How to balance NC infantry?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rendezvous, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Rendezvous

    Group performance has nothing to do with individual balance issues.
  2. MasterD

    Sorry if i sounded like an ***. People just keep complaining about the recoil on our weapons and I've never had a problem with it. It was bad in the first Planetside that's just how its suppose to be.

    Also I'd like to add I'm really just only comparing heavy assault weapons because that's what I've played the most on all 3 empires. I know there are a lot of other weapons that we have that are not up to par also but I can't speak about those because I do not play them as much.
  3. Rendezvous

    Like I've said to the other guy, a group performing well =/= the weapons being balanced for individual use.
    A group performing well shouldn't be a factor in weapon balancing.
  4. Rendezvous

    And your point is? Just because a group can do better doesn't mean the weapons helped. I've said NC needs a slight buff, not a major one. The balance is at a point where outfits can do well together to help NC, but not do well individually.

    Do you think a faction does well mainly because of weapons? No.
    But balance is for individual use which is what this thread is about, not whether the faction controls most of the continents and makes them look good.
  5. Pax Empyrean

    The three default LMGs have identical TTK at 0m (480ms). The Gauss SAW doesn't perform as well in a sprayfight, but it's also got far more damage potential before you have to reload. Personally I don't think it's as good overall, but if it performed as well in the short run as the others do then it would need a reduction in magazine capacity to make up for it.

    The fastest AR for each faction:
    NC: GR-22 0.45s
    TR: Cycler TRV 0.43s
    VS: H-V45 0.45s

    The fastest Carbine for each faction:
    NC: GD-7F 0.43s
    TR: LC2 Lynx 0.45s
    VS: VX6-7 0.45s

    For carbines, assault rifles, and LMGs, the TTK for each faction with their most dangerous weapon is very similar for each faction.

    The Gauss SAW is better at long range than the other two. The Orion is the close range LMG variant for the VS, which is unfortunate because default LMGs can't take the advanced attachments that higher tier unlockable LMGs can. Overall, I would say that the NC LMGs are slightly worse than the LMGs of the other factions, but mostly this is because the EM1's hipfire rets are too big (other close quarters LMGs have better hipfire rets) and its rate of fire is slow, but its damage potential without reloading is significantly higher than the other factions' close quarters LMGs.

    It's a little more complicated than that. A small damage boost might not make any difference at all, since it might not be enough to actually reduce the number of bullets needed to kill someone, which is the stat you should be most concerned with. The Gauss SAW would actually need to have its damage increased by 25% before it would take any fewer bullets to kill at 0m.

    NC weapon damage is front loaded. Fights where you pop up from behind cover, fire a short burst, then drop behind cover to repeat the process a second later are a good way to maximize your DPS relative to an enemy at medium range. Over an infinite time span, the weapon with the highest DPS does the most damage before reloading is considered, but over a very short time span the weapon that does the most damage per bullet will have a relative advantage.
  6. Pax Empyrean

    Clue up, then. Put on an advanced laser sight and tell me it's not better. My hipfire rets for my H-V45 with an advanced laser on it are smaller than the rets on my beamer, also with a laser. Attachments matter.

    The TRAC-5 has a TTK of 0.48 and can't fit an advanced laser. The GD-7F has a TTk of 0.43 and fits an advanced laser. The most comparable weapon to the GD-7F is the Serpent, which has the same damage, same RoF, same magazine size, same attachments, and 0.05s faster reload.

    I would take the H-V45 over the TRAC-5, on account of advanced laser attachments, better TTK, better range, and the same hipfire rets before the H-V45's advanced laser. The TRAC-5 is a decent gun, but it's completely outclassed by the better unlockable weapons for each faction. Just comparing carbines, the TRAC-5 is outperformed by the VX6-7 even more so than it's outperformed by the H-V45. The GR-22 is virtually identical to the H-V45 and gets the same attachments. And you say the GD-7F is the only weapon comparable?

