Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

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  1. Vikarius

    True that lol it is like an invisible 200 degree shield
  2. ColdCheezePizza

    I also don't understand why dual falcons on a max dont instantly blow up an AV turret with a simultaneous dual direct hit and kill the engi along with it like a Phoenix does. I just dont understand how and why some glaring balancing decisions are made and not made in this game sometimes. It feels like the bean counters are running the show sometimes and certain weapons manage to slide under the OP radar for the sake of maximizing profits. I hope Im wrong, but some issues are just so painfully obvious, that I dont understand why it takes an outpouring from the community to implement some of these no brainer balances manytimes.
  3. Trebb

    1) It is *NOT* hard to hit moving vehicles with this. With the exception moving flashes or full speed lightnings hopping over hills. Stop saying it's hard. Learn to have a mouse DPI adjust button.

    2) It does OneHitKill infantry on direct hits. Stop standing perfectly still. I've gotten countless kills on people who sneak behind me and shoot from one hill over. I redeploy the turret, hide while it renders, then shoot a missle at the guy standing perfectly still. Just move left or right a pixel and it goes past you!

    3) Vehicles are too cheap/easy for everyone and their brother to use, and farm infantry solo. As long as there is still tank zergs, I will do my best to cull that zerg down. Tanks need to be way more of a threat, cost more resources, and have a much longer re-spawn cooldown timer.

    4) In the meantime, some of you tank hoe's need to step out and join us infantry for a change, you know who you are :p

    /obligatory vid
  4. Ixidron

    Few minutes ago, 3 tankers (including me) at crossroads, we blew up an enemy sunderer and we were heading to alloys, and suddenly one of our tanks starts taking damage, no explosions, no missiles no nothing, I stopped my tank and came out to repair and I realized my tank was taking damage, again no missiles, no sound no visible explosion, just taking damage, then I hid the tank, and no the 3rd guy started taking damage, we were ******* confused.

    There was only one possibility, they were ******* shooting at us from crown, possibly from a helipad, we hid our tanks behind a rock that blocked crown and the damage stopped, we came out and the damage started again, I was like, WTF how the hell can they see me from 2 hexes away?

    You might say the guy in the turrets renders at the same distance as tanks do, nope, vehicles render from farther distances, missiles were not even rendering, sound was not even playing, and there was no visible explosion.
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  5. ColdCheezePizza

    My suggestion would be to give the missiles a slight lingering smoke trail, make them sound unique as they travel and/or drastically reduce damage past rendering distance if its a limitation of the game engine and nothing can be done about them being invisible.
  6. Bill Hicks

    Remove the weak rear end? that is the only way infantry can punish tank zerglings. Why give a massive buff to all tanks when one weapon is causing the problem?

    Last more than 30 seconds? sounds like you pull while getting zerged ( risky/stupid) or your outfit or whatever just lets people sit on a hill and blast you.
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  7. Blarg20011

    But that's not the point, the Phoenix was only nerfed vs. infantry so I fail to see what the point of his original post was.
  8. Pemtaphalon

    I was hoping for an AV turret, but I wasn't expecting what they come up with, I was expecting more of a cannon, like a short range lower trajectory viper, That would have been better, and much more fun in my opinion, imagine a line of these bad boys on a hill just raining down on a tank column, difference being from the AV turret now of course that the viper rounds are bright orange so you will be able to see where it's coming from and it will be easier to dodge (talking about balance here) yes, the turret would be a risk, but that's the point isn't it? you get an AI turret and you can blast anyone coming through a doorway, but if someone comes fom behind you're dead...
    anyway, TL:DR AV turret doesn't is hard to spot at very long range plus with reduced splash damage you need to be a damn good shot to take one out before they two shot you...if you notice them, as previously said, most times you just get a red indicator and lose health...but see nothing so assume it's a mine or something
  9. OutlawSundown

    Often and most of the time means roughly the same thing.
  10. SenEvason

    I rarely pull vehicles, but the one time I pulled an MBT after a few weeks, it got killed by an AV turret. He was 50 meters behind me. No sound, no hit direction indicator, no rocket rendering, no explosion. Just start taking damage from no where and lose the tank. The rendering for those things is horrible.
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  11. Aegie

    I've always wondered why the engineer gets infinite everything.

