

    So? You gain an asset, you lose an asset. Vehicle itself is not valuable. Nanites are free.
  17. Anchor IV

    Lets say one faction get a gun that fires at 1000 rpm and one shots everything it touches. That's fine because you just respawn. Lives are free.

    So it's fine for something to be really OP as long as you can constantly respawn and try again? Resources aren't the issue, balance is.
  18. DatVanuMan

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  19. Commando235

    Looks like someone has a case of the tunnel visions :p As someone that plays Light Assault almost entirely taking away C4 would make this class even less useful than it is (the main reason is that Higby is to stupid to realize just because one of the top players uses LA doesn't mean they are a finished class). Not to mention the constant C4 nerfs. A blinking light on it, a little marker above it, everyone throwing it has wrist arthritis, little damage, small blast radius, doesn't do crap to a vehicle if it isn't right on it and the huge cert cost. This with the lack of no tool, no decent ranges weaponry, the 2 other grenades barely work makes the LA almost useless. Having C4 and a Jetpack is their niche. Mobility, Counter-Mobility and Unconventional Warfare, Light Assaults are the Sappers and Green Berets of Planetside 2. And what class would you rather give C4 to, the Infiltrator?
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  20. Sixstring

    C-4 is too cheap and easy to get now I mean it was easy before but now almost any infantry only player (especially light assaults) can constantly carry two instant death sticks at all times. First of all it needs it's damage potential moved to the role of a support weapon as in it does enough damage to make a difference in tank battles but can't instantly kill them to match the availability and second it should only be available to the heavy assault and engineer.
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