Any Billing and account issues.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Welcome to Planetside 2! I'm Alex, one of the main techies to assist you with any tech/billing issues.

    If any of you grunts encounter any problems with your account, contact our communications center (HQ) so we can assist you in your issue. Phone, Chat, and Email. Use these resources wisely, solider.Click the link below to get more information about this:

    Contact SOE Account, Billing, and Technical Support
  2. non

    when i click the link nothing happens.
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  3. Saiwolfie

    LOLZ. Epic! Same here link is broken.
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  4. HonorIsForever

    You know SOE are the best trolls. What he meant to say was thanks for the money suckers!
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  5. TSR AlexS Customer Service

  6. evilchangdog

    is there a way i can unspend sc credits? i spent 700 on a gun that was ment for a medic and i didnt realize it. was looking for a gun i can use for a engineer instead.
  7. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I'd recommend submitting a ticket to a GM, evilchangdog. Although there are no guarantees, they may be able to help your issue!
  8. IcyMidnight

    I've been trying to buy a membership for two days. I created a support ticket but have had no response.

    In-game I get an error "previewing transaction", and on the website, I'm always sent to enter a new credit card (even though I already have one) and when I enter the info, I'm sent to the main account area.
  9. llNomadll

    Same here. same problem. Cant get membership with my card.
    And yes, it's the same card I used to get Alpha Squad and Station Cash

    • It appears that the Credit Card Number you entered may be incorrect. Please review your information and resubmit your purchase.
    I am using Singapore Master Card for my transaction because I'm based there.
  10. Valok

    My entire outfit is having the same problem, none of us can set up a subscription, the interesting thing is that we're all playing from Brazil. I believe you guys may be having a problem with our region. This is not a QQ post or anything, just a heads up. I've already made a ticket and I'm waiting for a response.
  11. Wind Reaper

    My card keeps getting declined too. It's not on my end, I bought stuff somewhere else both in real life and online with it already today.
    How long does it take to get a reply. I want to give you my money but you wont take it :mad:
  12. boom-mug

    Mine keeps getting declined too. Sort of funny, I thought they could use some money, and they don't want it! It would be a shame if someone higher up asked them for how many cards were "declined".
  13. Sovereign533

    why was direct debit taken out? =( you don't want my money anymore?
  14. llNomadll

    Yeah I have a feeling that they don't accept debit cards. Only Credit Cards. I'm not sure if it works this way, but since it will auto renew ever 6mths, wouldn't that mean you need a credit card?
  15. CaminoArcher

    Tried to by a premium membership. Seemed like the transaction went well but still not showing up ingame and in my bank. Dont know if I should retry and risk getting charged twice, or just forgetabout it? I added SC funds at the dame time and it worked.
  16. ConsumerGroup

    Without prejudice

    Firstly, I should be clear that I am neither solicitor nor legal counsel but merely gathering data for a number of individuals pending individual instruction to an appropriate adviser on behalf of a group of your highly frustrated customers.

    This group of individuals purchased "Planet Side 2" in advance of general release on the basis of the availability of BETA keys and access to your software for the purposes of entertainment. The purchase was made on the basis of being able to enjoy the product as described on your website. To date, no product nor access thereto has been received by any member of this group and attempts to resolve this situation appear to have been ignored. However, requests to find people of similar experience via "youtube" and various other social media have drawn together a group of people whom appear to have had a similar experience.

    Additionally several of these clients have spent a great deal of time resolving issues of credit cards blocked by banks and building societies following access to SOE websites. We would be happy to put Sony in contact with these institutions and submit the comments received for your perusal if we could actually make contact with the appropriate persons.

    So far, none of the individuals concerned have accessed the product nor received notice that said product is available or may be so provided. No emails have been received and no confirmation of purchase in some cases. A percentage of those affected believed the purchase to have failed completed and it was only upon checking bank statements that the purchase was confirmed. Upon investigation, it seems some security products may have actually been blocking Sony email as SOE appear to have been hi-lighted by both security products and some of the UK's largest banking services providers as a compromised organisation requiring additional verification by a credit or debit card user, either manually or otherwise, on the basis of fraud prevention. In all cases, no email or correspondence has been received concerning availability and we deem it reasonable to conclude that no such was provided. Calls for the purchases to be refunded have failed to generate any response within a reasonable period of time.

    I have spent sometime trying to navigate my way to a human being or physical address to which I can address this issue and frankly, your customers have my sympathy. Having made a phone call to a local Sony office I am aware of from personal experience, it was suggested that this forum may be a reasonable method of gaining some attention to the matter. Could you please confirm a correspondence address in the UK best suited to receive written correspondence concerning this matter.

    Yours sincerely

  17. MForp

    Cant buy **** either and the link doesnt work
  18. Hanno

    I have problem: I bought today stastion cash 4000 thats make 20 dollars but i get only 2000 SC.And i get e-mail to when i buy with 20 dollars,but some how like i say i have only 2000 SC.And thats all happening when i buy that inside game:( What now?when i get my rest SC ???
  19. 15141514

    I can't play at all it says im too young which pisses me off any help here?
  20. Iron Maiden

    When im trying to pay for 1 month subscription using my debit master card i get this message every time:

    "We're sorry, your payment provider has indiciated that your payment source may not be used for this type of purchase. Please contact your payment provider directly for more information on why this occurred. You may also select an alternate credit card or payment method to continue with your purchase."

    I had no issues with Steam, Apple Store, WoW, SWTOR and other servies
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