Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Puppy

    It's extremely easy to hit a tank 600m away. I see other players do it all the time as well as me.
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  2. NC_agent00kevin

    They dont render from The Crown to Ti Alloys for me. Doesnt matter if I max out my render distance. They simply dont render at distance.
  3. CrispyHaze

    The vast majority of my MANA AV turret kills are on.. other players using MANA AV turret. No issues spotting them or their rockets streaming in, and they are incredibly easy to kill just sitting there like that and can be spotted from a very far distance away.
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  4. EliteEskimo

    You have to hit them twice if you're in a Prowler, and good luck with that when they are a little black pixel 500m away and can out damage you or relocate before you land the second shot.
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  5. Zotamedu


    It's just as annoying getting killed by invisible tank rounds, Phalanx rounds, Liberator rounds and last week, Reaver bullets. Yes you read that right, bullets, not rocket pods, bullets. The turret I was reparing took damage from nowhere and then I took damage from nowhere. Turned out it was a Reaver coming up behind me.

    So now, stop complaining about the AV MANA and complain about the real issue. When that is fixed, then we can start talking balancing.
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  6. Blarg20011

    But the Pheonix was buffed vs. vehicles...
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  7. Teegeeack

    Crap. The AV turret's hitbox is enormous. If snipers are killing you, they've had to go all the way around the back of you to get a shot at your head.
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  8. Tobax

    Forgive me for asking as guess I should already know... but whats the range on the AT turrets rockets?
    Keep getting hit by them over stupidly long distances that no HA launcher could possibly reach.
  9. Lucidius134

    You forgot the part where AV turrets can have 2-3 missles in the air at the same time.

    By the time you get hit in the rear by an AV turret: OMAE WA MO, SHINDEiRU
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  10. Goden

    I would say about 1km or just shy of it.
  11. Zenith

    Funny thing is, the Phoenix has only been buffed up to the damage levels the AV turret already had, and the latter retains its ability to dispose of infantry with a single shot. Funny that, but we're all too used to balance inconsistencies by now.
  12. Lucidius134

    900m is where vehicles stop rendering so 900m but I guess they fly further than that. You just cannot render targets past 900m so it wont hit them. (Maximum distance)
  13. Tobax

    Thank you to both for the answers, so clearly the range is far too high given the range of other launchers and while some could argue the turret is fixed so at risk of being shot that doesn't seem a big enough negative to be able to shoot anywhere near that far.
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  14. EliteEskimo

    I didn't know they could do that, I just know that they are my worst nightmare on the desert side of Indar and in most places on Esamir lol. They do way to much damage hitting the front of my tank, and for a Prowler it's really unfair because unless the user is dumb the engineer relocates the turret after I hit them once.
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    I dont know where they come from TBH, but it is NOT impossible to snipe someone from off an AV turret, and its not even that difficult. Whats difficult, it getting killed from tanks while on the AV turret. It takes a pretty stupid Engi, or a total suprise, to actually die from a tank while in the AV turret.

    All of this doesnt distract from the main point.
  16. Radiculopathy

    The fix is simple, give tanks double the armor and eliminate the weak rear end. That way everyone still has their missile spam unaffected, tanks still have to direct hit infantry and tanks might last more than 30 seconds after being pulled from the station.
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  17. gigastar

    I prefer using the Lancer, its a good way to earn service ribbons with it.
  18. Wildclaw

    As I said in another thread, it should have a 400m fuel limit, making it even with ground targeted lock-on rockets.
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  19. Halon

    Hitboxes you say? More like hitquadrants with another 90 degree cone on top for high angle/aircraft attacks.

    Regarding AV turrets:
    With the changes to spotting you have to find the pixel before they are lit up, so that's not much of a help.
    2x scopes are a joke at the range good AV engies engage.
    4 shotting sunderers? Enough said.

    They only 2 shot MBTs in the rear, 4 on the side and 5/6(Vanguard) to the front. Seems ok if you are only fighting a single engineer, but with the proliferation of missiles and other forms of incoming damage to a tank, if there is even a pair of engies looking to abuse mechanics with even a small amount of flanking they can pretty much 2 shot any vehicle.

    I also don't buy the hard to aim, sniper bait, aircraft bait, hard to place excuses as a counter to the AV turrets current mechanics.

    In the short term I'd like to see their range reduced to around striker range and their infantry and sunderer damage reduced. This is only part of a much larger tank/infantry balance dilemma.
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  20. ColdCheezePizza

    *edit: sorry missed Zenith's response, he summed it up nicely and pretty much made my reply redundant

    and AV turrets still have a much higher dps against vehicles while also OHK infantry.