No C-4 for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Reclaimer77

    Sorta seeing a contradiction here in your logic. You Vehicleside players think everyone else should use teamwork and numbers to defeat you, while you require NONE.
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  2. Lethal_Sting

    So you want to double penalize?
    And two counter-points:
    -It already takes a minimum of ~2 seconds before they "arm" and it actually goes boom. You can throw it and spam that LMB 60 cpm but it won't blow up til that timer.
    -There is absolutely no way you are getting 7 kills by sprinting into a room and laying down a brick like you say. Well there is a way, that is, the enemy team was doing a trust-fall exercise and you surprised them.
    -There is a penalty. You suicided, you probably [90%+] failed to do what you wanted to accomplish. You got that 1 brick on that sundie but suicided... yeah that will show the sundie who's boss.
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  3. Casterbridge

    Wow people really are on the hate train with you LA guys lately and C4.
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  4. Reclaimer77

    I went LA C4 monkey almost exclusively last night. What the OP and people like him don't see is that it's an extremely high risk vs reward playstyle. Sure the highs are great...dropping cake on a group of people reparing Max's. Blowing up oblivious tank drivers. Putting a few bricks right after the vehicle spawn pad etc etc. One time I even face-danced this Burster Max and placed a brick on his butt Muhahahaahah, ahhh, good times.

    But for every kill there's like 5 or 6 times you just die horribly trying to get into position. Players seem VERY adept to spotting a LA flying in for the kill and gunning him down. The class does not have the sustained gunfight ability of HA or even Medic, mobility is everything.

    LA C4 is a tool. A useful tool. But overpowered? No, it's just not. And the game is going to suck royally if it's nerfed. I think the Sunderer deploy shield is fine, but if they want to park a Sunderer right outside our base walls, we should have the tools to deal with that imo.
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  5. Eyeklops

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  6. M2_Bradley

    It takes 5 seconds to place 2 bricks of C4 on your *** and blow them up.If you cannot drive forward or backward in that timeframe to avoid the C4 fairy,you deserve to die.
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  7. Kirppu1

    And bam! Another class destroyed just because you people hate moving
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  8. WarmasterRaptor

    Wow. I'm a bad tanker. (Yes, go look at my stats and giggles :p) But when I die to C4, I know it's MY fault for not being attentive to my surroundings. It's so frigging EASY to dodge LAs when you see them coming to you.

    You drive back, see them exhaust their fuel, enjoy them zigzagging a bit and then you mix the salsa.

    If I can do it, you can do it.
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  9. Stargazer86

    Each time I've died to C4, I can expressly attribute it to something I did wrong. Even when I feel completely safe, sitting anchored on a hilltop with no one around whilst shelling the distant enemy, if I die to C4 from an LA that appears out of thin air I can still point to the fact that I had been paying absolutely no attention to my surroundings and had been focused on killing targets 100 yards away.

    You don't need to be a genius to realize how to not get C4'd. Heck, I find that I die to other tanks, AT guns, and rockets more than I ever do to C4 LA fairies.
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  10. makrome

    to balance it out the tanks should have 12 shells at max to fire without the ability to reload, i mean .. nanitewise you can probably get a lot more kills with this than with C4 ;)
  11. Halkesh

    Remove C4 from LA is a bad idea. Everyone don't like dying by C4, but removing C4 will kill the LA : it's almost the only way to have a correct class.

    At worst, remove the C4 from LA but give them a tool like the HA RL : the Sticky bomb.

    Basically, it's a C4 that cost 0 nanite and can be reloaded on ammo pack. But, it's not as effective and versatile as C4. It exist in different version :
    -AI bomb : 750@2m to 1@8m
    -AV bomb : 750@0.5m to 1@1m (deal same damage as C4 to vehicle)
    -Interference bomb : 450@1m to 1@8m (remove the enemy mini-map for 10sec, unlike the EMP grenade it don't remove the shield)
    -Fire bomb : 150@2m to 1@5m every 0.5 sec during 5 sec (vehicle in the area caught fire)

    TL;DR :
    Don't remove C4 from LA unless they have a "tool" as strong as Heavy's Rocket Launcher.
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  12. lawn gnome

    and then the LA becomes a crappy knock off of the infiltrator. i do agree SOMETHING needs to be done to tone down LA C4, but removing it entirely would just turn the LA into a crappy CQC infiltrator without the ability to hack.

    i am strongly in favor of replacing the light assault 2x C4 with 4x half charges that do half the damage of a C4, but since they get 4 of them they can still do the same jobs if they spend 1 to 2 more seconds laying charges (as an AV heavy i will tell you every second spent on a target reduces your odds of success and survival substantially, so 1 to 2 is pretty frigging huge) and they also become more versatile to use in general.
  13. PastalavistaBB

