Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. D-Spirith

    My brothers, the TR and VS in this thread are jealous of our huge organized brotherhood. They are now being warpgated on every map by the NC and ofc they have nothing else to do but to scream with pain at the 666th. It is a common behavior of TR-VS when they loose.

    Freedom over oppression.

    Yeah, most of the time you have double the world population of VS. Organized is the wrong word for you to use when you can simply say, "Take X" and do it easily because of sheer numbers.
  3. Sgt. Tader Salad

    Spirith, not sure if sarcasm.
  4. Sebastien

    That's your problem, not ours.
  5. Armored Gorilla

    Let's not make this just about 1 outfit. Let's give it up for Outfit X [X], Praetorian Guard [PG], Sons of Odin [ODIN], Hostile Takeover [HT], Crazy Carnage Gaming [CCG], NC Golden Eagles [NCGE], and many many more!
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  6. Nepau

    Nhaa the 666 is just a sledge hammer.

    TBH I'm surprised by the Pop today, all week the TR and NC have been somewhat equal in Pop with the VS holding 22-28% on average. I just feel sorry for the TR because they seem to be performing rather poorly in the SW gate compared to the VS when we held it.
  7. RobotNinja TR is saying that the Northern Warpgate is "superior"? That's not what they were saying before the rotation was announced. Trololawls.

    Anyway, let's look at the current territory control on Connery right now:

    Server Pop is: 41% TR, 32% NC and 27% VS

    Indar: TR have about 40%, VS have about 40%, NC have about 20%
    Esamir: TR have about 70%, VS have about 20%, NC have about 10%
    Amerish: NC have about 70%, VS have about 15%, TR have about 15%

    The only faction that is close to being warpgated right now is the NC. Geez, there must be something wrong with your hypothesis there professor.
  8. DarkVoidBoy

    I really wished they'd show population graphs by time of day and day of week. From Jan when I started until the recent warp gate rotation, 2 continents almost completely TR was the norm on Connery--at least when I was playing. Not sure what "prime time" is either--I'd assume weekends--but graphs would help define that, too.
  9. Garlock01

    I find it funny that the OP isn't even in an outfit yet he has an opinion about ours. I also love the fact we are considered a Zerg when we have a bunch of cool people in the outfit and on off times we have 80 people on TS all coordinating in an operation. Popular times (like today) we only had 180 people (I would admit it was a slow day) I'm not bragging but its what we have to organize. I also noticed that the TR never complained about the north WG until we had it... funny when we had the lower right since the early part of Beta and we sucked it up and just played. God forbid people just play the game and enjoy it. A huge shout out to all the other Outfits in the NC and Connery, its amazing what a little coordination can do.

    Sure you guys can whine about us but I really haven't heard about any of you. I am proud to be a Devil Dog and I love playing with my brothers and sisters in the outfit. I have a great time and we worked hard to keep everyone organized I was one of the commanders of todays OPs and the 2 hour grind in the south was not fun for me. When we have to lower ourselves to disorganized Zerging to counter the Zerg coming at us it becomes tedious. I got bored so we left. Ameresh was fun tho. I look forward to meeting guys from all the different outfits at SOE... we can trade T-Shirts or something... what it comes down to...this is a game... I enjoy this game... but its a game. I think SOE has done a fantastic job of making this game and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication into it. The community is passionate about it as well and I can appreciate how we look to other outfits in the NC and the others but we are a well organized group that has fun and that is what it is all about isn't it?

    Do I brag about Do I insult other I don't need to. If you kill a lot of us, good for you. If you hate us... well its your choice but I think more time should be spent building your outfit rather than slagging ours. We get an average of 20 new people a day and they stay here because it is fun... our biggest concern is morale. We are successful because we are not negative. As for skill levels... we are not concerned about K/D... we PTO. Do I care how often I die capping a point...nope. As long as it turns sexy blue, I don't really care. In our outfit If you you want to fly, Our air Division will teach you... Want to be in a tank... Armour Division will show you how best to cert and roll and use your tank to its fullest... Shadow, them sneaks... quiet killing, and they will show you, Hammer.... we have 6 different courses for you to take if you want to... its all voluntary. If you want to know what it is like to run an outfit with 10 platoons of combined arms goodness... we can even teach you that too. You play what you want and where you want.