    Infinite ammo from the drops. Infinite repair magic in the repair gun. Infinite ammo for the turrets... oh yeah, and infinite turrets. What exactly is the justification for an engineering being able to place a turret, have it blow up, place another turret, walk away, place another turret, move 1m to left, place another turret? I know they can only have one turret at a time but it still seems a bit ridiculous.

    The engineer is really the king of spam- all other class rely on the engineer for endless spam. True, you can have a sunderer or a terminal and *sort of* achieve a similar effect but imagine the game without virtually everyone having infinite ammo virtually all the time.
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  12. Tekuila

    Easy solution is to give it 300 metres fuel.
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  13. rayvon

    I have learned to have one, but my mouse still doesnt have one, what should i do now ?
  14. FnkyTwn

    That's complete nonsense.

    If the target is incredibly far away and completely stationary then yes, you can probably
    launch another missile before the first hits, but then you risk completely changing the
    direction of your first missile because of the recoil generated by your finger pressing
    the mouse button. Moving one pixel up or down is usually enough to put you way off
    target at the range required to get two in the air at the same time.

    It's impossible to have 3 in the air at the same time.
  15. FnkyTwn

    Only if the Phoenix gets nerfed to 100m max. The AV Turret is firmly planted
    in the ground. It's not like the Engineer can quickly duck behind a structure
    between each shot.
  16. Rudette

    I think the one and only issue with this weapon is the lack of rendering--particularly with the projectile.You can't take cover from what you can't see. Fix that, and all my problems with it vanish.

    I won't buy it until then, making the moral decision not to be a cert farming bottom feeder. ;p
  17. Malsvir Vishe

    So that's why my sniper bullets were missing. I saw CLEAR AIR between my crosshair and the head, and even saw my round go right to him, only to do no damage. SOE needs to fix hitboxes first, honestly. (They should instead be hit volumes... so a bullet going next to a guy's neck should do no damage instead of a headshot. Yes, I've done that so many times... also, just barely over the head.)

    Edit: It just came to my mind that having 3D models functioning as their own hitboxes would provide the best results, but at the insane cost of resources. It'd make this game unplayable on even a 40,000 dollar computer, probably. So, I do see why the might need to cut corners on hitboxes.
  18. Goden

    That does nothing to solve the fact they don't render properly at any range.
  19. Redlines08

    tbh the Range/damage on the AV turrets needs to be nerfed and the rendering issues fixed
    i used to play vanguard a lot but now i don't see no point Vanguards only last 2secs 2 hits and the vanguard is dead and this is on a well kitted out vanguard even the vanguard shield doesn't hold up ageist these very well tbh the AV turrets are starting to kill the game for me and taking out all the joy and fun of the game
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  20. FreelancePanic

    Then let's also nerf the following:

    All rocket launchers
    Liberator shelling weapons
    Base AT turrets

    Because their projectiles stop rendering past a certain point. Vehicles are given directional hit markers to help identify where the shots are coming from to let people take cover (but I wish a hit with any AT weapon would play a distinct sound for each weapon to help the tank driver to gauge threats). The decent tanks I've shot at have all been able to find cover since there are trees, rocks and buildings scattered around. You have more than 20 sec to find cover, don't just follow the road and drive towards me like all the drivers who ended up dead.

    Comparisons to the Phoenix don't work due to the following:
    1. Camera guidance allows the operator to remain out of sight. Laser guidance requires LOS for most cases. LOS being important since the operator must expose himself to the enemy.
    2. Camera guidance would allow more accurate hits at range, compared to the pixel shuffling required for laser guidance at long ranges
    3. Turret operators render out to vehicle distance, which puts the operator under even more danger, compared to HAs who only render at infantry ranges.

    You should also consider optics. AT turrets have no optics, tanks are able to equip high zoom optics. I've had people shoot AP rounds in my face because they've equipped high power optics instead of IR.

    Since tanks should be used as a part of 'combined arms' get friendly infantry or air support to pick off the operator, considering he renders at vehicle range, is a sitting duck and is just as squishy as an infantryman. All I'm hearing is 'I can't farm infantry now because there are people shooting back at me'.
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