As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Jachim

    Theres some tweets about 'we're aware of performance issues blabla' but nothing about desyncing
  2. Spacehog

    Bumping again
  3. LordMondando

    Forth day, no response. Do know that Higby REALLY likes his headphones though.
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  4. Jed142

    Yup 4th day. this is soo ****. Is there something in the T&C about subscription and game down time? Like i cant seee what i'm paying for atm. It's almost a week's worth of down time.

    Isnt it just a matter of "spot the difference", process of elimination.. for them to work out what the issue is? I seriously can not imagine that taking 4 days to work out. And i seriously hope they are working 24/7 shift work to fix this.
    4*24* say 2 people(probs more right?).... thats 192 hours. split code into sections, fkn line by line that ****. how long does it take to read a line? 10 seconds+10 to analyse or whatever 192*60*60 /20 = 34560 lines of code. does that sound like a normal amount for this game update 2(GU2) ? if its over they should be done alreadY!!!!!!!!!!!!! after breaking it down into sections it should be even lessssssssssssssssssss gahhhhhhhh,
  5. Miggs

    Just jumped onto Soltech for a check. It was very quiet, but I did notice something that had passed me by before.

    I got to Xenotech labs, right in the middle of the area, just near the rock outcrop. Moving North the HUD location information swapped to show me at Regent Rock outpost (the one immediately South of Xenotech), but the nearest hex to me for that zone was over 200m away. Moving South the info reverted to Xenotech. Moving West the HUD minimap updated with showing the location for the cap point for Xenotech labs (even though I was too far away for it to show ordinarily), but moving East from that point the HUD minimap did not show the cap point icon.

    This is the first time I noticed this happening. From my POV all was smooth, FPS in the high 50's, no drops or stutters, just this apparent translocation of my character of around 200m that the HUD showed me as I moved about for only a few feet in different directions.
  6. IronZuuL

  7. LordMondando

    Yes, what we are all describing here is not a frame rate issue.

  8. Jachim

    Sigh, tried some fixes.. nothing is working. I'm despairing here...
  9. Miggs

    Just had a buddy with me in Soltech. I was showing FPS of up to 90 and really smooth (I have dropped lots of graphics this end to off or minimum, even render distance) my end for the majority of the time, he was seeing me bounce allover the place on minimap and vanish before his eyes when I moved a tiny amount in any direction. He was stable for me, I could have dropped a clipfull into his head at any point If I had wanted to and he would not have a chance hitting me back.

    Still had a prowler floating above me a few times and any air vehicles were a stutterfest for me.

    Strangely I saw an enemy tank apparently behaving normally arount 50m away but my buddy ten feet from me did not see him. Was unable to "spot" the vehicle too.
  10. LordMondando

    Ok then seems to be the case there are two possible states.

    1) Client and server desynced = your flying around to everyone else, and about 20-90 of stuff is flying around from your perspective.
    2) State where only the server's report of your location to other players is desynced. Your perception shows everything normal, but to everyone else your flying around everywhere.
  11. Miggs

    Here's the video I took at Xenotech on Soltech. You can't really see the FPS drop from looking East as compared to west, but the East view is in the 40's whilst the West view is in the 90's.

    The HUD location information that gets updated as I move a few feet around the area is easy to see. The WP at the cap point for Xenotech was 196m and the one in the hex border for Regent Rock showed as 221m from my location.

    This is probably why I can run through a group of enemy players killing at will since, for them, my character is around 200m away from their perspective and essentially invisible provided I continue to move.

  12. Bloodlet

    FYI for any Dev that actually happens to read this thread. My associated support ticket # is

    Help us Obi-Wan, you're our only hope.
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  13. PaulRain

    same issues descibed on this thread:
    The latest massive update didn't solved it, but it's not the cause for sure, I had this before.
    In my case it's impossible to play even 1 min, it starts right after I'm in the warp gate.
    Opened a ticket, the answer was: we are working on it.
    this evening I'm going to swap my GTX 550ti for a new GTX 660 OC, let's see if something happens.
  14. Azzer

    I had a huge "lag/desync" earlier. On Esamir, we'd just taken Snowshear Watchtower and cleared it. I went to the top of the tower at the air terminals, bought a scythe, and flew it to the next hex northwest - Palos Solar Array. Landed the ship, somebody started shooting at me, the game started it's new FPS stutter bug quite badly, I got off one shotgun blast then... LOADING SCREEN.

    I was now BACK AT SNOWSHEAR WATCHTOWER - at the air terminal... but my scythe was still at Palos Solar Array, and was now on cooldown. I hadn't died - no death at all - I was standing exactly at the air terminal I'd bought the Scythe from, with a small bit of health removed from when I was shot at back on Palos Solar Array.

    What the hell?

    I've experienced some lagging, rubber-banding, stutters and all the other stuff since this mighty patch was released a few days ago, but the above is the most extreme I've had.
  15. PaulRain

    by the way, I which I was there to see the flying tank :)
  16. Ratty32

    I get about 20 mins of playtime before my game freezes, ememies can't see me I can just run around getting headshots it's dumb. Please fix this game, worked great before the last update
  17. Prankster64

    This is what is happening to me as soon as i hit any deployment. Kinda fun to just plink people in the head when I guess they cant see me, but I hardly think this is what SOE had in mind
  18. LordMondando

    Whilst 'flashing world bug' is also occurring, this desync issue is distinct.

    As has been noted, we have to be careful not to run these bugs together.

    I am not referring to low fps or 'flashing world bug' though i'm also (like most people as I note in the Op) also experiencing both.
  19. LordMondando

    I should have clarified in that video (can't edit days later....)

    I am experience the desync issue AND flashing world bug there. But not the kind of flashing world bug that causes fps to hit single figures.
  20. Miggs

    I thought I had solved it somewhat, but no solution really.

    I run with a GTX295 here so as a last resort I turned off one of the cores and tried another session in Soltech. At first it seemed like I was OK. No sound bugs, no minimap seizures, nothing like the FPS drop for simply looking different directions, no flying tanks, and even the air vehicles were behaving normally.

    I played a little bit and other players seemed to see me and enemies were firing at me (even when I was moving) so I thought that the problem must lie with dual GPU cards or SLi setups so my turning off one GPU core here had solved it.

    After about ten minutes I found myself at regent rock/NS labs area again as a Vanu zerg decended, but not a single one of those guys even tried to shoot at me. I could walk inbetween magriders, get head shots (if I tried) on the engineers, and every weapon I had was getting hit detection on the enemy. I was resupplying myself fine too, so I could have spent my time getting certs and pissing off a whole platoon.

    I could even use my pistol on Scythes (doing significant damage) without anyone being the wiser if I felt that way inclined, but I have finally tried everything I can think of from my end to get this sorted.

    Really weird that a number of my outfit buddies are not seeing anything like the problems I am seeing.

    If it were server-side only surely everyone would be having the same problems, but if it were client-side only then some alteration or combination of alterations at the client's end should make things different.

    To my simplistic mind this points to a problem that is occuring somewhere in between my machine and the server. If the server code is OK and the client code is OK there is nowhere else to look but in the network side of things.