Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. lilleAllan

    stuck at 98 % as well :( :( :) :(
  2. Tilen

    I can't stress enough how much I appreciate this kind of devotion and communication with the community that you guys continuously provide. You really do stand out of the crowd, and I thank you for it. May Planetside 2 live long and prosper. :p
  3. TotalNoob

    I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic. See if I can track an IP address.
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  4. Tar

    did the same, and suddenly it's the same as before (i.e. stuck at 15%, and then 98% after focus switch)
    also tried turning off windows firewall, running as admin... nothing. All these success stories are coincidences.
  5. Tar

    yeah they "optimized" the login server, like they optimized the 3D performance in the last patch.
  6. truplicekyng

  7. SenorChang21

    Thanks for the update. Some of us actually appreciate the work put in.
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  8. flyin_flea

    Been 'logging in' for 90 minutes now... Miller VS
  9. Narufox

    I validated game, and now i can get into character selection, but then character is just loading - while i can click also on another chars. Not being able play the game yet. =)
  10. Saellea

    So, CodeForge, is this burning time on any Boosts we might have applied to our accounts?
  11. Jakey

    If you get past the 98% bug, the best thing to do is repeatedly bash the 'logging in. . . ' button.

    This is how I got in, and I just capped Indar by myself.


  12. Tar

    I for one appreciate it by paying them money.
    Gotta love how people get judgmental as if it was wrong to complain about poor service
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  13. Strigoi

    Thanks for the update. We'll be eagerly waiting to try the new features. Thanks for the support.
  14. Tilen

    Trust me, this isn't poor service by the industries standards. Try playing EA published games. You will love the work that's being done here.
  15. Dyrun

    98% at Loading screen. Not fun.
  16. Shadestorm

  17. TotalNoob

    Then after that, try playing CCP games and you will love the work that's being done there.
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  18. Tilen

    Nothing to be added here.
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  19. HellasVagabond

    It seems that i was Wrong......You see i didn't know what bugs SOE would resolve with GU6......I forgot however to think about the NEW bugs it would bring, so bravo, you never cease to amaze us people :)
  20. Dyrun

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