Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Halfish

  2. Paulus

    so i'm guessing "in the next hour" was a tiny bit optomistic.
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  3. Wrek

  4. Tasp

    Tiny bit? It's usually 2-3 times longer whatever they "hope" it will be. Also...

    No, never assume that. They have other things they are going to focus on before doing optimizations, if ever....Oh look a new common pool weapon... shiny! :rolleyes:
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  5. Crazy Airborne

    stuck stiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  6. tj2spike

    SOE devs you suck. Thank god it is free to play, since no one can play. Oh crap I did spend a crap ton on items and have a membership, wow why do I feel I didn't get my dinner and a movie before getting screwed.
    What a FN joke, high quality QA. Wow this is like having your IT outsourced to India and expect everyone to be ok with not understanding a FN word the CSR says.
    I don't want to here how hard they work and blah blah, I expect a certain amount of responsibility on QOS and they have none.

    Do premium members get a day added to our membership ? I think by now it should be like a week free since this was no longer in beta.
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  7. SeanWalken

    Seems to be working now. Thanks Devs!
  8. BlakkLeafTR

    staying at "Logging in" screen........ nothing happens but it dont freeze
  9. Gotek

    Thanks for the update! For those of you all upset, take a deep breath do some homework or work work, learn an instrument or a language, or call your poor mom that you never talk to and tell her you love her, just don't waste anymore time being pissy about a game not launching for an hour. I am not on SOE's side... I'm on yours!
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  10. Deth

    still not working for me..
  11. Halcyon

    And when's the last time you saw a MMO patch have 100% of EVERYTHING working?
    Didn't think so.

    Game is free to play. Don't like broken stuff from new patches on patch day? Then don't play it. Simple.
  12. Suchy101

    is an hour up yet ? (sarcasm intented, cos I need to let the steam off)

    2.5 hour down time already more than doubled. I think we are nearly on par with previous ones. (ditto)
  13. brbrbr

    no point being a paid member ne more. with all the down time i feel members and boost users should get some extension.
    i paid upfront for a few months in advance, and removed my cc, now they tell me i dont get my 500 sc every month, !, even though im paid up. cos i removed the card i can go f myself. whats that EVE shooter again, oh, thats only on ps3
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  14. vipjerry

    Great patch! Unfortunately cant see most of the new things except loading screen with 98% on it.
    CTRL+ALT+DEL only way to go out from this...
  15. Zen432hz

    Same: Stuck at 98% loading. *sigh*
  16. Tar

    No. That's an illusion they want you to believe.
    But believe what you will, I pay for it.
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  17. AllyElly

    Still stuck at 48% :(
  18. DDaly

    Thanks to this i am going to MURDER so many purple spandex wearing mother****ers.. Nothing personal but i need to vent my frustration ;)
  19. Halcyon

    Dude **** breaks on patches.
    Take your self-entitled bs and stuff it up your butt.
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  20. Sramos58

    same... but i got a half gig sized memory dump of my system at 98% you dev guys want that? :p

    makes me wonder though. should there be a sort of "keep alive" signal towards the end of the loading screen for connection persistance? just a thought
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