AT MINES got nerfed???

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by snu, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Radian12

    And ? Do you how many ams Sundys go with in a big aasault ? 2-8 and most them AMS. And all of them want be first because of deployment restriction . For a Sundy driver a death of a naer Sundy is a win.

    I agree that killing engineer is hard, but i think that sundy drivers would figure it out .
  2. Ryekir

    Agreed. This makes C4 viable again, and it's a little more challenging because you have to manually detonate it after you dropped it, so it's easier for the defenders to stop you before being blown up.

    In most large engagements like that, taking out that one close Sunderer where all of the enemy is spawning at (even if they have another one farther out) is usually enough to break the stalemate and allow your forces to push the enemy back.
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  3. Compass

    According to the Light Assault forums, you can still use the clacker for your C4 after dying. So apparently all you have to do is deliver 3 C4 to the target, then hit the clacker, before or after you're dead.
  4. Hoki

    Don't spend station cash or certs on anything that can damage a vehicle, seriously.
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  5. MistaN

    This is exactly the nerfs that mines needed. Maybe not the slopes thing but the other stuff was needed. AT mines should be about strategic placement for future engagements, not an insta killer. They had to fix the insta killing of deployed sundys.
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  6. Bloodlet

    I'm sorry to hear this. Mines were perfectly fine as they were. Apparently SOE is suceptible to tears. I guess I should take up crying about whatever weapon killed me last and say it's OP and unfair every time I die in game.

    Incoming spam posts SOE.
  7. Aelloon

    Yeah, it's not like C4 can't do the exact same thing even better. Oh, wait, it can do EXACTLY that and you don't even have to get that close anymore since you can put C4 on your Flash!

    I just wish I hadn't spent so much time collecting resources to stock up on worthless mines. I definitely won't be using them anymore, I think a 2nd ammo supply crate will be even more useful.

    Yeah, I agree, I think they should be useless indeed. It's not like IR and similar scopes will light them up from a mile away or anything. Oh and not to mention that mineguard is still in the game and still only costs you 30 resources to stop your sundy from dying to two mines. 80 certs and three mines won't even be enough.
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  8. buckthesystem

    They were one of the most useful tools in a defence as you had a real chance of taking out their forward spawn point and breaking a siege. I'll miss that part of it. But chin up, I'll still be dropping behind your lines to mine up your roads. Surprise motherlovers!
  9. snu

    eh, as far as i've seen, i was the only person who really used AT mines at all. seen maybe a couple from TR and VS. was the time and effort they put into changing the way AT mines work REALLY NESSESARY?

    ..... i would have rather them addressed the misleading tooltip about AA burster extended mag, more people use bursters than mines...
  10. TheShotgun

    can you get 3 c4?
  11. Compass

    I don't see why not, we get a Utility Pouch that lets us take 2 extra C4.
  12. Ryekir

    Only if you cert into Utility Pouch (and give up flak armor, nanoweave, etc)
  13. Kudzoo

    At this point is there even a reason to not play as armor/air?
  14. Corsix

    "We like to think of AT mines as a 'vehicle deterrent', we'll be adding to the cash shop a sign post to make vehicles aware of mines to further deter them, please DONT let the price of these items deter you from buying them."

    ~Someone, probably.
  15. Prudentia

    so they removed the "zerg=rock, Backzerg=scissor, ATM run=paper" component so now you have "zerg=rock, backzerg=scissor, pay us money to get a booster so you dont have the play a year to run with 2 people to the sunderer and place each 2 C4 that CAN take out the sunderer if you blow it up at the sime time without it getting spotted and defused(if been told that is possible)=paper"
    great work SoE i will include you in my Prays that god lets rain brain from the sky.... as target for the containers...
  16. Uzii

    So, Sundies are invincible to infantry now. Unless you want to carry 3 C4, give up your suit slot, and hope you actually can have 10 free seconds to place them all.... A couple of engineers can easily out repair any incoming damage from infantry, and keep up with the dps from at least 2 tanks, all the while the Sundy is spitting out more and more troops for defence. If 2 C4 was enough for an un-upgraded Sundy, then I wouldn't mind. But this is BS.
  17. Jagdwyre

    Really? Flip it around, would it really be nice to have your few sunderers easily destroyed by just 1 or 2 infantry? These things are people's life lines to the battlefield, they are huge logistical tools.

    Taking out a deployed sunderer that is actually supported should be a big deal, not some dismissive action that takes 30 seconds.
    The problem with these kinds of complaints with this game's balance is that people seem to think 1 sunderer vs 1 guy should be an "equal" fight, hell no.
  18. Hoki

    How about EMP spider mines?

    They bury themselves and when a vehicle gets in proximity they unearth and then disable the vehicle for 15 seconds.

    Could put them at choke points. They would disable the vehicle, then HA could destroy them with their new super-cannon.
  19. Kudzoo

    Maybe it's different on your server, but "few sunderers" on Waterson is anything less than 8. It usually looks like a parking lot.
  20. Corsix

    I wouldnt call it like this yet, not until we see how the Decimator does since it sounds like the perfect weapon for the job, one could even say it will blow them...asunder?

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