Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Reclaimer77

    LMAO@ the overstatements about the Lasher.

    If half a squad of Lasher users could honestly stop a "zerg", the VS would never lose a single fight. Even outnumbered 2 to 1.

    What game are you people honestly playing?
  2. xMaxdamage

    got ~7k kills with lasher and ~17k with MCG and I think lasher is better than MCG in almost all settings, even CQC.
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  3. LodeTria

    With BRRT? I've only admittedly used it for <100 kills thanks to the bundle, but it seems much better in CQC than the Lasher, although it sure does suffer at range in a way the lasher doesn't.
  4. Gundem

    Yes, I want the MCG buffed. I would want it to score equal to the JH because it is the paragon of ES Heavy Weapons.
  5. xMaxdamage

    past 9 meters range you can't get 100% accuracy because the ADS cone becomes bigger than the opponent. this, along with the slow spin-up time, kills the dps of the gun by a huge more than it's expected. also you pretty much don't go for headshots because it has no 2x headshot damage multiplier.

    so past 9 meters you will do always less dps than your opponent's typical lmg/carbine, even if you are spinning at full speed (which on most encounters, you are not).

    being so sucky in 1 vs 1 scenarios would make you think the weapon is supposed to be suited for suppression roles, but then you see it has the smallest "active time" (total time spent firing or total time to dumb all mags) of any 400-total-bullets LMGs due to high rate of fire, so you have less accuracy, less damage per mag, faster mag dump time (30 seconds to dump 400 bullets with no BRRT, 48 seconds for Gauss SAW, 18 more seconds spent being more damaging and far more accurate, and the same can be said for any other LMG)
  6. ThreePi

    Well, the VS wins a disproportionate number of Alerts across all servers, and the faction that has no suppressive weapons (the NC) win the least.

    People VASTLY overvalue 1v1 performance in this game. It doesn't matter how fast you can kill one dude when there's 50 more standing behind him. In a zerg, suppressive weapons are incredibly valuable.
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  7. cheesepuffs324

    Stop crying about your stupid lasher. The VS have the betelgeuse. That gun is ridiculously overpowered so don't you freaking dare complain about heavy weapons. *******.
  8. Reclaimer77

    Funny but when I round a corner and meet a Scattermax, I feel pretty "suppressed"...

    How is it that the NC have no "suppression" weapons again? We all have grenades and rocket launchers, and last time I checked shotguns have a pretty wide damage area. And don't like ALL of your LMG's have 100 round magazines? That's your suppression right there.

    The Lasher does a tiny bit of splash damage, come on, this is getting stupid. It's NOTHING like the rapid fire grenade launcher you guys are claiming.

    Suppression isn't a trait, or an ability, or even something that's necessary. It's far better to kill your enemy then to try and play area denial.

    The VS don't win the most alters because they can spam a doorway, come on, that's absurd. We win the most alerts because we have the best 1 vs 1 weapons. And, at least on Emerald, the NC are dumb.
  9. ThreePi

    You round the corner and die, then the Scattermax reloads because he has a tiny *** magazine and two more guys come around the corner and kill him. NC MAXes have less than half the kills/magazine as TR and VS.

    Spamming doorways is the key way of holding off a zerg. The NC are forced to crowd the doorway (making them vulnerable to nades, C4, and friendly fire), and they have tiny magazines and overly long reloads. NC sucks against zergs, always have, and the Alert victories (or lack thereof) show it.
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  10. Foxirus

    Betelgeuse is fine, It has already been nerfed. So your argument trying to say the lasher can't be balanced because of one weapon is invalid. Try again. You have no right to complain about the BG, It was nerfed. Looks like you will have to find another scapegoat to blame your lack of skill on when it comes to fighting the VS.
  11. Foxirus

    Right! Because population advantage has zero to do with it. I'd like to see the game you play where suppressive weapons are valuable against a zerg, In Planetside 2? Equipping the Lasher means you have signed your own death warrant.
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  12. Foxirus

