Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, May 10, 2014.

  1. z1967

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  2. current1y

    They did that in ealrier parts of the vid. In general I am finding AA maxes not enough of a deterrent, especially for a shredder lib which is what I run usually. Often times I find them camping spawn shields and at that point they are easy to deal with whether it be killing them or avoidance. Sometimes you can simply go some where else for 5 min then come back to the base and the AA maxes are gone. Provided you don't have a front of all 48/48 fights lib is pretty easy to swoop in and be the destroyer of all in smaller engagements. This is when its vulnerability from ESF should come into play. Currently its not vulnerable enough IMO.
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  3. Inex

    Oh, I very clearly see several people in this thread stating that Burster Maxes make Liberators go away.

    You must be mistaken.
  4. D3GGEY

    Try it. Test it out. My Racer Liberator goes 220 KPH.

    What percentage of Liberators died to tank guns, exactly? Find that number and tell me it was too high.
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  5. current1y


    The people saying it takes a team effort to take a lib down to are spot on. Lots of stuff can damage libs in the game it just takes more a team effort in my opinion then should be required considering the damage output a lib can do, especially in smaller fights. I mean i'm not saying they need to nerf them to the point they are no fun but a small adjustment in 1 or 2 areas wouldn't be unwarranted. See how it plays out and go from there ya know.

    Until then I will keep flying low to the ground thinking I'm all bad *** and keep killing the dirty ground peasants. Around the 20 min mark I'll start to get cocky and hit a tree like normal or die to 5 aircraft after I tunnel vision on another aircraft. rofl
  6. LibertyRevolution

    Not dedicated to AA... Would you consider any infantry that shoots his gun at a passing ESF "dedicated AA"?? :rolleyes:
    I am talking about taking 1 sec to look up and press mouse 1 with your rocket launcher out then going back to what you were doing..
    I am talking about this ↓
    Dodge that lib pilot...

    Pulling a burster max against a lib is a waste of resources... A shredder lib will kill a dual burster max in under 2 secs.
    To actually kill a lib you would need 3 dual burster maxes.
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  7. Inex

    It only takes one second because any longer than that and the Lib will kill you. Just a Dalton is bad enough, but if somebody goes hard AI and pulls Zephyr/Bulldog they can clear a base in seconds.

    That being said: If the default launcher put the Lib into burning and we could teach that to regular players, the idea has some merit.

    Really? Because just earlier in this thread I was told that a Dual Burster will clear the air.

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  8. NoctD

    Libs are going to destroy the air game, air will get nerfed into the ground again, just like when the Zephyr Libs were left unchecked for months in the early game.

    Get ready to see all air ruined soon enough, cause the damage being caused by Lib farming today is going to cause a new wave of G2A/AA buffs that will make flying into a nightmare all over again!
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  9. Silkensmooth

    Hmm that sounds like how it feels to be an infantry when you see a tank coming.

    Why is it ok for tanks to dominate infantry fights but not for libs?

    If you don't have ESF to counter libs, then what point is there for air to air? What you want is for infantry to be able to kill everything by itself. That's terrible balance because it means you can overpower everything and you don't ever need to worry about having any Air cover.

    I play infantry a lot and i can tell you i find tanks far more annoying than libs. And i think i have died less than .001% of the time in the last few month to an ESF with rocket pods while infantry.
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  10. Takoita

    Yes we do. By the complete lack of assist points and the same liberator coming to poop on your head again less than two minutes later.
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  11. iccle

    Because tanks are in among it all, and everything except infiltrator is a potential deadly threat, real counters are cheap and plentiful, unlike in the air.
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  12. Takoita

    Some things have changed since then, but the gist of it lives on! Spread the word amongst the newbies! Kill the aircraft!
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  13. Bl4ckVoid

    Yet another pilot defending his farming equipment.
    The Lib is way too versatile and its flight model is totally unreal. It should not be able to go belly up in any direction.
    Shredder, Dalton, Zepher - all OP weapons.
    All thermal sights must go from vehicles too.
  14. Bl4ckVoid

    Almost forgot about the tankbuster that kills a sunderer or MBT in seconds.Some balance there.
  15. Silkensmooth

    You will have a much higher K/D driving a tank than you will piloting a lib. Or even gunning a lib.

    I have by far my highest kill streaks in a tank. BY FAR.

    It may seem when you are on the ground that libs are invincible sky gods or whatever, but go jump in a lib and see how well you do.

    All it takes is one good pilot in an ESF to kill a lib. And one or two ESF will draw the attention of multiple libs and at the very least get them off of you.

    Why cant anyone be bothered to pull an ESF.

    There is an anti lib weapon and its called the ESF.

    ESFs own libs.
  16. Silkensmooth

    Its funny because you guys act like they did so much for libs. All they really did was make the tail gun marginally better (yes it has great range of motion now, but still the same crappy guns).

    The real problem with vehicles, and ive said it many times before, is thermals. Thermals turn what wouldn't be such a big deal into a huge deal. Without thermals vehicles would still work fine, but they would likely focus more on each other and less an EZ mode farming infantry.

    Without thermals you would be able to use camo and stillness to avoid detection as opposed to being a 1k watt bulb against a pitch black background.
  17. iccle

    Thing is, I have to make more choices regarding my loadout than any aircraft does. My choice locks me into a particular area of effectiveness that lasts for the lifetime of the tank, my weapons are not generically effective against everything (try 1v1 a vanguard with AI weapons), I have less mobility and less field of vision. I have to deal with numerous very deadly counters all the time in every engagement. Sure if you wield AI weapons and are in the right place at the right time you can get huge kill streaks, but you can in any aircraft, or any vehicle, or just by camping as infantry in a 'sweet spot' for that matter. If you are AV then it is unlikely that you will ever get these enormous kill streaks vs infantry because you need direct hits to kill, if you do manage to get them them shame on those infantry tbh.

    Yes there is 'an anti lib weapon and its called the ESF' and there lies the problem, there is only 1 deadly threat and its in an area of the game that the vast majority of players have no interest in joining (I do, just for the record fly when needed, i'm terrible but I do it). There are many anti-tank weapons, c4, mines, mana turrets, esf, rocket launchers, vehicles, air, heck even a quad bike can kill me if he plays smart.

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  18. JackD

    The Farming ability hasnt really changed since a while. Tailgun angle got a buff which means the Bulldog is now useful and Dalton got nerfed against infantry whch means its now close to useless against it. Cmposite Armor is used by maybe one out of ten pilots. And there was no change in AA/Lib balance sind months except the buff to AA Phalanx against TB´s. Regarding ESF LIB balance the ESF got a new A2A weapon which increased their damage a lot while Libs got a new AA tailgun that is worse then what we already had.

    So were is the big change you are talking about?
  19. MostlyClueless

    They made the Lib a lot hardier against Tank Cannons. That's pretty huge considering I died to tank cannon shots a fair number of times before the change as I came in for a pass and some jammy sod on a hill with a Titan AP got me and so far only once after.

    So now Libs are killed by ESF's (Who don't bother hunting Libs because literally anything else is an easier target) and .... other libs? Not exactly ideal.

    They also inexplicably made Libs hardier against Dumbfire Rocket launchers. Which were never a problem before so what the hell?
  20. JackD

    Try to 1v1 a Lib with a AI loadout. Its the same.