Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

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  1. LibertyRevolution

    AV turrets seem OP because people don't bother to kill us..
    For 10mins they let me kill every piece of armor they pulled from Hvar..
    I was yelling into chat for these guys to kill me, they see me, I have been spotted.
    But they are shooting at my AV turret from 500m with small arms, then crying about how AV turret is OP..
    Then finally, 10mins later, they get sick of it and send some one up to knife me in the back..

    They could have ended my fun with a phoenix to my AV turret, a bolt driver to the face, rocketpods, an av turret, a tank round.
    Or probably half a dozen other ways.. shooting at me with your bright yellow tracers from your carbine, not the best choice.
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  2. DrTeeth

    I have a fully certed AV turret.. and it's just too strong. They need to give it a maximum range, after which the rocket motor burns out and it drops toward the ground, say 500m. They need to reduce its damage to that of a standard rocket launcher at most, or perhaps a guided launcher (so 1500 to 1700 damage).

    They of course also need to fix the global issue of projectiles not rendering. That's just unforgivable. If the game can notify my client that I'm taking X damage from a certain direction, it should be able to draw the projectile as it comes in to give me some chance to avoid it.
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  3. siiix

    its NOT the AV turret

    just check how many time you get killed by a turret , it will be close to ZERO

    try not to bail out a few times and see what killed you
  4. Markus.D

    Agree with this statement, but not totally. It's max distance must be same as for Phoenix. 300m for now and may be 500m in a future.

    I was killed by invisible missiles from nowhere many times. Missile from AV turret becomes invisible to others once the distance between turret and target becomes too large. Cheaters use aimbot to navigate missile over great distances. They actually kill infantry with only one missile at any distance, using aimbot.
  5. }{ellKnight

    The silly thing about them is that they can hit you as long as you render for them. This turns them into AV snipers with guided rounds.

    Honestly I'd limit their effective range to 500m or something.
  6. schwarzklang

    You can only have 2-3 rockets in the air on very hight range. The downside of that is the mana av got recoil and if you try to hit a tankpixel at 500+ with several rockets at once it can miss. The recoil will just mess up the first shot.
  7. CHDT65

  8. LibertyRevolution

    Phoenix has the camera on the missile, so it is infinite zoom.. It needs the limited range or you could just go on forever.
    AV turret has no zoom. The aim dot is bigger than people are at 500m..
    Yes we can destroy armor at 500m, but so can striker, it locks out to 500m then fallows for much longer than that..

    If your not seeing the AV rockets, that is a server issue, it decides what is a high threat and shows you those..
    So if your not seeing the AV rockets, chances are there is 20 tanks spamming and a dozen LA trying to C4 your sunderer already.

    I am in a vehicle and I see infantry out at 500m, so don't cry, your just blind, I render out even farther in my turret.

    Your not going to be happy till they put a big faction color shield on it are you??
  9. PS2Freak

    dont change av - turret. they are fine.
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  10. Markus.D

    Pointless arguments, as entire post. Are you smoking something? o_O

    Only one thing i understand from your nonsense - you agree too for 500m fly limit for AV missiles. That is good.
  11. Shinrah

    You know why this is BS in 9/10? Let´s give you an example, Indar Excav:

    A Tower, flat Terrain without any cover aside from single rocks around it for at least 400-500m. The Airpads are full of AV Mana´s, AA MAX´s Sniper´s. It is now utterly impossible to engage this Tower with either Aircav or Armor, and infantry will be mowed down by entrenched enemy Armor/Infantry/Snipers/Turrets hiding within the bases cover.

    There are plenty of situations where it is impossible to attack the AV Mana´s because they outrange any and all armor, and even sniping doesn´t work that well because the turret protects the head unless you have a high ground, if you shoot up towards an Airpad for example you cannot hit the head, and if no vantage point is within render distance not even snipers can take out the AV´s.

    Another example, Zurvan AMP, it becomes a no-fly no-armor zone as soon as a couple of MAX´s and Engi´s scatter around the edges of the canyon and start shooting down on anything that moves down in the valley. The possibilities are endless for the AV turrets to literally destroy ground based VHC gameplay.

    Yesterday, 3 of our Engis locked down the Tawrich VHC spawn, everything the TR spawned got annihilated long before they had control over their VHC´s. Try that with dumbfire Launcher´s or even the new ESL´s, the DMG of the AV Mana is unparalled, and unlike a HA an engi is completely self-sufficient. He has unlimited Ammo -for both his Turret and Handgun- while a HA needs to be supported by the former. An engi can go on until someone finally finds and kills him.
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  12. Shoza Nakh

    As vanguard/lighting driver I don't care a lot about AV turrets, they can be countered or, at least, avoided. Hell, then I got hit by such turret I just hide in terrain or behind big tree or building. If Real pain for my tanks coming from ESF rocketpods, what instantly kills any tank without any risk. Vanguard spotted by ESF = dead vanguard, same for non-skygard lighting and nothing I can do about it. I think 7/10 of my tanks deaths come from ESF and only 1/10 from engineer turrets.
  13. Shoza Nakh

    1 ESF counter any number of AV turrets. 1 sniper counter any number of AV turrets. Hell, pack of light assaults counter loads of AV turrets. Only thing that does not counter AV turrets, and it's funny, is tank zerg.
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  14. Shinrah

    Usually, an AV Mana doesn´t come alone. Two or three will instagib you before you know what hit you, without a warning.
    And an ESF can only pick off lonewolfs without risk, if you stay with a group chances are there will be lots of AA around, especially if said ESF´s did infact get some kills before. That usually triggers people to spawn AA, and as soon as a couple of MAX´s/Turrets/Lock-On´s are watching the sky you have your usual no-fly zone. ESF´s remain a serious danger in small engagements, they are ny useless in larget ones, thx to the increased amount of AA ingame.
    AV Turrets on the other hand become the more effective the larger the battle. There will be more, so chance of instagibbing armor is higher, render distance for armor/aircav goes down, but remains viable for AV Manas. And of course, lots of targets to pick.
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  15. siiix

    wow what a bunch of whiners ... cant believe anyone has a problem with that pile of junk AV turret
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  16. BH Brigade

    AA turret will be unlimited SAM one shot kill missiles, with a ROF of 16 per second, with follow targeting, not lead :D
  17. BH Brigade

    If you're getting hit past 500m + it's because you're not moving. If I spot you and can just stare at the stationary dorito and fire missile after missile that hit, it's because you're not moving. If you would strafe, or even just move your position a little bit, at 500 meters tanks are damn hard to hit if on the move.
  18. korpisoturi

    "My dad also plays PS2".

    1. situational avarness
    2.situational avarness
    3. situational avarness
    4. open your eyes and look around (situational awarness)
    5 DO NOT drive around without thinking like you prolly drive while you play mario kart.
    6. grow some ..........
  19. MaxDamage

    Half their range.
  20. Shoza Nakh

    2-3 AV turrets firing same moment to same tank in large battle? Well, I never got killed this way. In other way, I easily can remember deaths from ESF in middle of large scale battle near TI Alloys. Then my vanguard got destroyed by AV turrets then I know, I did something wrong, like was standing still for too long or moved to far from cover. 3 strikers or 3 lancers will do the same in such situation.

    P.S. I can remember only one instant death coming not from ESF, it was organized squad of lancers, not AV turrets. But it was nice teamwork and it was rewarded, so I don't care much about it until we will see such lancer squads in every battle.