    And the fact you have 10k more kills with the MCG says worlds of the lasher being better.
  13. AlterEgo

    If I can get better killing over suppression, then you have a point. The issue is that the Lasher, compared to the other ESHAWs, is unique in a damning way. While the other two can kill effectively, the Lasher just can't. The only way you'll win with the Lasher is if you've got good corner cover and know when to use shields. 1v1, its fire rate/velocity are simply too low to prove effective in CQC. A beam weapon could easily fix this, though, and if it means limited range for added lethality, then it sounds like a good idea.
  14. orangejedi829

    Lol. You're saying Phoenix can't be compared to the Decimator because they're different types of weapons? Or that you can't use infantry KPH to judge the effectiveness of the Phoenix because that doesn't represent its intended role? Wow, imagine that. Spoiler alert: the Lasher is no more similar to the MCG or Jackhammer than the Phoenix is to the Decimator. (FYI, the Decimator is not a default weapon, and stats shown were for one faction only, so the comparison is completely justified. The Phoenix also scores lowest in vehicle KPH & KPU, in case you were curious, but that's beside my point).

    You don't realize it, but you're arguing my point. KPH and KPU can't be compared if the weapons serve different roles.

    Sure, makes sense. While we're at it, allow me to tack on a few of my own. My AI mines don't have as much KPH as an LMG! They need to be buffed! My rocket launcher doesn't have as much KPH as the Orion. Buff! My knife doesn't have as much KPH as a shotgun. Buff!!
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  15. Daigons

    You whine like every new VS player has instant access to the Betelgeuse. You should redirect your misspent trolling energies to a good cause like getting the GateKeeper looked and properly balanced since that's a weapon that even new BR players can quickly purchase.
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  16. LodeTria

    I was more specifically referring to your comparison about the Lasher being better at CQC than the MCG, not other guns.
    I think it's better in CQC than the lasher, but suffers a lot more at ranges than the lasher does.

    I agree that the MCG is a poor suppression tool mostly because of how quick it can empty it's mag (with BRRT anyway, I have no desire to use EX mags) and it's unusually long reload times. I can't suppress like the lasher can at all. I wouldn't mind a reload speed buff on it, say 3.5 seconds short, 5 seconds long?
  17. Reclaimer77

    Kid, we're talking about heavy weapons compared to each other. You are talking about Mines vs LMG, and AV weapons vs LMG. And the knife comment....yeah, are you taking stupid-pills?

    See the problem here? Your entire post is apples to oranges.
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  18. orangejedi829

    Comparing the Lasher to the Jackhammer and MCG is comparing apples to oranges, you dolt. Or are you VS apologists just too thick to understand that?

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  19. asmodraxus

    Well what would you compare the lasher too?

    Other weapons that suppress infantry

    Pounder (Max)
    MBT turret
    Rocket Launcher

    The closest is the standard rocket launcher, which one hits infantry plus has a splash but the fire rate and ammo is somewhat lower, whilst MBT rounds also one hit and for HE have a minimal level of splash, but then the Prowlers KPH and KPU might be somewhat different to the Lashers...

    Hence the comparisson with the Jackhammer and MCG, and being found wanting.
  20. Foxirus

    You have reached a point to where you are just trying to say whatever you think will work to counter the argument. There is a difference in what we are saying. The developers will not look at things the way you want. They won't buff a weapon based on how its doing against a weapon that has nothing to do with it. Now, If you were trying to get the Pheonix buffed by comparing it with the Lancer or the Striker, (Like I am doing with the Lasher compared with the Chaingun or the Jackhammer) That could work. Right now you are only making yourself look bad with these comparisons and are actually serving MY point better. If I go by your logic, The Lasher, Compared with every other primary weapon in the game is underperforming, Now it needs a serious buff compared to the smaller one it needed with it only being compared to the Chaingun or the Jackhammer (See what I did there? Your argument is dead)...