Maintenance - 4/21

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    Servers down for maintenance at this time due to an emergency issue that popped up.

    No ETA at this time but we're working on it as fast as we can.
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  2. jamy57

    Good to hear that your working on it :)
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  3. WarmasterRaptor

    I wish you luck and good work guys!
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  4. TPC8000

    Good work. Might I ask what the issue is?
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  5. Magicool

    something is causing server lag which results in infinite class abilities
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  6. Bugeyes89

    I hope it's fixed soon. It's my birthday today and I wanna play! :p
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  7. oHGzes

    No more unlimited jet pack & cloak then.. was fun..
  8. Magicool

    go get drunk
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  9. Shreddi

    Happy B Day
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  10. Merli0n

    Raxxyl, any chance of fixing Briggs loginside while you're at it?
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  11. TheLave

    Does this mean I won't be able to bounce my drop pod back into space anymore? D:
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  12. Pyrode

    You know, you get the weirdest bugs in this. The last update was what thursday? it's Monday now, with a weekend (where i've not noticed any infinite abilities) and suddenly this bug's popped up.

    You don't need devs, you need an exorcist :p.
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  13. nArc

    While your at it, fix the switching continents crash too. As of last night it was still happening...
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  14. oHGzes

    Poor dev team, almost everyday something weird happens.
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  15. Zeke12344

    REBEL SCUM!!!!
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  16. NCDaniel

    Thanks for the server resets.
  17. kadney

    I wonder if anyone can confirm so far if it only happens when you switch continents via the redeploy screen or if it crashed when you switch via the warpgate aswell. For me, it only happened when I tried to switch within the redeploy screen so far.. o_O
  18. Spoon527

    -_- " smack.
    "ever since beta.... I have to solve and fix your guyses problems with your crashing. using mixes of x64 files x86... and for some reason launches planetside x32 when i have x86 installed................."
    today through all things. "all day" launch crash just spent 6 hours fixing it.... and its all bugged out again. D:

    SOE "hire some real programmers..."
    I Dont mind how long it takes to fix ill be patient. just fix it right plox. #NoMoreBugs...

    <3 you SOE. Just bugs... every where.... "miss planet side." glad i have ps2. :D just posting to post.

    "is fixed but just waiting on servers to be opened for play again. >.< D:"
  19. RyderTheZombie

    Can't wait for the servers to get fixed. Good luck!
  20. Merli0n

    SAVE BRIGGS!!!! :D
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