Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Shoza Nakh

    Yea, just make them useless. Like AP Mana turrets witch actually work like grave to it's gunner now. Firing from long distance now ONLY possible use of AV turrets.
  2. TheBillOf3D

    The av turret is hard to place anywhere remotely concealed. You are easy picking for snipers and infiltrators. If you are a lone tank, or often one that feels invincible and decides to rush in, then you are easy pray as you should be. But I don't get to keep one up long and sit there without becoming a target. If not from the object I target, then certainly their friends. You have no zoom either and marginal control after fired. So it's like everything else in the game which is a glorified version of rock, paper, scissors. Still not as cheesy as invisible snipers that don't appear on the mini map even when they miss and can stay well hidden while farming certs. And that's the trick when nerfing this stuff, where does it end?
  3. GSZenith

    hahaha...ahahahah you serious hard? i hit anything 800-900 easy, moving inf at max render easy, moving anything at max render easy, even ESF, the thing is broken and needs a nerf, still only 8deaths with it...
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  4. S1eB

    They don't render at the same distances, there are several places I know of where you can fire at tanks, see them, but they are not able to see you because you don't render.

    BTW, I don't have the AV turret, I know they don't render at certain distances because I have been killed by ones that don't render, even though I know exactly where they are because I have seen them there before.

    One example is the hill on by The Crown. If you face The Crown from the hill and look to the left there is a hill/mountain with three peaks off in the distance, near Snake Ravine. You can get on there, see the tanks on the hill, shoot and destroy them and you don't render. Same goes for the surrounding area near that hill.
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  5. haldolium

    The turret can be annoying as ****, but if it gets a nerf it becomes useless entirely.

    As some stated on P1 I think the awareness is the biggest issue. Visibility of the rockets and the turret needs to be better and should be an always-rendered-threat to tanks

    However first and foremost, the rocket itself needs to have the same visibility for the enemy as it has for the engi firing it. Better smoke trail, brighter fuel flames... whatever. The turret itself could go with a better design too.

    That of course doesn't matter ****, if anything you see before exploding is the ******* hit indicator and nothing else.
  6. ghettoizm

    You guys complain about everything that kills you don't you? AV turret needs to have the rocket rendered, and sure add a smoke trail.. thats it.. You use the turret every infiltrator in the area takes aim at it just waiting for that head shot, you have a 6 second (not certed, think its 4.5-5 fully) cool down, meaning if your being hit by 3 Rockets.. maybe you shouldn't be sitting around not moving for 20+ seconds and at however long of distance that would be, well outside of render range i am sure.
    I see people single tank zerg into a full platoon of guys then complain when they get blown up quick.. You got LA flying over you dropping C4 on your tank but you blame the engi that needs to find a spot to deploy the turret, then wait about 3 seconds for it to appear, then aim and fire at you.. ya..
    There are plenty of things that are not balanced in this game, but the AV turret is not that high on the list.. the damage isn't insane, if your being hit numerous times try moving around and taking cover, moving with a group/squad, not driving on the main road into a base, hell bet you get blown up by tank mines layed on the road and complain they are OP cause you drove over them..

    Leave the AV turret alone.
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  7. Jex =TE=

    So let me get this right. Tanks were considered totally OP because they were 1 or 2 shotting infantry and yet one of these turrets 2 shots a tank?
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  8. TheBillOf3D

    And your engineer can repair your tank as quick as one av turret can damage it. Teamwork is the fix. Don't try to hog the certs. Bears make certs, bulls make certs, pigs get slaughtered.
  9. ArcKnight

    YES :D
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  10. CookieCrummz

    Same goes for me, i see the hit indicator look in the direction and see nothing and rockets keep exploding. Although not sure if its the vs or nc with the bluish rockets but i do see the rockets flying up into the air which would clearly hit nothing and then shows that it hit me.
  11. Ash87

    I really don't understand one thing about this thread.

    Why people are so up in arms when you say that the AV turret hitting out of nowhere, with no explosion, no animation, you just start taking damage, is a good thing. "It's not a bug, it's a legitimate tactic!" is the most inane justification one can hide behind.