    Default weapons don't get advanced attachments. These things can make a huge difference. You think the default weapons are better than they really are because you are comparing them without attachments. Your methodology sucks, and it's screwing up your results.
  7. HerpTheDerp

    At <10m range.

    Now let's move to 50m.
  8. Slyguy65

  9. VoidMagic

    NC Population suffers because no one want's to play the "underpowered" losers who keep crying
    endlessly on the forums.

    Like I said before.. I litterally went all Rambo playing NC... guess I'll do it some more... the Reaver
    is a tasty tasty beast also IMHO and honestly, I found alot of the NC folk to be helpfull and fun to
    work with... /shrug

    Also as I said before... on Matherson playing VS is ... hard... very very... hard.
    Least it was last night... holy god indar was a mess and Amerish and Esimir were
    perpetually NC locked.
  10. alecholman

    What you said makes no sense? Groups do well but no individuals? How then are GROUPS of NC doing better than GROUPS or TR or VS? GROUPS are made up of individuals. I feel like you're just trolling, NC has no disadvantage other than the fact that maybe their default HA isnt as good as the others. But then again, they have what most consider to be the best default sniper. So I see no disadvantage. Maybe not as a GROUP, you just aren't as good as the other people?
  11. TriumphOfMan

    The Enclave spent last night having our Sunderers TK'd by faction swappers, so pretty damn difficult to make much progress.
  12. kill

    What he is saying that a group of players can overcome relatively minor individual imbalances. Some servers have talented NC outfits that can achieve a lot, considering their handicap. Other servers aren't so lucky.

    NC has the worst weapons, and it doesn't just apply to the SAW.The dev's thinking when it came to designing NC weapons wasn't first and foremost about what's balanced, but what sounded good to them (high damage, high recoil!). It's just happens that in this game, with the low TTK, and the massive shaking when you get damage, and the mixed range of engagement leads to high damage, high recoil weapons being worse than low recoil, medium damage weapons.

    Your own bias is showing. It's funny because in the beginning of beta NC weapons actually was a bit OP and there was MASSIVE crying on the forums. So they nerfed them into the ground. And NC posters used the same arguments that the VS/TR posters are using now. I.e. "just learn to play", lol "NC weapons are fine".
  13. Sardypants

    Please tell me more about these "faction swappers" on a game where you can only make one character per server...
  14. kill

    Yes, and a second account will cost you $50.
  15. alecholman

    Yeah I played VS and NC in beta and NC was clearly better and I've played all three since then. But I'm saying I have an account on NC and I think it's fine. The Gauss SAW isnt good, the sniper is great, the max is great, the engy is fine, the LA has the AF-19 Mercenary which is still kind of OP in my opinion. The vehicles aren't as good as Vanu's, but TR's aren't as good as Vanu's either. So im not sure what weapon you think is the least balanced, unless you mean the HA default Gauss SAW. In which case I'll agree. TR's default and VS's default are probably the best HA weapon for that faction which gives a bit of an advantage in the beginning. (OKAY, maybe more than a bit) but I found the EM6/EM1 (one of those 2) to work fine for me.
  16. VoidMagic

    Is that what happened... man... when you guys get put down... balance goes to hell. For VS also...
  17. kill

    "Fine" doesn't mean they're as good as their VS/TR equivalents. It doesn't mean that you can't kill people with those weapons. Of course you can but you're not as effective as you would be if you were playing TR/VS. Weapons being "fine" doesn't cut it in a competitive FPS where three empires are supposed to battle on equal ground against each other.
  18. Meiu

    Nice, if the other guy doesn't deliver in retort then he needs to get out and shut up lol.
  19. Meiu

    It does if hes playing 2 characters the same way on 2 different factions. That would count as evidence.
  20. alecholman

    I'm not sure what you want from this, no faction is supposed to be that similar. The TTK in this game is so low, that it barely makes a different unless you see each other at the exact same time, start shooting at the exact same time with full health each and no outside damage. Of course one gun will do better in different situations, there is no GODlike gun that does well CQC and at a distance for each faction that has the exact same stats. And those occasions are rare. If you all really have a problem with it, make another character.

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