    C4 is broken as it is atm. It gives people that refuse to learn to use vehicles to dispatch enemy vehicles or at least use Teamwork against enemy vehicles, to xXxMLGPRO360NOSCOPEC4YOLOSWAGxXx enemy vehicles. It basically gives the player the "Rambo" feeling. Why? Probably because of the COD player generation who think that should be able to do everything and anything by themselves. One man army. I'm amazed at how this game could become any more Infantryside, yet I'm amazed at every patch with new nerfs to vehicles. Yet Infantry gets ridiculous things like C4, AV Mana Turrets, AV Maxes, Lancers etc etc. Off course C4 is the main problem here because all classes gets it and it's even more ridiculous on a LA.
  14. Reclaimer77

    Most of the kill machine vehicles in this game require zero teamwork. ESF's are kill machines, zero teamwork. Most MBT's run around with no gunners, because drivers can farm infantry with the main turrets. Let's not even get into the Lightning, which is the essence of overpowered single-manned vehicles. And they must be good at it, because I see 200 of these an hour in Planetside.

    So can we please get a rest from this so called "teamwork" that you vehicle who*es claim to use so much? Being part of a big zerg and mutually shelling entrances to the enemy spawn building is NOT teamwork.

    This is an FPS where the main point is to capture indoor control points. Maybe that was your first clue? World of Tanks is pretty good I hear, go play that. I'm not paying a subscription fee and buying Station Cash to build out my soldiers so I can be forced into "learning to use vehicles to dispatch enemy vehicles". This latest Vehicleside patch is the WORST thing that's ever happened to the game so far. What's the point of a resource system that's unlimited and never needs managing?

    All which die in a SINGLE HIT to pretty much everything mounted to a vehicle. Wow that's SO ridiculous. If you seriously can't counter these things......have you heard about World of Tanks yet?

    So boo hoo, your camping spamming stupid self got C4'd because you can't look at a minimap or use third person (like good drivers do). You'll just go pull another spam machine with zero delay and go on another 50-1 K/D run. And you'll convince yourself that's skill and teamwork.
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  15. Shootybob

    I do both. C4 is probably the least efficient way to kill vehicles, after other vehicles, AV maxes, mana turrets, rockets, and mines. Vehicles are the MOST efficient way to kill vehicles, bar none.

    I spent about an hour around Indar Excavation this morning. My gunner had something like an 80 kill streak, until a lib wised up and ended it.

    I didn't let anyone get close enough to use c4, I chose good fights, and played carefully.

    I also drift tanks very frequently. The best you can expect is maybe one or two kills before the group wises up and you just get repeatedly murdered. Unless you are working some gimmick in the map, it is very, very unreliable.

    The reason tanks keep getting nerfed is because it gets to the point where other vehicles can't even deal with them when they play well.

    I do however agree that C4 is broken. There is a bug that makes it so that the C4 teleports when detonated, causing no damage to the vehicle it is apparently attached to. If anything, we should get an extra brick to compensate.
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  16. TheBlindFreak

    No. Any credibility you had, you just lost. C4ing a tank usually isn't quick. It takes a lot of footwork to position yourself for the kill. And it isn't easy, it involves sneaking and staying unnoticed.

    The only "quick and easy" C4 kills are the ones where your target is literally right up against a wall or under a ledge of some sort. Completely tunnel-visioned. Completely oblivious to such an obvious danger. Practically begging someone to casually drop C4 down on their face.
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  17. lawn gnome

    don't forget the empty vehicle kills too!

    but seriously tanks should be allowed to sit there while infantry run up and spend several seconds giving them a hug with no consequences even though they have OHK guns, can easily drive away / run over infantry, or simply get out and shoot them while they sit they dance around with no weapon out (this is one of my favorite tactics and the primary reason why i have IR scope on my engineer rifle, if i can't kill the target with my tank by the time i am heavily damaged, i jump out hide behind the smoke and mow them down from complete concealment).
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  18. MartenV

    If you get C4'ed in a tank you deserved it. You weren't paying enough attention to your surroundings. If you see the LA coming you can always back up to get away from it and shoot it. So if you get C4'ed a lot try this: don't isolate yourself to your target, but also keep an eye on surroundings.
  19. Crayv

    I find it funny how people on here think they should always win against infantry because they spent resources on a vehicle.... then the very next topic is how pulling a MAX shouldn't be a "win suit" against infantry.
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  20. PastalavistaBB

    I'm not sure why I bother to reply to this "Infantryside rant", but well, Tanks have been gimped so much against Infantry that the only tanks I pull are AP. If you die to the tanks in this weaksauce state they are (except PPA maybe), you are either a bad player who refuses to improve or you did something wrong because you are new to the game (including not redeploying to another base even though it just got zerged by %80 enemy pop). I play both on all sides of this game (except the e-p e e n measuring called ESF hover fights) and I don't have any problem against tanks, except the Tank vs Vanguard imbalance.
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