Are people still defending the NC MAX?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Sogui, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Sogui

    Or can we just agree that the NC AI MAX should be given some more range at the expense of its damage. Keep it as the best close range MAX, but without the ability to insta-gib infantry/double the DPS of "mirror" MAX's.

    On my server the NC have figured out how broken their MAX's are and stuffing them in every defensible point. Considering almost every objective in the game requires you to step into buildings, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Attacks against NC bases are unbearable because there are unbreakable points where the MAX's just chew up entire squads. You put a Vanu/TR MAX in its element and they don't even come close, even with the CQC AI weapons - if 2-3 HA's attack me at close range I will be lucky to kill 1 before I drop, meanwhile the HA's would be lucky to blink before they are staring at their 2X HACKSAWLOL death screen.

    As more people figure this out (or can afford it) it will become game-breaking for indoor battles, throw flak jackets on the NC MAX and his engineers and there's nothing that can stop them short of falling asleep after 100 kills by holding down L+R.

    In before:
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  2. NightShift

    i agree we are currently attacking an NC Bio lab and we cant take it the NC MAX insta-gibs us at the door we did break in on one side but the NC over powered Hacksaw took us out before we could shoot them..

    Its pretty broken..
  3. Antivide

    Fact: NC Max units run on enemy tears.
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  4. Smallzz

    As an NC player who is completely worthless in his MAX unit outside of said building, I have no problem with further reductions in our usefulness. I can then buy 7 sticks of C4 and a grenade when I log in without any remorse about not saving 100 infantry resources for later.

    Just make sure TR and Vanu hold up to their end of the bargain. The TR miniguns and Vanu Lasers need to be completely, and utterly ineffective outside of 30 meters. I mean worse than a burster MAX ineffective.
  5. Sogui

    1) I can't speak for TR but Vanu already is. Unless you stand still and go AFK, you don't be dying to our MAX's at that range. Our blueshifts are our "accurate" weapon yet they have lower accuracy than the stupid default gun. VS MAX's are just awful at range yet we get pooped on at close range too - only only "equal" area is mid-range 15m skirmishes. But god forbid the NC MAX has his charge up or I have to charge out/die, which defeeat the whole purpose of me playing MAX if I have to retreat every time the NC pushes.

    2) I'm fine with giving NC MAX's more range, or whatever unique goodies would make up for reduced damage. I'm just sick of not being able to do ANYTHING about the NC MAX.
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  6. Axler

    Working as intended, move along please.
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  7. Jaloro

    I have to echo this. The VS maxes are supposed to be more accurate, but they are broken and their actual stats don't reflect the design intent.

    On top of that, currently in the 0 - 10m range our guns are so buggy there is a 50/50 chance the hits won't even register.
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  8. Patrician

    If the SCATmax was so OP how is it that NC loses bases? Surely if it was that OP that it "insta-gib" opponents we wouldn't lose a base ever?

    The SCATmax is useless outside of 10-15 metres range; yours (VS and TR) can tear a SCATmax apart from a safe distance unless you go toe to toe with us. Then we'll tear you apart; play to your own strengths not ours.
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  9. Frizz

    NC can still get kills?!?

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  10. R3volutionist

    This is rediculous, the nc max has shotguns and your complaining they are unstoppable at close range lol? You can easily beat an nc max at anything other than close range
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  11. Athessu

    To be fair, as a dual scattercannon MAX I have the same problem reasonably often, maybe 1/10 people maybe less. People suddenly become immune to bullets for no logical reason and you just end up firing blindly in the hope that enough damage will somehow connect that they die before they chunk 80% of your health.
    Bonus points if they're bunny hopping while doing it.
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  12. Goats

    It's been a little while since I played MAX, but there haven't been any recorded changes to the Quasar since then, so I'll step in and say that it is just awful. I don't think Scatmen should be nerfed, though, but the VS MAXes (can't speak for TR) should be buffed. MAXes should be goddamn formidable, and it's nice to have unique things about the factions, like absolutely murdering anything in a room.
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  13. Antivide

    VS MAX: Use dual Blueshifts.

    TR MAX: Use dual Mercies

    NC MAX: Use anything, you're useless beyond 10 meters.

    Working as intended. But please, do go on. NC MAX units run on tears and blood.
  14. Obbu

    Yes, NC max is the most useful close range.

    Yes, outside of 10m range they fall WAY behind - to the point where you are better off with AV weapons for killing infantry.

    I personally think this is an ok balance setup.
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  15. TribbleFluffer

    id like to see a chaingun or SAW for the NC max, heck is be fine with giving the Vanu a Laser Chaingun or something as well, just somthing for us to use beyond 10m. you have no idea how many times ive been fighting on a ridge and had a light assult, medic, or engineer hover just outside of my kill zone and put clip after clip into me...
  16. L1ttlebear

    NC maxes are quite ueful outside of 10M...Just cert into the slug rounds :) i routinely get kills in excess of 50M with the slug rounds. granted a lot of those kills are KSs but still :p
  17. Sogui

    This doesn't really apply to TR's 2x mercy, but Vanu MAX has the same issue. If someone is shooting you from any kind of range or using cover you have to retreat regardless of what weapons you're using. It essentially forces me to rely on CQC if I'm going to get kills, but in CQC the NC MAX does a much, MUCH better job. The problem is that the NC MAX is so strong that buffing the others to have similar options would destroy balance between MAX and non-MAX infantry inside bases. You can already see the issue on NC base defenses when every bloody room and doorway have MAX's gibbing anyone who walks in.

    Tone down the NC MAX, offer them some more range. I'm fine with them winning a 1v1 at short range but not with them only losing 30% of their life in a straight duel.
  18. Dervishkid

    i plat as TR and I am good with this.
    NC max are the own up close. and that fair but a TR max with the light armor buff maxed up take very little from NC scat maxs, and is more then able to deal with them.

    lets try and put more thought behind are play style then run in to room amd shoot poeple.
  19. Smallzz

    To be honest, slug rounds are so inaccurate that any kill your getting with them at 50 meters is luck, not your own personal skill. That's not a rewarding style of gameplay at all.
  20. Plunkies

    Yeah they're crazy inaccurate. Waste of certs. Maybe they're good on the mattock but I wouldn't waste 700 sc and 150 certs to test that idea.

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