Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

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  1. D3GGEY

    You use aircraft to catch up to the enemies that outrun you.

    You also use aircraft to kill the Harassers.
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  2. Badname707

    You still haven't answered the question about high ground. Infantry on a mesa, landing pad, balcony, etc can decimate vehicles of all types, and ground vehicles often can't get a bead on them. How do you get rid of them with air? If they have AA, how many aircraft is reasonable to have to send to have a chance to damage them?

    If aircraft could easily be countered from the ground, let's say we buff the skyguard to be able to solo a lib, how many aircraft is a reasonable amount to chase down those harassers? Let's say they're veteran drivers, excellent at hit and runs, but spam a platoon of harassers, or something silly like that. What do you think the AA to aircraft ratio should be, to chase down that swarm of harassers?
  3. HellasVagabond

    It's funny how 9 out of 10 people defending Liberators are in them 99% of the time :)
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  4. Sebastien

    Actually, the best counter is something they can't fight.
    So things that kill instantly, things they can't reach, things they can't see, things they can't catch.
  5. MostlyClueless

    Considering a tank can kill a Harasser in two shots you could just pull a tank. Or some AV Turrets. Or lay AT mines. Or lob a few rockets at them. Or just wait for them to flip over and explode due to wonky physics. You got a lot of options, they're only Harassers. It's not like they have high damage AV weapons like a Liberator does and the PPA is good but it's still not taking down MAX's with ease.
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  6. MostlyClueless

    Snipers or a Gal Drop work pretty well.
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  7. Badname707

    Let's say you're at a base that can spawn tanks, but you're already surrounded. If you pull tanks, who's more likely to die, a harasser or a tank? Sure, you can do damage to them, but there are lots of them. They can duck out and come right back in less than 30 seconds, continuing to suppress your positions. These are skilled drivers, they have spent a long time learning how not to crash their harassers. You're being swarmed son, and your only tank spawn is at least half a KM away. You, unfortunately, have only a squad or so of people. What do you do?
  8. Badname707

    Medics. Massed AA. AV is also pretty effective against galaxies too. Shouldn't something be able to soften that position up, at least a little, or at least long enough to distract the AA and keep the dropships alive?
  9. MostlyClueless

    No one is calling for a Galaxy nerf and it takes an insane level of AA to stop a Galaxy doing a drop.

    If they're equipped for AA those burster MAX's aren't really going to be of much use when you Gal drop them and you got the advantage. AV camps aren't invulnerable as it is and it ain't because of Air softening them up. It's because infantry is squishy.
  10. MostlyClueless

    If your base is surrounded why are you pulling vechicles from it? Yeah that lone Harasser is really going to save the day. I see it happening all the time and that's why the Server is filled with swarms of Harassers. It's the most popular vehicle in the game right now!

    I love my Harasser, but you're acting like it's an invincible vehicle of death rather than a paper thin vehicle that you can use to harass enemy tanks and dies if you ever get yourself in a bad situation.

    Which is how it should be. If you get in a bad situation you should die.
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  11. Badname707

    Less than you'd think, especially if we're talking about a dedicated AA/AV nest. That **** is just as scary from the air, if not scarier. The ridge outside of the SW Indar WG will sometimes get camped for literal hours, completely shutting air down from that warpgate. The near Snake Ridge is another place I've seen hold out for hours and hours, completely denying air access all the way out to Allatum. Infantry is easy to kill, but also easy to revive. It's one major disadvantage, is that it oftens masses in a way that is vulnerable to explosive fire. Outside of that, infantry is the most powerful, most versatile thing there is in this game, so long as its half coordinated. The problem with infantry, is that they think they are weak, but that's only because even in squads, most men work alone. Air vehicles are glass cannons; they shake things up, and then they're gone. If they're not gone, or you're not getting rid of them, than you've lost the fight a long time ago.
  12. Badname707

    If there were no aircraft, or if aircraft were unable to operate in the presence of AA, you'd see harasser swarms. You'd also see, ridiculous, unstoppable tank zergs, supported by repair and ammo sundies. Those tank zergs wouldn't be engaged, they'd be avoided. This is how it was in beta, when AA was too OP.
  13. MostlyClueless

    I drive the Harasser a lot and I'm not scared of air at all. Most can't shoot for **** and hitting a fast moving target is completely beyond them. I die to Tank Shells, Tank mines and the games comedy physics.

    Heck we use Walker or Vulcan Harassers as AA a lot, they're actually pretty good for it because of their chase potential and the Vulcan-H actually messed up Libs pretty good.
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  14. Badname707

    Sure, but its the threat of air that keeps spam in check. Honestly, you'd mostly be seeing MBT swarms, but there are some environments (Esamir, SW and N Indar) that would see plenty of harasser swarm.
  15. Sebastien

    What's air threatened by?
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  16. Badname707

    AA spam, coordinated AA, air spam, coordinated air
  17. Sebastien

    AA isn't a threat when you can escape from it by being faster. It's a nuisance in the same way a HA against an MBT is.
    Tell me what threatens air.
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  18. Badname707

    6 heavies with lock ons can destroy a liberator before it has a chance to react. If the lib doesn't immediately head for cover, it's boned. 3 skyguards, if they wait to open fire for the lib to get close, will tear it up faster than it can escape. 4 bursters might also be guaranteed kill, provided the lib even attempt to finish a salvo. Even if it doesn't kill the lib, the AA can stay in the area and kill other air while air has to escape and repair. Outside of coordinated effort, yes, the lib is generally afforded ample time to leave. Coordinated effort, however, is easy as hell if you have a team with the right equipment.

    Air is also very weak to other air, provided it spec'd for A2G. Put air and AA together, and you can easily keep the skies clear from hostile aircraft.
  19. Sebastien

    There we go. So long as you have enough Alpha that the person has no time to react, you can kill it. Too bad there are no Sky Mines or LA that can keep up with Libs.
    What's the hard counter to aircraft. Hard counter in the same way a Lib hard counters ground units, what's the hard counter to aircraft.
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  20. Badname707

    The other vehicle type that can bypass terrain entirely, and operate at any altitude.