No C-4 for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Shootybob

    Just to give some feedback for your benefit, these would simply be worse mines.
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  2. Bixli

    ..this thread ..srsly ?
  3. Snoozzzer

    My score per minute is significantly lower when in a tank versus when I playing infantry. Not really sure how this contributes to the thread, but then again I'm sure someone could find a point to make with it anyhow
  4. Movoza

    I also have to disagree. A LA has a hard time placing the C4. The LA has to have a lot of visual cover, as detection nearly always means a fail, nearly always resulting in death. Often there is more then one tank to deal with, together with a slew of infantry. So the LA needs to cover all the ground to the vehicle undetected, and even in the air above the tank he can be killed, preventing his goal. In some situations it is easy, but in most it takes patience and skill.

    Understand that the LA has only carbines to work with, making it a short ranged fighter. The LA is nearly useless while in the air except when directly above a target or dropping C4. Flight is carefully initiated at the right times, which means either under cover, or to cover the last bit of distance to a target or as a last resort when all else has definitely failed. So when the LA is finally in position, do not take it's only weapon away that can give him a quick monster kill. The engineer has its turrets and (AI/AV) mines, the infiltrator has AI mines, the HA has rocket launchers and shields and the MAX has its monster kills uses. Only the medic does not really have an opportunity to have some quick explosive kills.

    The LA is relatively fragile until it has positioned himself, and the LA always has to position himself very close. Do NOT take this weapon away from this poor misunderstood creature.
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  5. Bixli score is significantly higher when in a tank vs. infantry , because i use radar.

    ...don't nerf a misunderstood class , it's like taking away the wheels from a car & using the car for to be a hipster phonebox.
  6. Hoki

    Vehicles need to be able to equip prox radar AND NAR again.

    Both my tanks used to use it, and I racked up huuuge killstreaks back in the day.

    Sunderers without blockade are basically doing it wrong. Sorry if you wasted certs on something other than blockade.

    I think C4 is fine. I think vehicle slots are messed up. The ability selection systems need to be revamped, its the most broken part of every vehicle imo.

    I get 3 utility items to choose from, and 93472394712934871234 defense abilities. And somehow prox radar and NAR are both defense abilities.. Is this still not an action item on their radar yet? It is literally the #1 problem with every vehicle.
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  7. Reclaimer77

    Yeah ummm that's probably WHY you can't have them both anymore??
  8. Snoozzzer

    Glad you stepped up to the plate as I personally find that tanks should be buffed, not infantry being nerfed
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  9. Reclaimer77

    A tank buff IS an infantry nerf.
  10. vilehydra

    not all the time. If you increase the effectiveness of AP tanks killing other tanks, more people pull AP tanks to kill the HE tanks (or at the very least AP kills more HE/HEAT), which means less people are infantry farming. Thus buffing AP tanks is an implicit buff to Infantry. I know this is not the exact topic, but it still demonstrates that a buff to a tank is not necessarily a nerf to infantry.
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  11. Hoki

    No, it was never a problem. You sacrifice anti-tank defense and more HP overall, for infantry radar.

    The only reason that prox was moved to defense is so that sunderers could choose both AMS and prox radar, an overall buff for the sunderer if you wanted to battle-bus against infantry, but a nerf to tanks especially skyguards.

    Anyways, nobody ever complained about tanks using it, and SOE never made it sound like it was intended to be a nerf.

    Thus, I can say with a high degree of confidence that you are wrong in your assumptions. You must first prove god before I can be arsed to disprove him.
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  12. lawn gnome

    then they just gave the AMS to all the sunderers as an innate ability. it was a smart move, but they should go back and undo some of the stuff they changed using that justification.
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  13. Corezer

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  14. Corezer

    Comparitively, vehicles are uber hard...

  15. Nasher

    Well, if they took C4 away from LA they would have to make the other AV weapons more powerful to balance it out. Especially at short range. For example bring back the decimator's original damage, which was about 2x what it does now. Or making AV mines invisible to the enemy.

    Sneaking up on a tank and dropping C4 on it without being spotted takes a LOT more skill and practice than simply sitting in a tank on top of a hill farming kills.
  16. Sh4n4yn4y

    I've been killed thousands of times. Literally. Out of all those, I've only been killed by C4 maybe 6 times? Usually because I ran through doors without checking. So, quite frankly, it was my own fault. Why is that? I keep an eye on the roof above/behind me. Or the trees around me. If I see LA, I start shooting before he bombs myself and/or the group I'm with.

    Also, having only discovered how much fun it is to bomb groups of MAXes, HA and Medics today at the Uber farm that was Fallbridge Chemical, I may be a bit biased. But seriously, they kept gathering in tight little bunches, and crouching not just next to a roof. And a bridge... but also a giant tree. Seriously. Don't do things like that, and we'll resist the urge to drop C4 on you.
    I will however, admit it is a bit unfair for the people who barely see the C4 drop before they get blown to bits.
  17. SharpeShooter

    bad players will always scream OP when taken out by something that's clearly not op! If a LA gets close enough to your tank to blow it up with C4 its your own fault! Get some spacial awareness!
  18. Phredd Pewter

    The worst thing is all of these threads as well as any discussion about the LA class at the moment is being derailed by the same few users who are on a massive crusade against LAs and C4.

    There are very few times when a decent player who is paying attention will eat friendship biscuits.

    I can really tell the difference between a good tanker and a tunnel vision scrub. One of them will virtually always kill me or escape before I can kill them. It doesn't work on moving vehicles and takes time to use.

    Light Assaults are shock troopers. Light Assaults are there to take advantage of gaps in enemy defense and observation then quickly and efficiently take out the target(s). C4 is not a crutch, it is the most appropriate tool for the class.

    Also, anyone advocating changing C4 so it is deployed is clearly biased and wants to make sure nobody EVER C4s their farm mobile.
  19. Moonheart

    It could be because I'm newbie to the class, but to my eyes, the main role of a LA is not to kill infantry but to harass armored threats -Tanks, harassers and MAXes- and preventing them to farm infantry easily.

    I'm surprised to see people suggest C4 should be removed from LA when it defines its main role.
    If you do that, what role would have the LA? Killing infantry? HA/MAX are already here for that. We don't need a 3rd class doing focusing on that task, while tanks, when coordinated, are already one of the hardest things to overcome in this game...

    "Vehicle should win against infantry" is a none-sense. No player should be immune to another player unless that immunity has a drawback.
    Ressources used to be a drawback, it's not anymore.
    LA's C4 is now your last drawback, you can't ask it to be removed.
  20. Serialkillerwhale

    Here's the problem.

    It takes exactly 2 pieces of C4 to kill anything short of a sunderer or an shielded Vanguard.


    AT mines do the same amount of damage and yet take skill and predicting to use.

    C4 just involves cheesing, attempting to rush pepole, and simply throwing your body at them because you don't expend nanites until you already won.
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