    TL : DR

    DD are awesome... why so negative?... who are you again? Well done SOE (see you in Vegas)... T Shirts... PTO... Sexy Blue... 10 Platoons of yummy goodness... We have cookies.
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  10. Areski

    With the population difference, you should be surprised the TR/VS had any territory. If anything, that picture shows that the little territories tucked away behind warpgates shouldn't be there.
  11. MangoPunch

    Pretty sure organised is the correct word.
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  12. Vortok

    It seems like a lot of Connery TR just care about the cert farm bases, not overall territory. Don't have the Crown? Camp the nearest Bio Lab. Unavailable? Hole up in an Amp Station. Failing that, try for bases like Skydock. Which isn't a half bad goal considering the current "metagame" is essentially 'farm certs,' but whatever.

    I'm sure NC is enjoying having access to all three Bio Labs instead of only really being able to reach one of them when they were in the SE.

    There's probably a few fourth empire players that just rolled "North Indar Warpgate faction" as well. Noticed NC had strong pops on all three west coast servers earlier today.
  13. Aristel25

    Ever since the Warp gate swap NC has been top pop more so than TR on Connery, before it was reversed with VS never really being able to claim it unfortunately. Keep in mind folks, just because you see 666 members in your face shooting at you doesn't mean we're all zerging in one spot. The other outfits that work with us on Connery are amazing and don't get NEARLY enough credit for everything that happens positively on our server.

    666 Might be shooting you in the face, but it's X reinforcing our front line troops, NCGE bombing you back into the spawn. CCG already setting up at the next base, PG preventing that back cap, ETC. We've got a great group of folks on NC Connery regardless if 666 gets the flak, I KNOW who I play with. It's why I'm with em, and it's why I'll stay with em and on this server. We have a few bad apples, every tree does. We have far far more good ones.
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  14. Sebastien

  15. Tapioca Express

    the majority of your pilots bail/deconstruct.

    a large portion of your tankers/sunderers will deconstruct.

    a large portion of your infantry players also taunt/"teabag".

    No one cares that you zerg everything, but all the cheese things you guys do makes it not fun to play against. As much as you want to call some of the things you guys do as "strategy" its annoying as hell and no one wants to deal with it but you guys always insists on zerging every tr/vs fight, and then ghost cap everything.

    When was the last time you guys even fought another tr/vs zerg besides camping at your biolab with 2 dozen scatmaxes? Oh thats right, we stomped your entire air zerg with 3 a2a mossys and 2 shredder libs. Seriously, X, CCG, and PG are hundreds of times better than your outfit because they are actually fun to play against and they will actually stay and put up a good fight instead of leaving the second people show up.
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  16. QuantumMechanic

    You can't blame the 666th for this problem. Faction populations get more unbalanced the less players you have on a server. The more players you have, the more faction populations tend to even out.

    The problem is low server population.

    The fix is to merge the US West servers into a single server.
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  17. SzeronTzur

    People like to 'stick it to the man'. Folks on Mattherson tend to trash talk The Enclave for much the same reason - they're a huge presence. The bigger the entity is, the more heat they get. It's a longstanding social 'tradition' of our species that you can find throughout history. It doesn't really have anything to do with the outfit itself.

    (I've personally got nothing but respect for the Devil Dogs from the PS1 days. They and the Blue Lions formed the backbone of NC, as far as I'm concerned. SG was... SG.)
  18. BadHabitz

    Other outfits have smaller numbers, so they have to learn to play better to be more successful. Players in the 666 zerg just mash buttons and roll people due to numbers.
  19. MangoPunch

    Yesterday, the day before that, a few days before that, several times last week, the week before... I can't even remember it happens so often. However if we're being outnumbered on an open field and serving no other purpose than to provide a cert farm to the enemy, damn right we'll withdraw. We'll relocate somewhere more defensible and keep the zerg occupied so other NC outfits can take territory elsewhere. It's called playing strategically, and we're not the only outfit that does it.
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  20. Ruggle

    the same thing like on OPs server happens on other servers too...... but not cause of 1 outfit. It´s more a tactical problem of TR and VS.... they tend to stay in the south and fight each other with their mainzergs instead of fighting NC in the north.
    Only thing VS and TR bothers are Peris and Tawrich.... everything else can be easily ghostcapped by NC.
    And we all know if a map isn´t 1/3 hold by your faction people get mad and switch continents or log out..... it gets easier and easier for NC as long as TR and VS dont wake up and change their tactics