As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. BenYeeHua

    When we has this file.:D
  2. LordMondando

    Its definitely not solvable by messing around with user options.

    In fact im of the opinion, thouse who are solving their issues by editing it, simply had their render distance and shadows turned on again after turning them down/off.
  3. Bloodlet

    I PM'd CyclesMcHurtz about this thread. He responded saying he had not read they thread yet but that he would look into it. Hope so.
  4. Brandmon

    Know quite a few (Ceres) who are having this exact kind of problem. Hopefully it will be resolved asap.
  5. TheEvilFox

    I have the same exact issue and LordMondando here. Everything, is spazzing the **** out and warping all over the place in the same exact way Lord described, it's completely unplayable. Everything I've done here in my end hasn't fixed it. The problem has to be at the other end.
  6. cykro

    +1 for same issue as OP. Quite disturbing...

    Edit: Woodman server...
  7. StalkerXey

    Have same problem too. Hope it'll be fixed soon.
  8. Miggs

    Just given up this end.

    Game simply no fun currently. Ran through an enemy squad of 8+ players (one in a Magrider too) all shooting at me just now on Soltech as TR. Not one of them hit me but I killed two of them.

    When I consider my K/D ratio is only around 0.6 this seems an unlikely event in itself. I must have been warping around allover the place for them. Minimap was having a seizure for me too.

    No fun for either of the parties involved. I will keep an eye out for a fix for this, hopefully soon, or even a roll-back to pre-update where I suffered no problems like this.
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  9. Ubad00d

    Exact same problem, made 2 threads about it, a lot of responses and brainstorming but no fix. Ceres.
  10. LordMondando

    Still no update from SoE on this?
  11. Herenir

    Have same problem on Mallory...
  12. Miggs

    Just tried my NC character on Woodman and it's the same for my there too.
  13. Iscariott

    Cant play game. Will bump thread.
  14. Spacehog

    Tried everything that could possibly fix it, still nothing, so, I am bumping for great justice.

    Working as intended. Matt Higby, LOL.
  16. Slywether

    just had the most epic string of fps drop, warping, unwarping, work fine, ape**** map, warp, map, warp, screen flicker.

    Now im standing in the middle of like 100 vanu magically.

    It was like that scene from the beginning of Half-Life. When you're teleporting all over the place, then show up in the middle of a pack of alien slaves just staring at you....

    good times.

    Though I think im done wasting my time til they do something to fix this.
  17. Big_PHat

    Still having the same problem. Another video that shows what I'm going through :)
    Hopefully the guys and gals at SOE can work this out.

    I'll spend some time playing Borderlands 2 with my mates until you're able to get the game working again :)
  18. Slapfight

    I am also having the same issues experienced by most in this thread. Warping all over the place. Minimap squadmates flickering this way and that. Godmode.
  19. Bloodlet

    Just tried again and still getting it. :( I was really hoping I'd get off work and it would miraculously be fixed.
  20. TorsoBoy

    I started seeing this as well after the recent patch. Usually things start out fine, but after 10-20min the radar starts to freak out and then players/vehicles start warping about. My friend said I start warping around for him when I see others warping about. I can usually play for 30 min to an hour before I get the screen flashing and then the game crashes.

    I believe it happened while playing on both Indar and Esamir.

    NC - Connery

    Intel i7 920
    6GB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 SLI
    Windows 7 64-bit
    1920x1200 Low/Medium settings
    Comcast ISP