Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. codeForge

    We definitely get a spike on every new update. We are also adding new features that have to be added to every character as they login, which basically multiplies the spike's cost. However, we factor all that in while estimating what the DB load will be.

    It is not, as any DB person will tell you, an exact science.

    We've had half a dozen GUs since release, and yeah I'll certainly admit they haven't gone off without a hitch, but check out the release notes... it's a lot of changes that the design staff feel are vital to strengthening the game.

    As we go forward, the number of features we release with each GU will diminish, and you'll see this become more and more of a rarity.
  2. FlR3

    Yep same here, just constant logging in but never getting any into the game. I smell a hotfix coming.
  3. Brainwayne

    i want to believe ^^

  4. Aerolath

    So should we assume there are optimizations with this patch?
  5. truplicekyng

    so, I validated the game resources 5 times, but it isn't work
  6. BlackJackBlack

    Same here, but only on my Helios character.

    I was able to log into both my Connery alts without issue...
  7. Halfish

    Yeah so I finally got in and decided to swap characters...once again stuck. I knew I should've just stayed logged in....
  8. BlakkLeafTR

    same here

    Miller - TR
  9. truplicekyng

    come on SOE, i wanna play this beautifull game!
  10. ZVoid

    stuck at 98% after patch too.

    Yeah me 2, infuriating.
  12. Chael

    My game hangs at 98% after updating as well.
  13. Ketadine

    Each and every GU does this ... seriously ?
  14. Aszrayel

    Same here on Woodman :|
  15. Naithe

    Same Miller - TR
  16. GeneStarwind

    Stuck on log in on Mattherson. You'd think they'd have figured this out after last time...
  17. NecroS

    Same on Woodman and Miller.
  18. Brainwayne

    there is a strange lightning blob outside of esamir ammunition corp...
    anyone else see this?
  19. SwordMaster314

    OK so one guy had a fix on reddit that worked for me. What you do is restart the PS2 client and then login as the character you don't normally play. The login will take a little longer but be patient and it will log in (mine took under 2 min)
  20. Gorebag

    I can consistently get past the 98% now, but when I try to log in with a character it just stays there, trying to log in.
    The character animation stops, but everything else keeps running (smoke, buttons, etc).
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