AT MINES got nerfed???

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by snu, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Riftmaster


    Also, what the hell is this statement:
    No way in hell are sundies invincible to infantry now - just like any other vehicle, HA rocket will own it's face if you focus. If multiple engineers are repairing it, throw more rockets or kill the engineers. Taking out a sundy with a several squads or a platoon spawning through it should be HARD.

    Still, C4 is 100 infantry resource each, so it'd take like 300-400 infantry resource to kill a 350-400 mech resource sundy, or lots of rocket and tank fire combined with 1-2 C4.

    I actually have a single C4 equipped to my engineer, because I haven't bothered to unlock any more yet. I've used it to contribute to a sundy kill, or kill a badly damaged one.

    Edit: Plant mines behind vehicle shields?
  2. Elrobochanco

    While I understand their intent of the change, the code for "deploying" anything in this game, be it mine or turret or whatever, should be axed. It's the worst thing by far since it screws with your weapon and is not well designed for the environments themselves. They should have just given a mine throwing cooldown and a minimum distance apart. now anyone even putting down mines on roads or bridges gets screwed by the shoddy implementation.
  3. Harry Beavers

    Not being able to place a mine on uneven terrain is beyond stupid. Engineers are now forced to find that perfect piece of flat surface to place a mine on just like an ammo pack.

    I find it funny that they spend time on things like this instead of the plethora of hackers in the game right now....they can still just go and make another account for free if they are caught and keep on ruining the game.
  4. Aelloon

    Why should it be hard? Because one dude paid 400 resources for a vehicle and drove it a bit? You do realize most places have many many Sunderers around, also, this change doesn't solve ******* anything. The only thing it does is make it so you don't get AT mines you buy C4 instead. That is the extent of the change. Not to mention that C4 is superior in pretty much every way to mines anyway.

    PS 2 C4 will put a sunderer in a state that it will explode after a few moments if the C4 detonates from behind. Remember, you can put C4 on your bike and drive it into the sunderer and have it explode meaning it's even faster than mines.

    It's okay though, I think we should nerf mines some more since they occupy the same slot as C4 and I unlocked C4 now. I really wanted to start ******* out my Flash, but hey, C4 is more important.
  5. Riftmaster

    It should be hard because an entire platoon is spawning out of it. 1 guy in a sundy is much easier than 48.
  6. nibew

    ok but if you change one thing

    (mines cant be placed on hills etc) then change other thing that vehicles can use only roads

    atm vehicles can climb mountains
  7. Prudentia

    well that is a great idea, lets whine that mines are totally worthless now and vehicles should be nerfed into oblivion, if we give them a maximum hillclimbing of 1° it would be evened out, its the same degree mines can be placed so they can not drive where mines can't be set...^^
  8. Dethman

    Hmm maybe since they were invented in game Not IRL. People NEVER run out to a tank with AntiTank Mines IRL. And in game they were not intended to work like that. It realy was an exploit.
  9. RadarX Community Relations

    Notes will go up shortly on this but it appears obviously we had a change to the AT mine that went a little early. Here is what you need to know:

    1. Mines are now deployed instead of thrown. No more stacking them.
    2. The range required to be apart isn't working as intended (it's too far) and will be fixed.
    We apologize as once again obviously this wasn't intended to go live just yet.
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  10. Some1

    Good, thats all I have to say and I dont need to explain my self to the likes of you.
  11. Prudentia

    Thanks radarX that is nice to hear, but how about the at mine beeing dropped directly at the point were you stand so you don't have the same issue as with the Ammopack? You can't throw it down a from a wall, it just stays on top. And your firebutton is just locked when tehre is already a mine at the place you stand, maybe with a neat little light at the mine itself that goes green if you can set it :)
  12. Hoki

    I agree, sunderers should have some kind of anti-tank mine armor available. This armor should like reduce tank mine damage by 75% or something.

    Also sunderers should have some kind of defense to infantry, possibly give it a turret or two. And give like a 50 caliber machine gun turret as well as some kind of aoe anti-infantry grenade.
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  13. Fligsnurt

    Try it this way. Your sunderer was blown up by an engineer. Oh my! Well why the heck did you even let that engineer that close to your "life line" in the first place unless you didn't give two sh*ts about it in the first place. I've had engis rush my sundy before and because I defended my xp farm I saved it. Now its impossible to break the siege unless you roll right up onto a sundy and litterally over run the spawn spam. You can't rely on your faction to pull their own weight, they only care about points and are more then likely going to either avoid the spawn spam from said sundy or farm it instead of getting rid of it.

    The ability for an engineer to take out an undefended sundy was a great boon to team play, same with camping armor. But now 2 - 3 engis can just camp said vehicle to repair it through all kinds of incoming fire. Whats next? Nerf the repair rate on engi tools? The way SOE balances sh*t seems FUBAR. Now I cant place mines on slopes, near vehicles, within 1m of another mine (not that this was a huge issue), and they still cost 75 resouces each and take atleast 2 to kill a vehicle that isnt a flash? Worthless. Proxies going to be next?

    Thanks for the info, RadarX. I may rage about the change but they seem to be hit a bit to hard with how they are atm, looking forward to the patch notes.
  14. Funzo

    Perhaps even go a step further and allow the Sunderer to call forth reinforcements to its location instantly.
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  15. lordzenchi

    I got a few questions:

    • With the current changes to mines is it possible to put one mine at both ends of the sundy or is that still too close?
    • To kill the default sundy using C4 you need 3? Also I read from an earlier post you are still able to detonate the C4 after you die, can anyone confirm that?
  16. Bearcat

    C'mon... you guys have to admit that the way AT mines could be used to quickly destroy a Sunderer was overpowered. AT mines definitely need some sort of love, but letting us quickly flick 2 on a vehicle was just way too powerful. Reducing the resource cost and letting us carry more now would certainly help.
  17. Hoki

    And make them not light up like christmas trees on night vision.
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  18. Prudentia

    that would require some proper balancing, but i think there is still a chance that they don't screw it up completly and make the AT mines not fireworks that you fuse when you want to see some explosions for a video without doing damage to your acting friends
  19. Morro

    Well guess mines are once against just useless tools. Pretty much only use for them for kills is placing them in front of vehicle bays.
  20. Schenck

    And why exactly is that useless?

    While mines may not make a huge difference in zerg battles, they can be a vital tool in outpost fights.Two well placed mines kill any unprotected vehicle instantly. That makes them special over other anti-tank weapons, because the drivers don't have time to leave the vehicle and continue the battle on foot.

    Besides, there's something amusing about leaving your mines somewhere out in the world - and an hour later, when you're already back at the Warpgate, pondering what to spend your new certs on, when all of a sudden you get some XP from a poor bastard who found them.

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