As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Yeap... Issue still there.

    This video is a particularly good example of it. (will be uploaded in a few mins past posting this).

    -Not overheating, I am extremely careful of this as I OC and monitor temps.
    -Not my connection, have two wireless (lol yeah, two) recievers, bog standard BT kit, no line issues (confirmed) and its working fine with other games. Can't even remeber what my package is but its in excess of 15mbps and operating well within that capacity 10-15mbps average down speed, 10-12 upload to servers in western europe) as per tests.
    -Computer well above min and rec specs.
    Fx8350, GTX650, 8gig DDR3
    -Was working fine, right, right up until the servers came down for the patch on Saturday. I was part of the last mad dash down the crown at 11.55am, by 8pm that same day when I finally have time to play again, this issue, invariably and constantly since.

    Ergo, there has.. has to be some sort of issue in GU02's netcode. For whatever reason its effecting myself and others worse than some.

    Also there have been reports like the following
    Its using an absurd amount of bandwidth all of a sudden...

    And lots of report from other DL members of people dogged trying to play with this issue and warping everywhere.

    Desync is a massive issue throughout Miller right now.

    Come on SoE....

    I appreciate the whole engine borked so it kills FPS is the biggest issue on the table, but this is a big one as well. Its effecting a huge section of your player base both directly and indirectly.

    Can't play at all right now, if this goes on, we are going to have to talk about my subscription SoE.
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  2. Centurion

    I got the same issue with tons of people warping. (Pardon the crappy quality, but I didnt want the file to be too big) (And also that PS2 internal recording cant be played by VLC for some reason?)


    Oh, and worth mentioning is that I tried to make a clean install of the app through Steam by removing local file content and downloading the whole thing again.
  3. TorsoBoy

    Quick update: I tried disabling hyperthreading on my processor, as I had read it may cause issues w/in PS2. Things seemed better for a while but unfortunately, after about 30 minutes players started warping around again.
  4. LordMondando

    Guys, appreciate the work.

    It's looking a 'beyond reasonable doubt' certainty, that its not CPU/GPU hardware that's causing this problem.

    I wouldn't have anyone fiddling around with either in the hope to fix this.
  5. sigur

    This have to be something server related: I have the same problem when on Miller (where i have my main character) but if i log out and log my alt on Mattherson everything runs fine.
    Had this problem a couple of days before the patch, then it disappeared for the last 2 days, but now is back, annoying as ever...
  6. Rahk

    I also have the same problem on Jaegar.. I am warping all over the place from what others tell me and other players are also warping all over the place to me. Guess until they patch, I'm not able to use this computer as I don't want to get banned for "cheating" where it's just the client being bonkers since the patch.
  7. TorsoBoy

    My guess would be something in the network code that was changed, or a memory leak introduced since the problem takes time to manifest itself.
  8. Spacehog

    Sure would be nice to get some comment from the devs regarding this particular issue. I guess i should have expected something like this, having played star wars galaxies and planetside 1. Not even angry, just disappointed i cant play, i really like planetside 2.
  9. LordMondando

    Got a response back from SoE asking for detailed trace data. So, lets see what happens now. They did ask me to ping SoE's central servers not the European ones, so.. not entirely sure what the point of the exorcise will be the grand scheme of things.

    Does appear to actually be loss on two bt nodes. However, that doesn't really explain a global problem..
  10. Tafse

    Been unable to play since the patch because of this. Not only does everything warp around, but the game crashes after about 10 mins since the patch. Tried reinstalling and toying with settings, nothings worked. Unable to play until they fix this, don't know if there's something I can do on my end.

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  11. Mal69

    Hm. This issue started to annoy frequently (like, every five minutes) after those two minor updates pre-great-update-2. Lithcorp and Miller. I couldn't play for more than ten minutes, and it would happen randomly all over the map.

    Bugged as it certainly is, the last big update made this issue 99% non-existent for me. Now the game is practically unplayable for stuttering/frame dropping reasons. o_O
  12. LordMondando

    Got a message asking me to forward ports. Done and trying now. Though sceptical as obviously did not need to before. Will update with video with what happens.

    Also anyone else using superantispyware?
  13. Bloodlet

    Apparently a new unannounced patch just came out. Hopefully this fixes our problems. I'm at work so won't see for a few hours but if it does I hope someone posts here with the results.
  14. LordMondando

    Nope.. port forwarding did not fix it. Funny that.

    And this IS with the new patch thats JUST come out.

    Looks like the stuttering is improved but not fixed as well..
  15. Bloodlet

  16. LordMondando

    Ok, thats the wrong video... because new bug 'the video capture system has reached its memory limit'. Awesome.

    The situation in game though, is exactly the same as this still, and that's with firewall off and ports forwarded (why it would have SUDDENLY started to be effected by this coincidentally at the same time as a new patch, seems suspect.)
  17. Miggs

    Just had a few minutes after this latest fix, and though the air vehicles are still not back to pre-update2 Saturday stability, at least some are displaying normally for me and at least most tanks I saw were on the road looking OK and not bouncing allover the place.

    I was killed by a scythe just now too, not happened since Friday last, though I will go back in to see if enemy players can see me properly again.

    Revisited Xenotech and my "translocation when moving" there seems to be gone, at least the minimap doesnt show me in two different places anymore, let's hope whatever they did has gone a fair way to making PS2 fun again for me.
  18. LordMondando

    I encourage everyone if they have not allready to submit a ticket.

    I'm being told in my communication with one of the customer rep guys in said ticket, the dev's are aware of this bug, I've asked for SoE to clarify this to us.
  19. Bloodlet

    Have you started to feel like some sort of campaigner for awareness of a rare disease yet? I'm beginning to feel like I am handing out pamphlets for some sort of muscular dystrophy and people (the devs) are throwing my pamphlets away in sight of me considering how long this thread has gone on and how many times I've tried to get some acknowledgement on this problem from SOE.
  20. Miggs

    Translocation returned for me after around 20 minutes, though still not sure if enemies are shooting at me or a team mate just jet, I need to find an enemy zerg when I am on my own.

    Doing a reset and then I will jump into a hotspot and try again.