Higby acknowledges that weapon balancing is done by TR and VS only

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phazaar, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Phazaar

    Read into this what you will, I'm sure a huge number of fanbois will have a completely different explanation.

    The first tweet is in response to the upcoming buff to the Jackhammer. Higby responds offhandedly dismissing the tweeter's complaint with absolute proof there's no way it could be valid:


    Well come on then Higby, recruit someone! I'm sure half the community would do it for free, myself included!
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  2. HannaDest

    Absolute proof......hell yes.
  3. WitcherKing

    I think it's been apparent since the beginning. No designer in their right minds would think the stock NC weapons were worth a damn if they actually used them. I had to dump 300 certs into my Gauss Saw to finally get my K/D ratio above a 1. The NC weapons are pathetic.
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  4. Duff_Chimp

    I'm sure the development team, faction bias or not, inadvertently screw over the balance of their own game so that they can gain some petty advantage. Really? I can't people buy into this crap.

    I think NC have an inferiority complex. Although perhaps your paranoia is justified as whilst I love killing Vanu, killing NC is that much more fun when you guys whinge at your 'underpoweredness'. Just grab a SCATmax and camp biolabs for the rest of your days like the good smurf you are.
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  5. gommer556

    yes, i defiantly think SOE should be an NC dev on the weapons team
  6. Arreo

    I think it is not unreasonable to think that NC should be represented on the weapon balance team. That said I don't think that NC weapons are as horrible as everyone seem to think they are. Now... our vehicles on the other hand...

    And Higby, if you're looking for a volunteer. ;)
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  7. Ranik

    And that's why TR weapons have been nerfed to the point where they no longer have their faction benefit half of the time..... wait...
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  8. Gavyne

    NC weapons aren't as bad as people say they are, but NC definitely needs to be represented. The devs play the games too, and no doubt they have their own bias for the factions they play on. Kind of like some devs really loved flying and bombing, hence why early in the game's launch air superiority was ridiculous.
  9. AstroCat

    The Vanu starter weapons are way easier to use for a new player than the NC options. Overall the learning curve to play the Vanu is way quicker than the NC, thus the Vanu are in beginner "easy mode" right off the bat.
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  10. MurderBunneh

    Yes "nerfed" to the point of having lowest ttk and highest dps. Gimme some of those "nerfs" please.
  11. Ranik

    Yeah, funny I seem to remember that was only true for a couple of the guns anymore. So tremble in fear of our assault rifle I guess....
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  12. Antivide

    Oh man, you weren't here in beta were you?

    Tsk tsk, stay ignorant.
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  13. Duff_Chimp

    Just cut the crap people. The weapons are the most balanced part of this game. People are arguing over their own perceptions and circumstantial evidences. The weapon spreadsheets I have seen basically show very little difference between guns any so-called advantages are rare and situational.

    Shoot first is the general rule. The difference with most guns is down to ms and I would wager that your ping has more to do with killing and being killed than the RoF or CoF or dps if said gun.
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  14. HannaDest

    I think NC weapons need a slight buff but thats certainly my TR bias so please ignore it.
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  15. Antivide

    TR says weapons are balanced.

    Hear that NC? It's balanced.

    hue hue.
  16. RaptorM1

    At least some NC weapons need a buff. The AF-19 Mercenary is one of them. It has one of the highest TTK's in the game right now.
  17. MurderBunneh

    If the other 2 factions were the ones in last place ttk and dps in all but 1 gun class you would be saying something about it. It is easy to say that it is meaningless when you are not the one on bottom.

    If it doesn't matter then give our guns the meaningless buffs to put us ahead across the board in dps and ttk. I mean as long as we are only better by .17 sec it is no problem amirite?
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  18. Duff_Chimp

    I really don't see what the **** that has to with anything. They were tuning the weapons in beta on a regular basis. Stats changed, things were buffed and nerfed. The difference is that now they are collecting that much more data and have a lot more community feedback.

    People can cry on the forums all they wish, but if they haven't got the data to back that up they aren't going to nerf or buff things on the whim of the community.

    FYI I was in the beta, but I dislike your somewhat elitist tone. It is entirely irrelevant what 'balance' there was in beta. Bringing beta into the argument about a game that has been released over two months shows you up to be somewhat ignorant of the amount if changes that has taken place since then.
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  19. HannaDest

    Yeah of course. While thinking about which NC gun needs a buff the Mercenary came immediately to my mind..........
  20. DuckSauce


    NC guns are great. Go play TR and VS if you love horizontal recoil so much. ;)
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