Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

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  1. JackD

    No, would also be a big nerf against ESF which already have the upper hand.
  2. D3GGEY

    It should be a big nerf against ESFs.

    If the ESF is truly the Lib's counter, the Lib should not stand a chance. That's how a fight between a Liberator and an MBT goes.
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  3. MostlyClueless

    The resists to Tank Shells. Before you could at least try shoot down Libs with the tanks Main guns but now Libs are so resistant to tank Shells there's no hope of downing them this way and they're basically immune to anything on the ground.

    Beforehand if a Lib was hovering over a spawn I'd go pull a Prowler from the next base over and net a free kill. Now I have to to try drill it down with a Needler or try my luck with a Decimator and both are far less effective.
  4. Badname707

    If you're overpopped, then unless you have crowd control weapons, or an awesome choke point, you've already lost. If you have 3+ libs above your base happily farming you, you've failed to control the skies, and are paying for it. There's not much that you can do to change these situations.

    On the other hand, with a small air crew, we've saved friendly bases from overpop by targeting poorly defended sunderers, by clearing out infantry who's boxed in a spawn, and by pulling in an AA response. Air keeps spam from getting too comfortable.
  5. soeguud

    double the flight ceiling and flying velocities of all aircraft, triple the damage dealt by ground to air weapons and we'll have something approaching balance - faster speeds makes a bomber variant liberator seem almost reasonable.Battlefield is still the only game where the air game is borderline reasonable.
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  6. Badname707

    In my experience, libs are usually shot by tanks when they are trying to escape flak or lock ons. This is why their resistance was buffed. Besides, were you really relying on tank shells for your AA duty? Did it really make so much of a difference that what used to be alright is now the ultimate end of all things?
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  7. D3GGEY

    That would all be wonderful, except that the overpopped faction has access to the crowd control weapons.

    If Liberators were vehicles that could only be pulled at <25% population, they'd be fine. But every zerg contains at least five of them.

    So, in short, you say that air is the counter to spam. What counters air spam?
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  8. Inex

    And I think that's the right approach, but essentially Libs need their own version of Tank/C4.

    My heart says just multiply the Burster damage by 10... but my heart is sick of being spawn locked by Libs.

    As I said with Badname, there needs to be an Achilles heel for the Lib. Something to really punish Libs that get complacent and start trading good flying for farming. Tanks get that with C4 and rear-end Decis, but the closest Libs have is trying to sneak up behind them with a Galaxy. In the end, just hovering over a spawn should be considered very dangerous for aircraft - without an outfit having to pull multiple Bursters.
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  9. MostlyClueless

    Yes? We sure as hell weren't relying on Skyguards,which are pathetically bad against Liberators.
  10. JackD

    Libs have that too, one of the first tips new Lib pilots get by experienced pilots is "dont hover". You get hit easily by dumbfires and Tanks. Another Lib will instagib you and an ESF will burst you down to 50% before you even can get a angle on it. And what people dont see is how often Libs die after they retreated. It doesnt need a good pilot to kill a smoking Lib.
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  11. Badname707

    Sure, but if you're already overpop, you get a lower max potential efficiency out of crowd control weapons.

    To counter air spam you need a combination of AA and air. AA thins the swarm (need about half as many AA as they have aircraft) and the air fills up the vacuum created by AA. Because the attention of the air is split in two directions, there's not much it can do to defend itself. If it's been wounded, then running will only work if it isn't being pursued.

    AA is far more effective against air than most of forumside gives credit. AA with air support is exponentially more effective.
  12. D3GGEY

    How do I counter an air zerg without using an aircraft to do it? If everyone in my faction has exactly 100 air resources, how do I make an air zerg go away?
  13. Badname707

    There is. If the liberator is not supported by other air, pull a liberator or galaxy of your own, fly to high altitude, and dive right into him. If you're a bawss, jump out as LA, and C4 a tank below you.
  14. Badname707

    Why does your faction have so few air resources if you weren't using air?
  15. D3GGEY

    You didn't answer my question.

    A tank zerg can be countered without the use of a single tank.

    How do I counter an air zerg without the use of a single aircraft?
  16. Badname707

    How do you counter The Flash? He's the fastest man in the world, doncha know.
  17. D3GGEY

    I rest my case.
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  18. Badname707

    How do you counter a platoon in a biolab without infantry? Better yet, how do you counter infantry that is on high ground?
  19. D3GGEY

    The difference here is that Bio Labs are a single facility type where infantry are required to counter the enemy unit of the same type.

    Planetside 2, however, appears to be entirely composed of continents where aircraft are required to counter other aircraft.

    See the difference? Infantry get one facility, aircraft get the whole map.

    And you still haven't told me how I can destroy an air zerg without using any aircraft. I'm curious, please enlighten me. Because what you've said so far amounts to "Liberators are designed to counter large numbers of enemy units, that's their role" which translates to "It is the Liberator's role to be overpowered."
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  20. Badname707

    And you haven't answered my question about how to counter infantry on high ground.

    How do you outrun somebody that's faster than you? How do you destroy a harasser zerg without using harassers? Sure, you can thin them out, but unless you can catch up to the ones that retreat, you will not destory it.