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  1. Earthman

    No, this isn't a repeat of my "Night and Day" thread. Instead, I'd actually like to know, especially from players who have experienced multiple servers, what their takes on them are. It'd help to categorize them a little bit, too.

    For example, if you're on Miller and Waterson, you could say:

    Miller: The X is Y about Z, but Z is sort of Y and X is the thing to do.
    Waterson: Z is more X here, and Y is a pretty big deal.

    I've been told before (and I'm starting to believe it) that cultures differ, and signifigantly so, between one server and another. I'll start.

    Connery: Big, crowded, /yell spammy, including people who like to blast obnoxious music in command channels (good thing that's not an issue for me, it's off anyway). Seems to have a lot of ESF traffic, a lot of it organized, which can be fun to see flying overhead and exciting to fight against. Lots of guys named O0o0ooo0o or IillilililililiiIII around with BR 10 or less mowing people down with LMG headshots, but best not go into that in this thread.

    Ceres: Smaller population, focused density. Seems like everyone on the continent tends to stagedive one area, and three way fights are more common than I expected. /yell channel isn't used very often, and if it is, it's terse and brief and rarely escalates to anything unpleasant. Noticed a lot more ground vehicle per infantry density, at least when I was on. Tank fights abound.

    I'm going to go out of my way to not respond to grudge posts unless there's something of value or interest in them, and I'll pluck that part out and respond to it like picking a marble out of a vat of oatmeal.
  2. M2_Bradley

    I play alot on Waterson.And it seems the NC have the best outfits there.I love running with PHX or H4TZ.Ceres,I have a TR character there.Either there are no good outfits there,or they speak German.There are usually no massive fights,so my fps stays high on Ceres.In contrary to Waterson,where tank column clashes with 30+ tanks on each side isn't really rare.
  3. Earthman

    How did those NC outfits do during the domination event? Unless they weren't in place until afterward, I was wondering if they stemmed the trend of Vanu domination across most servers at the time.
  4. M2_Bradley

    I believe that the domination event was before I started playing.So really,I don't know.But from my time playing on Waterson(I'm BR 41 right now),I found that Vanu isn't really dominating.They win some fights,and lose some too.
  5. Ganelon

    In before Miller elitism.
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  6. LordMondando

    Miller: whimsy in yell and cooperation and professionalism from the major outfits.
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  7. LordMondando

    Only just.
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  8. Earthman

    Now I'm curious what Miller does in whimsy. Got a picture link or at least some tidbits?

    Now I feel like a server tourist! :D
  9. M2_Bradley

    Mum....Can I visit other servers with my upgraded character on Waterson?I want to play with Camikaze78 on Briggs.
  10. Earthman

    I'd be tempted to do paid server transfers from time to time if they were available, just to do something almost exactly like that.
  11. LordMondando

    In other servers /yell is full of hackusations and smack talk.

    In miller its full of **** like discussing Mathew brodrick.
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  12. Earthman

    Not true.

    NC Warpgate on Connery liked to discuss crackpot economic theories and would do that for hours.
  13. jiggu

    All playerbases are equally bad, aside from Woodman due to KOTV.
  14. Earthman

    Don't leave me hanging. Who/what is KOTV?
  15. LordMondando

    I'm not saying that doesn't happen, only that its comparatively rare.

    What really makes miller unique, is that most if not all of the major outfits get on and actively try and joke with each other.

    I mean its the only server on which now, theres a cross fraction alliance aimed towards improving normal gameplay for all involved.
  16. jiggu

    An outfit built upon the idea of funneling a zerg, not very popular one.
  17. Ganelon

    Come to Woodman, you'll find them where the /yell chat is thickest and VS population outpops the opposing faction by 3 to 1 in a battle.
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  18. Earthman

    I'd love to see some cross-faction buddy talk, with the noogies and ribbings included.

    One of the most depressing things about Connery for me was when I'd see specific high profile outfits (yeah, I assume the Connery Reputation Defense Force would chime in if I named named) calling each other "garbage" on /yell directly, or the like, assuming all members of their competition were somehow lowlives because they had a different tag in their name. May just be a bad apple in a bunch here and there, but it stood out.

    Yeah, smack talk is expected, but it'd be nice to see them building each other up instead of trying to stand on a pile of everyone else beneath them.
  19. BloodyG

    If you aren't VS you don't want to know them, believe me.
    It's a BIG zergfit that destroys anything in it's way on Woodman
  20. Earthman

    So a bit like an Ork Warboss directing a WAAAGH?
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