Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Goden

    No sound. No rocket, No rocket launcher. No operator. Nothing. Nothing renders and I just randomly take damage and explode. Don't even have the slightest idea where it came from or where I should go for cover. Just *BAM* *BAM* and I'm dead. Doesn't help that these rockets have a near infinite distance for travel and thus I could be getting shot up from some guy who is on the other side of Indar for all I know.

    There has been a few mumblings of tanks being rendered useless as of late and I agree with most of it. There are many culprits behind this but I think the prime one is these moronically overpowered turrets. I've lost count of the amount of times I have seen an armored convoy trashed in under 30 seconds by 2 or 3 guys with AT Turrets. With the ability to 2-shot a tank and remain totally invisible these things are more than just a tankers menace they are ruining the game.
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  2. bodmans

    ... they render at the same distance as you do to them(if you got the same settings). thing is theyre waay smaller than a tank.

    what do you want? a big holographic sign above their heads saying ''SHOOT HERE''?
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    Im all about the latest bandwagon of "vehicles have been rendered useless" but the AV turret is NOT the reason why. Not even close. Sorry AV turret is fine. ITs VERY difficult to hit tanks at such a range that they cannot even see you, and you are completely exposed to infantry fire. When i pull out an AV turret, I will die to snipers 7/10
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  4. Goden

    What do I want?

    For them to render and be tagged normally just like every other unit in this game?

    My dad also plays PS2 and he uses this turret. I've done tests with him to see when the rocket stops rendering. It's about a few hundred meters and that's it. He was able to snipe me (at Zurvan) from the Crown without a single sound or sight being made. Even if I look right at his position I see nothing coming at me. I just get a BANG sound and take damage.
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  5. OutlawSundown

    The biggest problem with them is the rocket often fails to render at long ranges. If the devs would fix that I don't think I'd be as annoyed by them.
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  6. Puppy

    This would be fair if you could shoot a target as small as an AV Turret from 600m away. While they can hit you no matter what.
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  7. Goden

    Often? Try most of the time. I've seen the rocket fail to render even when standing beside someone using the AT turret. Sound still plays at short range but the rocket still fails to render. It's hit-and-miss but at long range it almost always fails to render.
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  8. bodmans

    do you guys even know how hard it is to line up 1 pixel with a small flok of moving pixels?
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  9. KlyptoK

    This is just flat out not true. If they have less vehicles around them they will have a longer render distance for other objects/vehicles.
  10. Goden

    Ok so you missed.

    Just shoot again. You have infinite ammo and your target can't even see or hear you, so what does it matter?
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  11. KlyptoK

    It's not as hard as you might think if you can correct your aim after you fire. They can't return fire the same way though.
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  12. Armchair

    Shoot the turret with your tank. It's always been a 1-hit-kill for me.

    We render at the same distance. If the turret can see me, then I can see it.

    The turret is too small to see? BS. I grew up with shooters where countering a sniper meant you had to spot the guy prone in the grass a few hundred meters away....and their ammo did not consist of ridiculous tracer rounds that draw a line back too them. These turrets stick out like a sore thumb in comparison.
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  13. Bill Hicks

    The engineer turret needs a range limit like the phoenix. Half the time its used to kill infantry anyway. Perhaps there needs to be a cool down on it. Right now engineers dont care if their turret gets destroyed, they can make a new one in seconds. How about a 30 second timer?
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  14. Bill Hicks

    If they even render for you.
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  15. Goden

    Good job reading the thread.
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  16. Lucidius134

    I was expecting the AV MANA turret to just be a basilisk and the AA mana turret to be an A30 Walker.

    Now i'm scared about the AA turrets.
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  17. Goden

    I hope you like having your aircraft get chewed up by things that don't even render because that is what will happen.
  18. ColdCheezePizza

    I love my AV turret, fully certed an engi, maybe 2 can't keep up fast enough repairing their tank or sundy. Yes they do OHK you like the Phoenix prebuff and can be easier to hit things consistently with practice then those slow clunky missiles that make a distinct whistling sound and can be shot down. The AV turret doesnt always render at distance, in fact it hardly ever renders if it all past a certain range regardless of user settings. I would gladly swallow my $7 purchase if an AV rebalancing meant I could use my tank again. Also pods need to stop instagibbing tanks, or at least tighten up the rear hitbox substantially.

    If the devs cant fix the rendering issue, then I propose a huge dropoff in damage past rendering distance. That way engis can still hit, but tank drivers can at least have a chance to repair and determine where the threat is coming from.
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  19. Armchair

    It's a vehicle, so no problem there. If I render for him, he renders for me.
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  20. Zenith

    Funny thing is, these AV turrets are doing the exact same thing the Phoenix got nerfed for. Difference? Everyone gets to play with them, and thus it's not seen as a problem. Laughable really.
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