Growing tired of tanks getting trashed by invisible AT MANA Turrets

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  1. ColdCheezePizza

    Thats ridiculous, anyone who uses a Phoenix knows they are completely blind to their surroundings and the sloth like speed at which they travel makes you a sitting duck for what seems like an eternity sometimes, then by the time you reload and line up another shot the turret with or without reload certs would have already fired several shots by this time. Turret users get the benefit of having a big boxy object with an invisible shield protecting them while always having a clear 180 degree view of the battlefield in front of them at all times and can disengage from the turret and flee for cover at anytime they feel threatened. Phoenixs also make a loud and distind whistle, have a smoke trail and the missiles can very easily be shot down by machine gun turrets and high rof small arms fire. The two arent even close to being balanced, if its not apparently obviously then I dont know what else to tell you.
  2. Goden

    Please don't turn this into a phoenix rant thread.
  3. ColdCheezePizza

    Phoenix's are fine as is imo, AV turrets not so much currently
  4. Goden

    Yes, the AV turret needs a do-over.
  5. Tekuila

    The Phoenix is fine, this is about the av turret. When something gets nerfed doesn't mean something else has too.
  6. Tekuila

    It means they won't travel far enough for that to be a problem.
  7. Lucerin_SolTech

    AV turrets changed the way I play the game.

    A few (2-3) engineers that know the high terrain points overlooking each main base can set up a squad spawn far beyond render distance and stop a platoon armor column with little risk. There are multiple points on the each continent that make this item ridiculously OP.

    I originally fought them for being overpowered when they were released. Then I bought one. I hardly ever use my Magrider/Prowler anymore. With how many points I get for killing tanks, it's much better to farm them than attempt to do the reverse.

    With a 6 month member bonus, you should easily be pulling in 200-300 certs per hour with a coordinated engineer team. Move to the outskirts of the major fight, kill MBT's and Sunderers over and over.
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  8. nick779

    personally, im tired of tanks period. the av launcher is fine
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  9. Goden

    If you want a game that is infantry only then there are many others you could be playing.
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  10. CrispyHaze

    That weapon is not available to me :p
  11. Trebb

    Actually I'm really sick of being farmed by vehicles as well, and I never get sick of bio lab fights for that reason. But that doesn't mean tanks getting hit by non rendering missles is righteous vigilante justice :p

    But there are counters to it. True these turrets are super powerful when there's no tree or terrain coverage for miles, but there's literally nothing I can do once aircraft clue in on me being there for the same lack of tree coverage. But aircraft prefer flares over radar so they can farm infantry and have their get out of jail free card. (see my video last page, 3+ aircraft literally fly over me, one does it at 2 miles an hour!)

    /I for one, am a preacher in the church of.... S C O U T R A D A R!!!!
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  12. Fligsnurt

    My question has been why do they need that kind of range, sure they are not TV guided but they only other "guided" missile has a moderate cap on its range. There is nothing on the AV launcher that stands out at a distance and its made worse by the fact that the missiles dont render at long ranges. Mix that with the capabilities it has as both an AV and AI (not complaining about its ability to kill both pretty well) and it makes for one lethal turret.

    I just think the unlimited range (as it seems) is pretty crazy and mixed with the bug with the missiles becoming invisible is making most armor players very irritated.
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  13. Trebb

    You know what? I'm now officially fine with the AV turret. In fact, I think we need more anti vehicle weapons. I'm so fscking sick of being farmed by zergs of 30-40 vehicles.

    I'll spend 3000 SC to transfer to an infantry only server!
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  14. Zapon

    ..This is where the ARMA series ...sadly, dumps on PS2.

    I KNOW PS2 isn't a simulator- but immersion isn't bad , and if you could zero in on a target at that range
    - oh wait, zoom optics aren't standard?
    -Oh wait, IRNV and Thermal have been nerfed 5 times and can't see more than 200 yards?

    Puppy hit this on the mark- stuff like that we SHOULD be able to do, but the devs aren't heading in that direction. It's too bad- if they did, it'd enhance the game- at least in a slight part-

    it comes down to a matter of will. Technical stuff aside, the will isn't there either. It's also what ends up making PS2 arcadish.
  15. Zapon

    and for the record, i feel tanks should get buffed in general in armor, so...

    I'd also support a buff to zoom on the AV turret along with the additions to tanks in my above post- to make the items more enjoyable also.
  16. NietCheese

    They need to fix render issues yes. But overall I have no problem with the AV turret. The operator is extremely vulnerable while using it, it's a free kill for snipers and good tank drivers that have a zoom can pick off the turret before the no-zoom turret can pick them off.

    Now, ESFs killing a full health & shielded Vanguard in 1 second without needing to reload is THE problem for armor at the moment. It's absurd. The AV turret is nothing compared to the ESF problem and for every time I am killed by an AV turret I get killed 10 times by a skill-less hover spamming ESF getting free XP.
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  17. Zan_Aus

    I have to admit this is getting a bit old. No render on a missile so powerful is ridiculous, you can't even make a guess as to where the fire is coming from to return fire. There's no actual missile, no smoke trail, nothing.

    Not to mention they should be toned down anyway. I don't object to the steering mechanism (given the lack of scope) but the damage is just way too high.
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  18. Kukuguy

    Funny because when I drive a tank, I rarely get killed by an AV turret.
    AV turret is like flak for ESF, when you get hit by it once, you ****.

    Maybe you should get out of your vehicle and learn the art of infantry game play
    Also, if you are pushing with an infantry Zerg, AV turret are usually no problem
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  19. Kimgibbler

    All it takes is one person with their head screwed on straight to take out an AV MANA.
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  20. Varben

    The AV turret has been the secretly most overpowered item since its launch. It goes forever, has no damage dropoff, and can be steered mid-flight. Not to mention it hits like a TRUCK, I think it hits about as hard as a base phalanx turret. It's satisfying to watch sunderers drive around trying to figure out how they're getting hit, but the thing just has no balances applied to it making it very unfair. A max range, a damage reduction over time... anything would be better than what we have now. It's like the turret was built assuming no one will fire it outside of ranges around 400m and had no balance towards reducing its effectiveness at the absurd ranges you can actually use it at.
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