Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Technologist

    Still stuck at 98% tried reboot and separate installation. No go so far. Anyone that made it in. Are the continents almost empty?
  2. Llethander

    Finally able to get to the character select screen and now I'm stuck on "Logging In"

  3. Zen432hz

    Nope! Not resolved in the next hour. Have been trying on and off for a few hours now. Still sticking at 98% load. I think I feel a "World of Tanks" coming on!
  4. Pizzaking1972

    Deleting PlanetSide2.exe and Validate Game Assets works for me but now the games is crashing every 5 minuts
  5. barter

    that's where i've been for the last 45 mins
  6. Primarkka

    With the difference being: their maintenance happens every single day at the same time and takes the exact same time to complete.
    Here we wait for five years for low fps gaming...
  7. biterwylie

    Thanks for the advice. But having worked a 13 hour day, your not making me feel better :D
  8. Halcyon

    No, it's free. If you pay that's your choice.
  9. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Yeah I am having the exact same problem, I tried the fix people talked about by using an alternate char and I got logged in, but my planetside 2 was LAGGY as hell and I could barely move.. then I tried to log in as my normal char with still no luck...

    This patch has screwed PS2 bigtime :/

    Please rollback devs it was fine!!
  10. SoulessHeart

    Was hoping that SOE would have got better with patches. Not the first SOE game I have played. Seems that you guys still come out with patches not fully tested. You know the player base will respond fast to a bad patch like we just got.

    Soe you wonder why everytime you come out with a new game it has to go F2P. Will always be like this until you step up your game and test your patches better before you post them. So far all your doing is asking and begging for the Neg. responds and post spam on the forums.

    current patch
    1 causing in game crashes.
    2 Load screen locks
    3 Redeploy lock freeze
    4 freeze lock on entry of aircraft
    5 crashes on making new character
    6 cert screen lock up.

    That is just the few I found in the 7 mins of crashing in and out.

    Sure a tester would have found this much and more on a patch test run so the player would not have suffer.
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  11. Metallideth

    Getting the same stuck at "logging in"
    checked another account and it gets past that and gets stuck on 98% load screen. Seriously would think SOE would have a better queue system to feed the login servers as well as additional login servers. You have the hardware laying around after merging servers.

    Good point on the membership you would think some credit would be given. Oh we won't be out of "beta" until next year. Maybe 6 months from now if they get to the stuff they said they would.
  12. DaNDeStRoYeR

    31 posts in an hour on the same problem, Isn't it about time someone from SOE replied, since this is the technical support forum.

    Just a thought.
  13. Dyrun

    Unfortunately, some of us only get an hour or two to play. No fun when you sit waiting for something that was supposed to be completed hours ago instead of actually getting in the game.
  14. UdoKoch

    Just logged in to say thank you for the info.
  15. Inoksvere

    Mine is sticking at 15% which is easily rectified by alt+tabbing out of the game, and alt+tabbing back it but then it immediately sticks at 98%. I have validated the files through the game launcher. Shame.
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  16. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    I am on TS with two of my outfit members, two of us are stuck at logging in the other at 98%. None of us are surprised.
  17. Llethander

  18. L33T-T3CH

    same here
  19. DashTech

    Naff off. I'm not in education, and I have done enough work work for today. I have also done some house-work. I now want to play a bit of a game. I wouldn't be so narked if there was a bit of INFORMATION about the issue, and if issues like this weren't so damn common.

    Tell us what the issue is, tell us what the workarounds are, tell us who is affected, tell us the eta for a fix, and have some monkey update a locked thread every 15 minutes whilst the service is unavailable.
  20. johnnydotexe

    Wahh! Wahh! I can't play a FREE game because a patch broke something! I demand satisfaction! I demand free stuff! I just got off work and I EXPECT this game to be working when I get home. Now I have to go do something else which is OMGZ COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE WAHHHH!

    That's what most of you sound like. You fail to realize that this game is free. You're getting a heck of a lot of game at no cost to you. Knock off the entitlement crap. SOE owes you nothing.

    SOE can only do so much patch testing on their own. They can't recreate the load of thousands and thousands of players on the servers with the new changes. That's the downside to developing an MMO type of game. Problems can and will occur with an update that tested fine on their end but had issues under load. When this happens what do they do? They fix it. They're constantly fixing this FREE game.

    You still feel they need to do this or that to please you? Go create your own free MMOFPS and tell us how that works out for you, scrubs.
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