    My tank is sitting in a field. There is no indication, just suddenly it starts taking damage. The projectile should at least render. At the first 100m or whatever, the projectile has a big flare coming out from behind it. That is all we are asking for here. We aren't saying there should be a way to trace the projectile Back to the shooter, we are trying to see that we are being hit by a AV Rocket, and it isn't a hacker, so we know how to react.
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  12. TheBillOf3D

    Half the tank operators are stupid anyway. And that's being generous. :D

    And that's just from seeing our own in action while working next to them. Can't imagine how stupid the other factions must be.
  13. TomaHawk

    You completely missed the OP's point, about as equally as your idea is dumb.
  14. NDroid

    This keeps coming up and yet nothing is being done about it. Whenever I find my tank is beginning to take heavy damage with no discernible source (no projectile or directional hitmark) I know it's an AV turret somewhere and I have to guess the best direction to run to before exploding because it's impossible to outrepair it. If there's more than 1 engineer it's pretty much hopeless either way.

    Neither the turrets nor their projectiles render properly at long ranges while they remain highly effective regardless. The argument about needing to remain stationary is moot because it doesn't matter if your targets can't return fire. Besides, many engineers often redeploy their turrets or leave them between shots to make it more difficult for snipers to hit them, which is almost impossible as it is since the turret's hitbox is much larger than it appears.

    In its current state, it's the most powerful AV weapon in the game against ground targets- high damage at any range (limited only by render distance), infinite ammo and ability to redeploy at no cost, and the rockets can be steered in flight so those who master it can effectively decimate vehicles from a huge distance.

    I think the AV turret definitely needs a balance pass. Just like with the Annihilators, no one likes getting hit by invisible projectiles and even if you could see them it's pretty much impossible for a tank to hit such a tiny target before being destroyed. Their range has to be reduced. Other than that, being able to redeploy them again and again is a bit much for a weapon this powerful so it should require a resupply from a terminal after doing it once or twice.
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  15. XDDante

    i always give a hard time to any engineer with AV Turret equipping my Gauss Compact S and BDS 6X scope,just select semi-auto mode and watch them struggle deciding between firing the turret or repair it...

    on a serious side the turret should render the missiles at farther ranges and tag the person who fires it,even though i don't believe the risk is worth the try to stop tank zerg and tagging the user will make it worse, im up for balancing the game if that will please both AV Turret users(like me) and Vehicle users...
  16. ArcKnight

    tanks are supposed one shot infantry, but a group AV turret can destroy an entire armor column in no time,
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  17. PS2Freak

    i like to be hit by av - turret, and i like also give the damage back. this forum became nerfer-paradise..

    people refuse to lose at all costs. tactics ? what is that ? lets make everything casual puree of everything.
  18. Wasdie

    Huge issue I'm finding is since the server populations seem to be going up a bit, the servers cannot handle it and things like spotting are lagging really badly. The server must prioritize things like movement and shooting to things like rearming at a dropped ammo box, repairing, healing, spotting, and all of that. Last night I couldn't spot a thing thanks to the lag.
  19. talmaru

    rofl how are these turrets NOT op
    They do more dmg then base turrets
    Can shoot 500+ meters with perfect accuracy <- turn your sensativity on vehicles way down and you can hit tanks from wtf ever distance you want
    The only way this turret could be more OP is if it had a lock on option
    I doubt i will EVER use my AI turret again for any purpose because its totally useless as you will just get sniped/rocket'ed off it
    Oh and you can completely decimate base turrets on the base you are attacking from the next base over making the static defenses useless
    5 seconds per shot 4 shots to kill = 20 second kills on base turrets
    Within 5 minutes i can completely destroy a towers defenses while never exposing myself to danger as I'm shooting from a tower that's 600m away
    3 AV turrets parked on a vantage point = no tanks will EVER get past
    Park them on the crown and you can kill a tank anywhere from zurvan to Snake ravine
    Put them up on Vanu archives and you have effectively made everything within about a 1000m radius a no tank/sundy zone
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  20. ArcKnight

    the AV turrets really needs a damage reduction over range and lowering its max range a bit

    also how do you select semi-auto mode?