Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Saellea

    Same here. Hanging up @ 98% load to character select screen. Validated games files with no resolution. Guess we all play the waiting game now.
  2. Narufox

    I confirm experience with 98% loading freeze, after patch was applied.
  3. Zynex

    Regardless what time they update, it will inconvenience some region. What makes you think you're so special?
  4. Eggis

    I've deleted planetside2.exe then validated assets, all of a sudden it let me in. Either the patched executable is already up or this trick is kind of a workaround.

    Oh well, now I stuck at phase 2 - "logging in".
  5. codeForge

    I say it all the time... I don't really mind the negativity. I know it means people just really want to play the game.

    For software companies that put up a notice about some online spreadsheet program being down for extended maintenance, I expect they probably wouldn't get much anger at all on their forums.

    I will take anger over apathy any day.

    Heck guys, I work next to people who hate it when the game is down or there are patches and things go wrong... THOSE people come right into my office and yell! =) We all want the game to run smoothly, and we all want constant fixes to existing problems and new features.

    And I want a pet Llama named Colin.
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  6. Pazzonni

    Thank you for the quick update and for using the official forums for it.
    I was just starting to wonder what is going on. Good luck with finding the problem.

    Rofl. Nice to see a sence of humor and that you are keeping an eye on the thead
  7. Brainwayne

    my emotional state during GUs :):eek::oops: :(o_O:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:...
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  8. jbkappirossi

  9. cassan0va

    Why colin?:p
  10. zoobadoo

    This bug is problematic since I no longer have a valid excuse not to clean up in the house. Please fix asap.
  11. Leetsarge

    It seems to be working now, if you run Launchpad.exe as an administrator. I've yet to actually log in, so I'll update if I get in game.

    [EDIT] I wasn't able to successfully log in, but it seems progress has been made.
  12. SeanWalken

    Uhhh I just kinda wanna address this issue. I managed to start up the game (PRAISE THE LORD!) and was about to log in to my char. However, when I choose my char and click on 'PLAY', the game gets stuck on 'Logging In...". It'll just stay there for eternia. So like... HALP?
  13. Spiritualised

    Same old patch day shenanigans. If its anything like the last one, we might aswell forget it this evening and try again tomorrow. This really is poor form SOE

    Im in now but it takes a loooooong time to even get to character select screen
  14. netsky4life

  15. jbkappirossi

    Holy mother of God, it works again. :)
  16. Gbank

  17. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    Well, it's good to know that you know about it and working on it. Thanks for the info.
  18. JonboyX


    Can't play because too many people are trying to ?! Sounds like planning for failure rather than success...
    And just out of interest, do you find that player activity spikes after a patch?
  19. biterwylie

    Can't log in. Stuck on 15% every time.
  20. sozo

    same ..but on the bright side we cant freeze on redploy if you never get to deploy....

    come on guys seriously stop loading up on sale items and new items and clean up the code a bit ...just one good bug hunt please

    were getting new ones before the old ones are done ...
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