Increasing Performance with PlanetSide 2

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    Increasing Performance with PlanetSide 2

    If you are trying to play PlanetSide 2 but you are experiencing poor system performance when trying to do so, you may want to try going through some of the steps listed below in order to experience an improved game play experience.

    Ensure that your system meets Minimum Requirements

    In order to ensure that your system will be able to run the game properly, please review our current minimum requirements for PlanetSide 2. You can find them in our Knowledge Base at the following link:
    If your system meets minimum requirements please try going through the following steps:
    • Revert your Game Settings to Default
    After a game update certain settings may change and impact the game’s performance on your system. As a result, we would suggest going to your PlanetSide 2 directory, locate the UserOptions.inifile and delete it. Once you have done so, launch the game.

    • Lower your Graphics Settings to Medium
    If you are currently running the game at high settings try setting all of the graphics settings (with the exception of Render Quality, which you will want to leave at 100%) to Medium. Once you have done so completely exit the game and log back in.
    • Access a Low Population Server to test your Settings
    Once you have completed the first 2 steps log into PlanetSide 2, choose a server with a low population, and go to a warp-gate spawn location (any of them will suffice).
    • Checking your Frames per Second (FPS)
    Once you are back in the game set the game to full-screen mode at native resolution (if you are using a larger than normal display setup simply start with one standard resolution setting for now and adjust as you see fit after these steps have been completed) then press Alt + F to display your current frame-rate in the Bottom Left area of the screen. Choose a location to look at for a moment then record your current FPS.
    • Change your Render Quality
    Go into you’re your Graphics Settings and change your Render Quality to 50% (this is just temporary for this test) and make sure you are looking at the same location as you were in the previous step. Record your new Frame-Rate number and refer to the possible outcomes below:

    Your Frame-Rate improved noticeably:

    If your Frame-Rate improved considerably your graphics card is controlling your frame rate more than your CPU. You should try the next series of changes, in this order (disable these options one at a time – if they do not make a difference in frame rate then there is no need to disable the option).
    1. Decrease resolution
    2. Use a Render Quality other than 100% (try 85%)
    3. Turn down shadows
    4. Turn off options with checkboxes (no order here, cards all vary in the costs of these)
    5. Turn down lighting quality
    6. Turn down flora quality
    7. Turn down model quality
    8. Turn down particle quality and effects quality together.
    9. Turn down texture quality
    Your Frame-Rate did not noticeably improve:

    If this is the case we would suggest trying the following steps:
    1. Lower the audio quality
    2. Lower the Terrain quality
    3. Lower the particle and effects quality
    In the case that your performance issues persist please ensure that all of your current Video and Audio drivers are completely up to date. You may also want to try temporarily disabling any anti-virus or firewall software you may be running and see if the game performs better after doing so.
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  2. Antreya

    You should also note brand new beta drivers for nvidia cards just came out that increase compatibility with Planetside 2!
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  3. Admiral Snuggles

    Thanks for this!
  4. Smatchimo

    I am limited by my CPU, but turning shadows off or to 1 always gave me a huge boost. I'd recommend anyone who wants more FPS to turn off shadows first and foremost.
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  5. ChipMHazard

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  6. Humanitarian

    I like how out of all the pinned threads, this one stays up.
    Not looking good.
  7. Ketadine

    "GeForce 310.61 drivers are a minor update from GeForce 310.54 drivers with improved compatibility for PlanetSide 2 and Hitman: Absolution. " So try to get it :)
  8. Gary

    Anyone got any info for Radeon drivers :( quick google brings nothing noticable up.
  9. ExarRazor

    are we allowed to edit the useroptions.ini file still?
  10. Frozennukelsoforum

    If you got a high spec comp and you cant get the game to improve above 30fps immediately, and you do not care for the extreme sharpness of image but still like the wonderful effects, textures and models made by the team; go to your desktop settings and lower resolution to 3rd lowest resolution, then go to the game and select same resolution after that, max out on all other options. If that does not work then double check
    furthermore advanced users can use the ".ini" 4 trick, looks lovely on the live streams.
    game on players
  11. llNomadll

  12. bishopau

    There will be plenty of us at the bottom end of the minimum specs so any boost to play the game is appreciated. They are limiting the playerbase ($$$) if you have to have a computer that meets the recommended specs.
  13. macecapri

    12.11 beta 8 added planetside 2 compability, I just had the chance to test them out 2 hours before beta went down but i did get an huge peformance boost on my 6950 cf set up.
  14. Arog

  15. Diamond Sword

    The last few weeks of the beta, all my performance issues had been ironed out.

    Now that dreaded random FPS drop is back and worse than before :(
  16. RAS

    the new nvidia drivers are making the game crash for me before i even get in game and the performance is very choppy
  17. Hatamoto

    I am very disappointed to see that the release version runs just like the beta .. and here i was thinking that most performance issues were because of debugging and processors being held back because of bug fixing ... Its pretty clear there was no secret super version of the game waiting. Sorry for whining, i just expected to get out of that 40 fps choppy feeling in big battles for the release version. Let us tweak more graphics options, like the FXAA feature for example ...
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  18. Fox234

    Where is the option for audio quality? I couldn't find them under audio.
  19. Skizerz

    That's good news, I just downloaded that driver yesterday unbeknownst to me that it helps PS2 performance.
  20. Skizerz

    Are we allowed to edit the useroptions.ini? I almost always edit these option files in games that allow it. I set quality of textures and certain options like renderdistance.

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